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When I wrote the poem, Ghosts, which is the story of my friend’s passing and subsequent visit to me from the afterlife (if you don’t believe in this sort of thing, you’re welcome to stop reading now), I mentioned finding dimes.  We had a remarkable flurry of finding dimes in the months after he passed, too frequent to be coincidental.  The dimes would show up at random times, all by themselves on a table-top or the middle of the floor.  If we talked about Phil or finding the dimes with someone, we’d notice a dime when we walked into another room, or returned home.  The placement of the dimes appeared deliberate, neatly lined up in the center of a surface, heads up, very visible.  It got to be that we’d just say, “Oh, hello, Phil!” when we’d discover one.  Just joking around, but really not, you know?

The most telling example of this phenomenon was when we returned from a long bike ride with friends.  We had ridden the trail from our house to downtown Minneapolis, enjoyed dinner on a rooftop overlooking the city.  On the return trip, my friend and I left our husbands behind on the bike trail, and I confided that I’d been “visited” by Phil’s ghost and that we’d been finding dimes everywhere.  I mentioned I was reluctant to share this, but she assured me she believed every word.  As we rolled up the driveway to our house and lowered our kickstands we looked at the cement step of our front stoop.  Right in the middle on the step’s edge, heads up, was – you guessed it – a dime.  Other placements were in the middle of the driveway directly in front of the garage door, and on the side door’s step.  It must have been that Phil was hanging around outside as well as visiting inside.

Image of a Capped Bust dime. Original images o...

Image of a Capped Bust dime. Original images obtained from, specifically Combined into one image with Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a while, the dime discoveries tapered off a bit, but there were still occasions where Pete and I would discover a dime during a meaningful moment.  One of the most significant was when we were seated getting ready for takeoff on our trip to Alaska.  We always get adjoining aisle seats if we can, and there in the middle of the plane’s aisle right between us after we settled in, was a dime.  I pointed at it during takeoff and we just looked into each other’s eyes.  There was nothing to say.

I wish I would have researched this phenomenon back then, but it never occurred to me to do so.  On occasion I would share these examples with people and just as likely as not, would get a condescending little smirk in reaction.  There were some who believed that there was a correlation with the beyond, and some who most emphatically did not.  I tended not to mention additional sightings to those who did not, but did share a couple of instances with Pete’s family when we sat around the dinner table and the subject of ghosts came up.

Composite image of a Mercury dime

Composite image of a Mercury dime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fast forward to this year.  In June I returned to Michigan to attend what my side of the family was calling “CousinFest 2010.”  We were on the main outing, all we cousins, which was a Leelanau County winery tasting tour.  Getting into the back seat of a vehicle with my oldest cousin, I spotted a dime on the floor between us.  “Look,” I said, jokingly.  “Someone is telling us they’re pleased we’re together today.  I wonder if it’s your mom or mine?”  We chuckled and I put the dime in my purse, thinking surely it fell out of the console where they might keep spare change for a toll or something.  We proceeded into the next stop and were gone for a while.  Back in the car again, and there’s a dime on the seat between us.  Now that was spooky.  I wouldn’t put it past one of my knucklehead rellies to have put it there as a joke, but they would’ve ‘fessed up by now.

In July, we lost Pete’s mom, Joan, not unexpectedly, but still rather suddenly.  In the shock of the next few days, a family friend, Jill, whom Joan had treated as a daughter, was very distraught as they’d been on vacation when Joan passed.  They rushed to our home without stopping at theirs upon arriving into town and we had an emotional visit.  Then, they proceeded to their house to unpack and settle in.  Turning down her bed covers the night before the funeral, Jill found a dime.

1902 Barber Dime

1902 Barber Dime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pete’s dad began finding dimes right away, too.  One appeared on the table beside his favorite chair, one of a pair in their living room where they would frequently sit together while Joan was ill.  Another was under his shoes as they lay beside the bed ready for him to swing his feet into upon awakening.  Another dime was discovered in the lawn at the cabin, just at the moment he looked down at his feet.

By now, we were all on the lookout for dimes.  We suggested everyone make a clean sweep of tabletops and landing places, so we could start an analysis from scratch.  Several more were discovered at the cabin, which is the family’s favorite place, and at home.

Photo taken by Bobby131313.

Photo taken by Bobby131313. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In August, Pete and I decided we would retreat to our beloved Minnesota North Shore.  I wrote about our meaningful experiences in our series, Looking Into Forever – Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.   Those posts were very difficult to write, as they contained very powerful experiences, messages and reminders.  What I didn’t tell you is that while Pete was breaking our camp for the last time on our last day, he found a dime all by itself in one of the tent’s mesh pockets.  We had never used them for spare change whatsoever.

