Book Review of The October Abduction of Thomas Martin: Bloodline

What do alien abductions, UFOs, spirits,  transgenetic beings, and modern-day paranormal events have to do with Biblical prophecies about demons, giants and the battle between good and evil? Everything, according to The October Abduction of Thomas Martin: Bloodline, a new novel written by our friend, Becky Blanton.

I was so excited to receive a Galley Proof copy of Becky’s book. I’d recommended another friend, Davina Haisell (you might remember this post about a lovely day Davina and I shared last year) to Becky when she needed an editor, and I was thrilled when they agreed to work together on this project. I’d heard bits and pieces from both Becky and Davina that the book was about UFOs and paranormal events, and I was ambivalent about the book, hoping it would be interesting and well-written. I needn’t have worried!

Becky is a former journalist who has lived an eclectic life, including a stint of homelessness which led to a riveting presentation at TED a couple of years ago (see the video in this post). After a period astray from her Southern Baptist upbringing, during which time she experimented with New Age philosophy and practice, she returned to the Bible in 2005. Drawing upon this background, as well as personal and journalistic experiences, Becky has woven a story that encompasses UFOs, transgenetic creatures, and alien abductions with Biblical scripture and prophecy in this, her first novel for an upcoming series.

Becky didn’t set out to write this book to prove anything about UFOs or to push a Christian agenda. Writing in a postscript, she reminds us that “every culture in the world” has recorded paranormal incidents of this nature:

The walls of many of the pyramids and monuments of Egypt depict UFOs, flying achines, astronauts, planetary systems and what are believed to be abductions. So do many petroglyphs in cultures around the world. In Revelations (Bible) the apostle Paul is “taken up” both physically and “spiritually” and transported to another place and time on at least two occasions.

While October Abduction is intended to entertain – and it certainly does, there are many more sites with information and evidence of UFOs and alien abduction. The unique twist to this book is the correlation between these paranormal events and the “great deception” of Satan, which is a Biblical prophecy involving unexplained phenomena, such as “terrifying visions and events in the heavens.”

I couldn’t put this book down. While I read, I found myself revisiting what I had been taught as a young Christian. I came to realize concepts such as the nephilim, Satan himself, what the imagery of the Garden of Eden might really refer to, and the concrete power of evil were not covered particularly well, even when I attended Bible study as an adult. Becky’s summary notes indicate she intended to “bring us to a point where we’re forced to confront our own ethics, beliefs and lives in light of the characters we get to know. Bloodline and the entire series of “The October Abduction of Thomas Martin,” raises ongoing questions about whether we are alone in the universe, who put us here, and why. . .”

Whether you’ve been blissfully unaware or skeptically dismissive of these things, you’re going to find yourself immersed in this book. Even now that I’ve finished it, I can’t stop thinking about this book and I can’t wait for the next one. That’s a reader outcome every writer dreams of accomplishing. Becky Blanton has done it. Get this book.

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