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Doing Boston Like a Boss

Given its proximity to must-see destinations like New York City, Boston is one of those places that everyone has to visit at least once. It’s a convenient place to visit for those looking to explore New York or nearby Providence, but more than the fact that it’s convenient, Boston has everything that a modern metropolis should have. The restaurants are to die for, the greenery clean and beautiful to see and the shopping facilities are more than adequate. The one thing that Boston has that other places in the USA doesn’t is a deep heritage. It’s a coastal city with a myriad of attractions that are definitely on the list of things that have to be visited at least once in life. Boston is home to some of the oldest universities in the country and they’re the same universities that are the most admired. The city itself has a natural beauty that is often underrated and underappreciated, but as a tourist, you’d be able to appreciate it completely!

There is a lot to see in Boston and whether you are the type of tourist that likes to stay on foot, seeing the sights and tasting the pastries from the authentic Italian bakeries, or you like to travel in style with a company like Boston Executive Limo Service, you can get around and have a chance to see everything you’d want to see. So, what does Boston have to offer you that you MUST see on your next trip?

doing boston like a boss

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Freedom Trail
This trail is a 2.5-mile-long path down through Boston and it leads you to sixteen different historic sights. You get a chance to learn about a history that has completely shaped a city into what it is today, while taking in the museums, churches and burying grounds. You can’t possibly get lost on the Freedom Trail, as it’s red brick is easy to follow, and it’ll take you places that talk you through the American Revolution – which began in Boston.

Boston Common
Beginning as a grazing ground, Boston Common is the oldest public park in Boston at over three hundred years old. It used to have livestock wandering on it, but now it’s a popular place for those who love a picnic! If you’re touring the city, make this one of your stops so that you can enjoy your lunch in a big piece of the city’s history.

JFK Presidential Library & Museum
It’s common knowledge that every president in the US has an established library in their home state, and Boston is home to the JFK Presidential Library. You can find this one located in Dorchester Bay on the red line. Take a camera with you, as you’ll be able to see published and unpublished works from the Kennedy Administration! There are campaign materials from 1960 available to view, and you can see pieces from the Oval Office itself during their time.

boston brownstones

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Newbury Street
When you want to stop your sightseeing for a while and take a load off, taking a trip down Newbury Street is the way to go. Take brunch over at Sonsie, or watch people go by over a coffee at Stephanie’s. With Tiffany’s and Burberry in your sights, you can do a little shopping while you take a break from the American Revolution and all of its history!

South End Open Market
The South End of the city is home to a number of galleries, showrooms and luxurious boutiques. Every weekend aside from the Winter, there is a vintage and design market. The galleries also open their doors to the public once a month, meaning that you have the chance to take a look around and view some of the best artistic pieces in Boston.

Bunker Hill Monument
Back in 1775, British soldiers faced off with New England Soldiers as a big part of the Revolutionary War. The site itself is still protected years on by the National Park Service. It was erected to remember the battle itself and is a lasting tribute to those that fought. It’s also a wonderful place to stand and remember that history once took place there!

Boston Harbor
Ocean lovers will enjoy this more than most, but Boston Harbor is a place to see the fishing boats and is the epicenter of Beantown. You can stand in the very spot where the Boston Tea Party took place and look over the harbor, knowing that you are standing was a historical gem 250 years ago. You can get on the ferry there and explore the Boston Harbor Islands, where you can see the oldest lighthouse in the United States.

Fenway Park
Home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park has stood since 1912. If you’re going to be taking in the true sights of Boston, then you need to get yourself some tickets to a game and make sure that you’re in attendance. You can even take yourself off onto a tour of the ‘behind the scenes’ of Fenway Park itself!

Museum Of Fine Arts
The largest collection of works by Monet lives right here in New England’s MFA. There is a simply enchanting Art Of Americas Wing, which was opened in 2010 for those who enjoy local pieces. The MFA has constantly got new exhibits on display which suit those of every taste and disposition. It makes for a wonderful afternoon out, especially if you have a taste for art and all that is involved.

Boston is a lovely city to look from afar, but up close she is one of the most historical and possibly inspirational cities that you will ever visit. The streets are dripping with the history of the revolution, and it’s a place to feel reverence at the number of scholars and scientists that have been turned out by the universities and colleges there. There is so much to do and see that you won’t ever be bored while you’re seeing Boston like a boss – make it count!

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