At, we’re told by a commenter,

“There is an old adage that says “Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is proof.” So I feel like something is going on here. This is not random. There is a reason why I am finding these dimes. Someone is sending me these dimes. I’m not sure exactly who. Or exactly why.”

Another commenter responds,

“Dimes are a sign of love from someone who has passed on and it’s their way of sending encouragement and peace.”

Another reference I found provided these anecdotal insights:

“Last night a dime suddenly dropped in my house. But the weird thing is…I am from Europe. I have never been in USA.”

“When I find a dime I look to see which side it is on. If it is on the flame side(the torches) I take that to mean direction. The torches are a trinity, a number of completeness. I know that wherever I was in my mind at the moment I found the dime is something I should consider and know that the creator is listening.  If it is on heads I take that to mean “face it.” Face where I am at the moment and except it. I know this may sound silly but since I have been finding dimes for a long time I gave them this significance. I’m glad to know that I am not the only one that finding dimes is weird.”

and this (wishful?) insight:

“Pay phones only used to cost a dime to call somebody… Spirits are asking you to call them. That’s the honest truth.”

Evidently, many people tattoo themselves with a dime and a significant date after a loss.  There are many comments supporting the practice and acceptance that this is a sign throughout the older entries in InkedBlog.

Wilder theories abound in another forum:

“In numerology the numbers 1-9 are used as well as the double digit (master) numbers 11,22,33 and so on. I think that finding a dime could signify a new beginning. In numerology you take the numbers down as far as they go, so 10 would be 1+0=1. The end of the single digit cycle, and the beginning of the double digit cycle. It’s a perfect number. A perfect balance of positive and negative. The Yin and Yang of the number world. So. Take finding dimes as a sign of change (quite literally).”


The meaning of number ten deals with returning to our center, coming full circle. Ten holds a vibration of unity, as well as fresh starts.

If the number One symbolizes the beginning (& it does), then we can say that the number Ten represents the outcome, result, or achievement of that first step or beginning.

The most profound message number Ten hails is “whatever we sew, we shall now reap.” In other words, “what comes around goes around.”

Ten also represents fulfillment, attainment, and completion. These attributes are obtained by observing the Ten containing all the elementary numbers from 1 to 9. As such, Ten is a vessel holding all the jumbled up potential found in the language of numbers.

Ten is also a bit slippery because reduced – it turns back to number One – hence, again – a full circle, coming to the beginning – finding unity (all is one, one is all).

That you are picking up a great deal of dimes is quite a good sign. Specifically, dimes may be symbolic of shiny opportunities coming your way that you once thought were lost to you.

Remember Tens are strong representation of recycling events (full circle) – a dime is a superior symbolic symbol of such phenomenon. Consider how many times a dime (or any money for that matter) is recycled through our society.

Symbolic dimes provide messages of lost opportunities regained. Things we thought we should not or could not do are beginning to resurface. Our energies are being recycled. Our intellectual currency is on the brink of change.

Shiny, bright and round…these dimes on your path are beacons of promise. They hold the meaning of number Ten firmly in their vibration and that is: “Events are coming full circle. Cast off the old, and don the new. Step into the beginning that is for your greatest good.”

It’s quite a lot to think about, isn’t it?  So much so, that I’m not sure what to think.  However, I remain very willing to believe these instances are not mere coincidence.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend was over and mentioned she and her husband were going up to the North Shore on their anniversary weekend.  Did I have any recommendations for her?  I walked into my office and picked up our heavy North Shore notebook to get out a brochure for her.  A dime flew out.  It had been on the top page in the looseleaf binder.

And, more recently, in an attempt to declutter, I’ve been consolidating.  When I opened a dresser drawer that hadn’t been used in months, amid all the other items was a lonely dime.  No other spare change.

Reverse of the
Image via Wikipedia

Can all these instances be explained by a non-believer?  Certainly.  I don’t think we’ll ever know, even though there are anecdotes and tales of dimes appearing mysteriously and literally in thin air, while people were showering (with no pockets for a dime to fall out of), in locations far away where they were unlikely to be, and in places where your first glance would fall.

We’ll probably never know for sure.  I’m hoping, though, I’ll find out once I reach the afterlife so that I can continue the practice with those for whom I care so much who remain here after me.

