Web Presence: Yours Needs The Impact Equation

When Chris Brogan sent me a review copy of The Impact Equation, his new book with Trust Agents co-author Julien Smith, I looked forward to the read. Even though Trust Agents has been included in best business books lists, I hadn’t read it. I did feel that I had a pretty good idea of its premise from following their various web presence channels over the years.

Both Chris Brogan and Julien Smith advocate web utilization for influence and reputation building. Concurrently, Chris Brogan has been touting the importance of combining social capital with web presence in a number of projects, including his Human Business Works consultancy. Julien Smith developed a following as a pioneer in podcasting, and as a public speaker. Both hold positions of strength and authority in social media.

Building an audience that takes action on your ideas – and – creating an experiential community from that audience has long been a social media objective. Using their communications expertise from blogging and other publishing, the authors break down the process. You can gain social capital from a web presence analytically and sequentially. The Impact Equation is the sum of an acronym of elements pertaining to this message.

Critics think benefits of social media activities are too soft to evaluate, and the authors are quick to cite that they didn’t go far enough with Trust Agents in determining a way to measure results. The Impact Equation takes a badly-needed step further toward more effective utilization of web presence by quantifying social capital metrics while injecting and maintaining the human element.

Use the Impact Equation for increased visibility online to spread your ideas and encourage others to share them. Then, measure and evaluate your results against your objectives, just as the best business books advise.

Even though your ideas may be unique and original, their impact will be insufficient without visibility and connection. The hyperactivity in today’s marketplace of ideas demands messages that are adaptable and targeted. Getting your ideas noticed requires a process and The Impact Equation delivers it.

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