Travel Resources – World Travel Using Miles, Perks and Points

There are many ways to travel the world from the extremely expensive to bare-bones, no frills. We’re somewhere mid-range: we want to use frequent flier miles or other points for world travel if we can to upgrade or get free accommodations when we can without working too hard at it, and we like our creature comforts. World travel is no longer limited to the very rich, or those who have retired or quit their job to travel the world. (See our work-life integration resources if you don’t fit into those categories).

Travel Hacking Cartel – Earn hundreds of thousands of Frequent Flier Miles without flying for them. An international team of contributors mans this site to bring travel deals from every possible source directly to your email inbox. Guarantee: spend 30 minutes a month working the THC system and you’ll earn 25,000 miles/quarter. We’ve used this system to supplement and enhance our world travel experiences – our most recent perk was a 4-star hotel room in Waikiki Beach for which we paid $40! Different monthly subscription levels to meet your personal needs. 14 Day Trial – $1

Frequent Flyer Master – Use Frequent FlierĀ Miles to go anywhere. Written by Chris Guillebeau, who chooses to travel as a lifestyle and is just shy of visiting every country in the world, knows the opportunity to travel creates freedom. Includes: 40 page manual, 20 minute audio with evergreen strategies, 4-part report on Priceline booking strategies, at least six free subsequent updates and a guarantee that you’ll get enough miles for one free plane ticket using this information. $49

Travel Ninja – A stealth, skill-based course in two versions from Chris Guillebeau with edgier strategies for more advanced travelers who are interested in global mini-breaks, international relocation and far away travel. Included: 30 page guide with intermediate andĀ advanced travel help; travel spreadsheet template for keeping track of miles, credit card arbitrage, trip planning ideas; 20 minute audio Q&A; 7 sample round the world itineraries (complete version); additional audio download on travel hacking (complete version) that gets you going anywhere, any time. $39 (basic) or $58 (complete).

Note: Frequent Flier Master and Travel Ninja combo is available at $79

No Debt World Travel “The definitive guide on world travel that is comfortable, safe, and inexpensive, covering the A to Z on getting cheap airfares, health, where to stay, cash and credit cards, safety, passports, travel advisories, visas, precautions, pre-trip timeline, insurance, food, language, climate issues, best online resources, packing checklist, travel tech, budgeting, resources on the road, food, etiquette, price comparisons, and bunches of great travel stories sure to pique your interest.” $37

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