Have you ever had a similar experience that you took to be a message from beyond?  Did you know there is even a Facebook community on Finding Dimes?

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  1. Faith says

    I am a PE teacher, and I often find pennies laying around the gym, in the halls, cafeteria, etc., but after my mother passed and I was having some difficulties with my brothers over her estate, I started finding dimes. I found three (the same number of brothers) in one day. That afternoon, my partner was on the phone with a long-lost cousin and I heard her mention “dimes”! I hated to eavesdrop, but that was too weird, so I got her to tell me about their conversation….she, too, had started finding dimes after a deep depression from the loss of a dear loved one. She suggested putting the dimes in a “special” container, so I have done that, also! Whenever I get down or distressed…there’s a dime! Momma has helped me through some rough times. I don’t count the ones that I get back as change, but the special dimes just appear in my path, where hundreds of other people have passed or could have easily seen them. I share this with others, and some are amazed. I will say,”look” and there is a dime…I take photos of them with my iPhone and send it to my partner…”found a dime!”

    • says

      i have been randomly finding dimes i never gind money , if i do its a beat uo penny. certainky not very oftenit says whe your facing difficlties and i am in several areas . and i thought it might be my mom . it alk just seened odd. im gkad i loiked it up now i know my mom is still here with me. nothing seens as scarey eith her around me!

  2. Carol says

    The love of my life passed away a month ago. Within the first few days that my husband passed I found several dimes. I thought it was odd because they were just showing up out of no where. I didn’t find any other coins, just dimes. Today I was by his desk moving a few things around and I found two dimes on top of some papers. I was curious if this meant something so I googled “finding dimes when a loved one passes away” and I found this website. I can’t tell you how it made me feel when I saw that the statement that “Dimes are a sign of love from someone who has passed on and it’s their way of sending encouragement and peace.” I hope that this is the meaning because to me it would mean he is now my Guardian Angel and always looking out for me and our sons.

    • Faith says

      I am so sorry about your great loss and i hope that you are finding the strength to cope. It is very very difficult to have to deal with this and you need to summon up every bit of strength and courage that you have in order to get thru each day. I find dimes off and on and I know they are from the love of my life who passed in 1981,almost 32 years ago. There is not a moment that passes that I do not miss him. I save all the dimes in a little plastic bag marked “Joe Dimes” and I take comfort in that.
      Your husband is keeping an eye on you and the kids,and if you have a conversation with him either in your head or out loud, he hears you!~

    • Sherry says

      WOW !! and I thought I was the only one that found Dimes everywhere and I mean everywhere. I have been finding Dimes for many years now. It doesn’t matter where I go or whom is with me there is going to be a Dime at my feet and never have I found one on that wasn’t on heads. For a very very long time I would not mention this simply because I didn’t want people to think oh she is crazy. I know finding all the Dimes I find in the weirdest places isn’t by chance there are to many. Just this morning I found Two Dimes on my Patio in my backyard that nobody has access to except me. That is what prompted me to look and see what it meant. This is when I learned I’m not alone. It even gets better if I do not pick it up yes you guessed it another one shows up. Well it is nice to know I’m not alone in my Dime finding.

  3. cynthia phillips says

    I am so happy to know that there are others out there like myself, but not only do i find dimes but I magically get them back in change while making transactions at stores.

    Aside from close family members and friends that have passed away, Ive worked as a homemaker for the elderly for years and Ive lost a number of them so its hard to know just who it is thats leaving the dimes for me. Who ever it is it puts a smile on my face and lifts my spirits evertime I have a dime experience.

  4. Angela says

    I don’t know if you still read your comments. But I wanted to thank you for posting this. I have been finding dimes since 2001 EVERYWHERE. I can remember exactly when it all began. I have been trying to find the meaning and never have. Not only do i find dimes on a daily basis at the weirdest places, but whenever I share this odd thing of “finding dimes everywhere” with someone, they don’t beleive me. Then they see it happen. Change at stores only given to me in full dimes “I’m sorry mam, I only have dimes as change”, people who drop change around me on the floor… It’s usually only dimes. If you are telling me that it has to do with a life beyond this one, it makes me feel at peace. Thank you

    • Betsy Wuebker says

      Hi Angela – I do still read and value every comment. I’m certainly no authority, but I do believe this phenomenon has to do with the afterlife. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • Sue says

        Hi I have found dimes since my divorce in 2010. Well it was just heres another dime. then in 2012 I stated to find dimes everywhere. I clean the house(neat freak) I would find dimes. in the car , everywhere in the house . mostly in my bedroom where i keep clean all the time. sometimes outwhere i shop or just walk. I always think thats its 10 more years, 10 diseases, ten everything. Thinking am the only one that finds dimes. WOW!! glad am not alone. I awlays smile amd thank GOD make the sign of the cross and move on to find more dimes that day. Well I will continue to thank God only he knows why.

