The Narcissist at Work: Deal with Toxic People in Business

Sooner or later, almost everyone runs into impossibly toxic people in business. The worst of them all, the narcissist, is capable of behavior that will frustrate, confuse and ultimately derail healthy interactions within teams, between colleagues, and for service providers.

If you’re looking for answers on how to cope with problem individuals in business settings, we are excited to give you The Narcissist at Work: An Awesome How-To Guide for Dealing with Toxic People.

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As co-authors of The Narcissist at Work, Becky Blanton and I decided to include segments that

  • explain what causes a narcissist to behave the way they do,
  • stories from people who have worked with narcissists, and most importantly,
  • how to take more control using strategies and tips.

Many of us don’t know how to neutralize toxic people to the point where dealing with them is easier. Others of us want to ensure we don’t have to work at all with an individual who may be a narcissist.

After publishing The Narcissist: A User’s Guide (co-authored with Lori Hoeck), I knew there would eventually be more to the story. People deserve happier and healthier relationships in all facets of life. Yet, in business, there is often a disconnect. A service provider may need a client to keep the bills paid, a subordinate may have no recourse with Human Resources, and a small business person may feel obligated to make allowances for bad behavior. The Narcissist at Work will help you gain a better perspective on how to maintain a progressive, collaborative working relationship whether you work for yourself or someone else.

Click here for more information on the book and ourselves as the authors.

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