Personal Goals and Lifestyle Design


If you're researching ways to refine your personal goals, chances are "lifestyle design" has shown up in your results. The concept has been wildly romanticized, spawning an entire demographic of digital nomads who can work from anywhere, and evangelists who advocate doing what you love. Like us. :) This is the ultimate in freedom, and it's especially alluring to those who feel dissatisfied or confined by a typical life and career path. Making the leap, however, is fool-hardy without addressing Continue Reading

My Three Words for 2012

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Continuing with a tradition that is now several years old, in 2012 I'll again focus on my three words. The value of mindful focus into a narrow niche has been powerful, more so than any goal setting theory I've tried throughout my life. Here's why: smart goals are specific destinations, and smart goal setting requires focus to weed out attractive distractions that might detour progress. Continue Reading