      • Catherine says

        Amazing. Have been finding so many dimes, one right after the other, so many that I have to google what it means, and I find an overwhelming amount of people sharing similar experiences usually after a significant death (and most being their dad), and surrounding significant moments like times of making a change, or receiving money/insurance, or because you asked your dad for help and then find more dimes…. WOW.
        And for me, it’s not just one dime here or there…….I find numerous, mostly in and around my car, or after I tell someone about it, or one will show up in the doorway of my new home, letting me know I’m on the right path, and that my dad finally found a way to grab my attention and show me how much he cares!!

    • says

      I have been finding dimes since 2003. It happened so often and in unusual places that I started writing them down in my “dime novel” as I call it. Somehow I knew they were sent by loved ones who had passed on. I always said hello and I love you. Whenever I told someone they would then start finding dimes! I had no idea this was happening to others until my mom died. Next to her obituary someone had placed an “in memorium”. The first thing I saw werepictures of dimes along the top by their loved ones name which of course caught my eye! The memoriumtold of finding dimes. This was no coincidence! My mom was intrigued by my stories and to have that unknown persons memorium next to my moms obituary just blew me away! Mom said if she was able she would send me a quarter so id know it was her. Yes I found a couple of quarters soon after her funeral! All these years I thought this was only happening to me! But I knew instinctfully they were from the other side. I have had them literally shoot across a room.

      • Doris says

        That is really awesome Debra. My brother said that he was finding dimes since my mother passed away in 2001. He threw away our moms charity box of dimes when she passed on. He has passed on now as well in 2009 and I have been finding dimes almost every second or third day. I pick them up and hope to fill my moms charity box again. 🙂

  5. Shannon K says

    Hi Betsy,

    This post was so neat to read for me, as after my aunt had passed, we too had been finding dimes in the strangest places. In one of the strangest incidents, I was in a meeting at work. I stood up when the meeting was over and felt something slide down my pant leg. I shook my leg and out rolled a dime. The oddest thing, was that I didn’t have any pockets!

    I believe that in one of Sylvia Browne’s first books, she talks about loved ones using coins as a method to get a message across.
    Really fascinating post and story!

    • R Xavier says

      Father-in-law passed away in 2005. For some reason the imidiate family was finding dimes for the next month’s. Know since July(2014 my wife and I have separated. For strength to move forward I visit my Father-in law for prayer and hope. I asked him If I should try to reconnect with his daughter. Oddly I found 3 dimes in weird places within the following few days. Totally amazing. I am building strength and confidence from this responce.

  6. anna kelly says

    Hi there.Betsy.. I have been finding dimes for 25 years (canadian and american).My husband passed away June 28th 1988. IDON,T KNOW IF THERE ARE MESSAGES THAT I.M posed to be getting but I often ask for spiritual guidance re family, money matters and all these years after his death I still don,t know if I,ll be alright and make it in this crazy worldn of our.Thanks for reading. Any insights would be appreciated.

  7. Jane says

    My colleague and good friend has been finding dimes since this past September 2012, maybe longer. She’s been telling me about it throughout this year, but I didn’t really given any real thought until today. I asked her if she ever “googled” it and she said no. We are teachers and we have lunch duty together. She has been finding dimes in the cafeteria all school year, she keeps them in a little coin purse. I searched “finding dimes” for her (and me, I became curious) on google and read the possible meanings. Her Dad died some years back, she thinks it may be him. She was a bit stressed out this week so maybe he’s sending comfort. One of our students passed away last weekend, who knows?? I always thought it was pennies from heaven?? Now I feel cheated because I haven’t found any dimes…I did find a herring bone gold necklace when I went back to college for a second time, I was working two jobs and taking courses. I was very stressed out. I remember saying, it was my gift from god. I haven’t appraised it, but I’m hoping it’s worth a lot. I really did feel like someone in the universe was giving me something to cheer me up….weird. This dime thing freaks me out a little, I kind of don’t want to find any, but at the same time, I find it fascinating…I’ve never heard of this before my friends’s experience. After my dad died when I was 11, I remember my mom telling me strange things happened around the house…like she found her bride and groom cake topper from her wedding and the groom’s head was broken off…”Hey Brother Can You Spare a Dime?”

  8. Peter Vermes says

    I have been reading about “finding dimes” and the spiritual significance attached to it, but perhaps there is a different spin I can put on it. I have found a woman that I truly am in love with. We met b/c of a tragedy passing in her family and we became close since then. I have been married before but wasn’t sure I was in love until I see how I feel right now. Could this special woman be “my dime”? Could there be a correlation between personal loss and emptiness of someones soul? I never thought of it that way until tonight, but everyone talks about the comfort of finding dimes as a way of healing, but I am looking at this from another angle. Just curious if anyone had an opinion on my thoughts.

  9. Cynthia says

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us! When my sister passed away in 2009, my family began finding dimes. I thought we were the only ones, and like others, I get a lot of eye-rolling and explanations when I tell people. Some of the strangest: on the running board of my parents SUV after a 200 mile drive, and then one on my front doorstep a few moments later; one at our favorite ice cream restaurant on the middle of the track of the skee ball game; and the eeriest was when I was writing a particularly difficult paper in graduate school. I was sitting at my computer on my couch, my computer sitting on a small table with a slight angle towards me. I heard a strange scratching/sliding sound, and then it stopped. A few moments later it began again, and a dime slid out from under my computer and dropped on my lap. It was a Swiss dime. I smiled and said “Hello Julie”. If it is a coincidence, so be it, but each and every time we find a dime in a strange place, it makes us think about Julie and keeps her very present in our thoughts.

  10. Lisa says

    My best friend passed almost a year ago. I have been finding pennies. They show up at times when I have been thinking about her and sometimes as a comforting surprise. I truly believe it is her reaching out to me. The coincidences have been jaw dropping.

  11. Cynthia says

    Wow amazing. Dimes started getting my attention about a year ago. It seems when I am stressed or worried about something a dime will show up. It started happening so frequently that I got my attention! It was unusual they way they appeared. Latest example: I had been worrying about my 2 year old granddaughter I spent many weeks praying for her. She came over to visit me two days ago…she ran up to me opened my hand and placed a dime in it. Following that the next day I went to her house and on a clean tile floor something was under my shoe…It was another dime. I called to tell my best friend about this and looked down on my car seat and there was another dime. Oh My… I decided to google and see if anyone else has had these experiences and I found your site. I have started collecting all of these special dimes and putting them in a little wooden God Box…that when i am feeling worried or alone, I have all my dimes as reminders that every thing is going to be all right! 🙂

  12. Claudia says

    I’ve bee finding dimes for 6 years now. It is an interesting phenomenon.However I have no loved ones that have passed, and I’ve had tremendous personal and professional challenges challenges that dont appear to be resolving…all in all, I dont see the point ?

    • Betsy Wuebker says

      Hi Claudia – I believe you must have someone who has taken an interest in you and wants to encourage you to persevere. 🙂

      • Claudia says

        Hi Betsy, Thanks for your response. Any of the family members that have passed did not really know me and my friends are still here. I have no knowledge if any of my friends from the past are gone. It has been unusual to be fi.ding dimes so consistetly but it doesnt appear to have meaning

  13. Lisa says

    Thanks for the insite I have a piggy bank for all the dimes I have found. I know they are from my brother we used to sing the song with lyrics penny for a kiss nickle for a hug dime if you tell me you love me …Hector passed over 12 years ago I miss him how as much as the day he pass thus I find many dimes never any other coins…

  14. Jesstifer W. says

    I very emphatically did NOT believe in an afterlife…until yesterday.

    My wife and I lost our best friend about a year ago. I often argued with him about ghosts, afterlife, and the Beyond. He was a big believer; claimed he could see the dead, communicated with his dead aunt…all that. I really thought it was all hooey.

    After he died, my wife, also a believer, said she kept finding dimes everywhere. No big surprise, as I’m not good about removing spare change from my pocket. But I’d roll my eyes every time she said they were from Kent.

    Then, yesterday morning. Breakfast. My wife is at the computer in our home office, commenting on Facebook about something Kent would have had strong opinions about. Thinking about him. I set down my cereal and coffee on the empty dining room table. I then went to the living room to fetch my tablet to read the news. As I walked back into the dining room, I heard something small hit the floor across the room. I heard precisely where it landed, on the other side of the table. I walked around the table. Precisely in the middle of the floor, directly in front of a beautiful piece of furniture that we had taken as a memento from Kent’s house, was a dime. I looked around. It simply couldn’t fallen from anywhere physical. The nearest piece of clothing was several feet away. My wife was still at the computer in another room.

    My sense of the sound was that it had fallen from about four or five feet. It just came from nowhere. And landed without rolling or bouncing on the hardwood floor, like the Ring in Lord of the Rings. I’ve tried several times to drop a dime and have it stop like that, without rolling at all, to no avail.

    Curious, I thought, as I picked it up and put it on the table. My wife told me it was Kent, and I laughed it off and went about my day. But I became more unsettled. I went back to the dining room to have another look at that dime. It was still sitting on the dining room table.

    Next to a second dime.

    My view of the universe has been rocked. Still processing.

    Thanks for the forum.

  15. says

    So here I am going through my computer bookmarks & look what I found! I don’t know when I saved this and the significance is beyond belief.
    My little sister found our first two dimes (face up) right next to my husband’s car, as we were getting home from the hospital the morning he died. I kept both and later realized one was for her. The dimes have continued since 12/18/2011 – Michael promised me he wouldn’t die after his lung transplant, and he hung on until Donor Alliance reported “there was just nothing left of him.” Michael’s last words to me, as he was off to surgery were: “Please do NEVER forget, YOU are the love of my life!” And he repeated it three times!
    The dimes present mostly to my sister and our daughter, at least they are the only ones reporting them. I keep my record of date and time and year of the dime. I had not found any in quite some time (I think) although others were finding them – one of our grandsons who was very close with his Gramps found one a couple of weeks ago on his desk at school (HS Freshman), 1st period.
    Then yesterday, one fell at my feet, face up of course. I have almost stopped trying to second guess the appearances, and this latest one brought such joy, and tears of course.
    I also smell Michael, most often in my little home (moved here to be closer to our daughter) and usually a whiff of cigarette smoke (he was a smoker), and occasionally a whiff of his cologne – it comes on strong and then suddenly, quickly it is gone. I have two very large portraits of him, one that I can see almost all of the time, and I am constantly talking to him.
    This is all I will share, to avoid reader’s ennui.
    Isn’t it really nice that I found this today, and Michael’s Dime yesterday. I feel so much comfort when he feels closer, and I ALWAYS carry him in my heart.

  16. Bernadette says

    My mother passed away a few years ago and my siblings and I have had the same dime experince. She pass away early in the morning and that afternoon my sister was in the store and out of no where a dime rolled and hit her foot. That is when it all started. There has not been a day that passes i haven’t found a dime, if its in the wash, on the floor at the store, sitting on my car seat they are always there. I love sharing this touching story about my Angel and at times i have been spooked out. On one occasion at work this gentelmen and i was talking about the mystery dime and as he took his wallet out to pay his bill a dime fell out all we could do is look at each other and smile. With every dime i find i kiss it and say I LOVE YOU TO MOM…

  17. Lesley says

    Very interesting….I completely believe my Grandmother and Father have sent me very significant, no doubt about it, yes its from me signs!! 🙂 My father passed unexpectedly 4 years ago March after complications from a procedure…..we were and still are devastated. 2 weeks after he passed, approximately March 25th or so I was driving up my driveway after work, and there on the lawn, away from the rest of the gardens on the property, (which were only beginning to show any sign of rebirth after the winter months) was a single yellow daffodil, full bloom. (The gardens on our property growing up were his pride and joy!!) Every year since 2009 and until 2012 (finally moved into my own home) the flower came back! Same place, same time!

    I first heard of this “finding dime’s” last year when a high school friends brother passed away. My Father is probably dancing around in Heaven saying Finally!!! I’ve been “finding dimes” forever!! Well since he went to Heaven!!! xoxo <3

  18. Geri says

    Hello Betsy, I lost my husband Sept.18, 2013. He passed on our 43rd Anniversary. He passed in our bed, I cleaned the room washing the bedding vacuuming the room. a few days later I found a dime at the foot of his side of the bed on the floor also on the floor on his side of the bed. i didn’t think to much of it I put it in his coin cup that he had on the dresser. Then I found one in the bathroom. I was with my Aunt and she told me about my cousin finding dimes afar her dad died. Since then I have found four more visiting my daughter in another state in a chair my husband would sit in when he visited it was so shinny. then this week I went to our lake house weekend home New Years Eve, I arrived then got very upset thinking of him, crying I go into the bedroom to lay down what do I find is a dime so shinny on the floor at the foot of the bed where he slept. I held and kissed it over and over again. I left it on his night stand. I love and miss him so much. I don’t know what to believe. I found it enlightening reading all these stories. Thank You!

  19. Lisa says

    I have found two dimes in my bathroom over the past few weeks, I have never found any change laying around in my bathrooms in my 46 years, at least I don’t recall it ever happening. I found the first dime a few weeks ago in of all places, the tub. I found the second dime this morning when I went to turn the radio up that’s on top of the cabinet, but didn’t notice it when I first turned it on. Both dimes were heads up, the first one was a1996 and the second a 2006. I have no idea how the dimes got there and why I am the only finding them. I haven’t lost a loved one since 2006, so I am not sure what the meaning is behind them, but if I find a third one I am going to be convinced that someone is trying to let me know they are there!!

  20. Jacky LaCombe says

    After feeling quite down because my beloved Grandma passed away 10 years ago, I went into my bedroom to get something out of my bedside stand. Something shiny on my pillow caught my eye. I turned my head to find 2 VERY shiny dimes right in the center of my pillow. It would have been nearly impossible for them to have landed perfectly in the center. I feel her loss frequently as we were VERY close, but the anniversary of her death is always difficult for me. I pray she is at peace, and I pray this was her way of telling me she is! Thanks so much for your wonderful information, and I wish for you to be blessed.

  21. Bee Hoyles says

    Since 1991 after my father had passed. I had found not only dimes but money all over the place!. At first I thought,” it’s so nice, I’m so lucky!”. Then it happened more and more. No one would believe me. Thank you for sharing the stories. I am so glad I’m not the only one who sees this as something beyond life. Thank you for all the money you have send dad!. I love you and miss you everyday and mom too.

  22. Darlene says

    How heart warming to read so many stories. It’s been less than 1.5 years and I have had over 35 dimes that have been placed in my path. Like others, dimes started to appear when I was desperately searching for answers. The first dime found I was skeptical. The second dime found I thought was interesting/coincidental. The third dime found (and all thereafter) I know, with absolute certainty, are the hands of comfort from above. To be singled out and given a Guardian Angel is a precious gift.

    My stories are many (35 and counting) and each one is uniquely different. I don’t over analyze – I am just grateful. The dimes for me have shown up in numerous places: on my vacations, in the snow, by the water, on my morning jogs, and at work, to name a few.

    As to other members of my family, the fun and exciting part this past month is that my daughter is finding dimes being placed in her path. I told her I didn’t realize my Guardian Angel was taking on new clients. We both had a chuckle over that.

    For everyone searching…just believe.

  23. Andrea says

    I lost my Dad Feb. 24th 2014, I’ve never experienced a heartbreak so painful in my life, these past few months have been incredibly difficult. Two days before my dad passed, my grandmother passed away as well, although I was a bit more at peace with losing my grandmother as I felt she was now with my grandfather and got to live a long fulfilling life; my father, on the other hand, was healthy, young (58) and just didn’t wake up one day out of the blue. The first few weeks after they passed I was finding pennies, enough pennies for me to google the experience. Pennies on a table I had just cleaned, on my keyboard at work, and my car seat. I would always pick them up and say “thanks dad I miss you so much”. After about the first month it switched from pennies to dimes, almost always two dimes at once and predominately on my car seat. I find the car seat very telling as I never use cash for anything, be it coffee, gas etc., I use a debit card exclusively lose change is not something I ever have. Just this past Thursday I traveled about two hours to a conference for work. In the morning I stopped to get gas and when I came back to the drivers seat I brushed it off thinking “dad hasn’t left me dimes lately”. So I’m positive there was nothing on the seat. After I came out of the conference I opened the door to find two dimes on the front seat. I sat and cried for a good few minutes because the thought that he had been with me in a different state meant the world to me. I put the two dimes in a change purse until I could get home to put them in the glass container with all the other coins he’s left me. I decided to make one stop at an antique store to kill some time, when I got out of the store I opened the door to see another dime on the front seat. I’m the only one in my family finding dimes and I’m not sure why that’s the case but I certainly cherish everyone. Today is father’s day and I miss him terribly, I’m thankful for the dimes as I feel it’s his way of telling me to cheer up and move on because he’s ok…. easier said than done of course.

  24. Michelle M. Bost says

    Amazing!! All these testimonies-I have been findining dimes for at leat the past 11 years ,EVERYWHERE! I do know that sometimes they are warnings for me-right before a storm hits my life. I also believe they are trying to speak into my life when I am on the right path. I find them heads up as well as face down. I have actually woke up in the morning with them stuck to my body many times-WOW. Its some kinda sign from above..I know that I know that I know..

  25. Miss K says

    I have been finding dimes everywhere since my grandfather died in 2002. The first one was found when I was cleaning for his wake – it was under a remote on a shelf. I’ve found dozens of them over the years and started saving them. I always find dimes, never other coins. They tend to show up when either something really terrible is about to happen, or something amazing is about to happen – that I can inherently feel. I always thank my grandfather when I find them. I found one on the stage when I started doing improv. I’ve found them on the bus, one landed on my bed. I walked into a restaurant bathroom once and found one on a toilet. They’ve fallen out of my clothes (that don’t even have pockets). In the days before my grandmother died, I was finding them every day, sometimes multiple dimes a day. The most recent one I found was at the feet of a boy I really like, who looks like and reminds me of my grandfather in many ways. I’m not sure what that means; the dime was next to a penny. I don’t always know how to interpret the dimes’ meaning, but I appreciate getting them. Also, nearly every last one of them is a Philadelphia dime, which was where my grandfather lived.

  26. Nancy says

    I have been finding dimes every since my mother passed away 7 years ago. It drove me crazy for almost a year on why I was finding the dimes and then one night I was watching Montel and I heard Sylvia Browne discussing finding dimes from loved ones that had passed away. I kiss them each time I find one and tell my Mother I love her. I have so many stories of finding dimes that I know it is real. I too have experienced getting dimes as change, even from a coke machine which is an unusual place to get 10 dimes back when your coke selection is out. I have found many dimes while on vacations so I just tell my husband that my mom wanted to go on vacation with us. My most recent find was when I went to a doctor’s appointment with my sister who just found out she has thyroid cancer. I went to get out of my car and a dime fell out of thin air in my lap. I put the dime in a special compartment in my purse. When I came out of the doctor’s office and went to get in my car, another dime was in my seat. I keep all the dimes I find in a silver heart shaped box and I have so many dimes I need to start another box. I feel so blessed and loved to know my mother is with me. Sometimes weeks go by without finding a dime and I just talk out loud to my mom and I ask her where she has been….I usually find a dime within a day or so. My sister and my daughter also find dimes. My sister usually finds them in her closet…. My mom always loved to go in my sister’s closet to look at all her clothes and shoes. When it has been a while without finding a dime, I tell my sister that Mom is on angel duty and hasn’t been able to send dimes. My husband says… Tell your Mom to send dollars instead of dimes! I am so glad to have found others that share my same experience.

    • shauna says

      I have been finding dimes in the past as well in very strange places. I keep all of them as a reminder that I have angels surrounding and protecting me. My husband and I just separated and I was feeling very sad and, confused the dimes made me feel that l I was on the right path.
      I haven’t seen a dime in a couple weeks and I miss seeing them!

  27. rodrobertson says

    I noticed a year ago that I found a dime in the most random places. I didn’t mention it to anyone until recently. I thought it was odd but cool.
    I finally mentioned it to someone last week and decided to google, finding dimes…and wow, I am not the only one.

  28. Visa Smith says

    What does the dime mean???????? Since is getting so cold outside, I decided to change from cotton to flannel sheets. So when I got home from work I took the flannel sheets out of the closet and ran them through the washer & dryer (nothing else, just the sheets). When the dryer shut off, I took out the sheets , took them upstairs and started making the bed. I put on the fitted sheet, put on the flat sheet and than stood next to the bed and began putting on the pillow cases. As I was putting on the cases, I started staring off into space and thinking about may sister Sharon (she passed April 2012) and the millions of times I went down to visit her in Maryland….about how excited I got when I was getting ready to leave & about how much fun we had (even when we were doing nothing at all). When I finished putting on the pillow cases……..I looked down on the bed and there sat a shiny 2014 dime on the bed, right in front of where I was standing.
    My husband says that I am crazy….when I told him the story and said the dime was from my sister and that it meant something. He said it must have “just been in the wash” BUT…I know it was not there before and how could a dime go through all that and then end up sitting on the bed, right in front of where I happened to be standing……..All that being said……What does the dime mean????????

  29. Bonnie-Lynn says

    My father passed away 11 years ago I started to get dimes that appeared out of no where now my mother passed away 10 months ago on the exact same day as dad. I am now getting the dimes again! I do believe they are my guardian angels! I am having a hard time with the passing of my mom and yet I still feel her presence especially when a dime appears! Although they are becoming less frequent I still giggle when I find them. Thank you mom & dad miss you both and love you both lots!! xoxo

  30. Shannon says

    I’ve been finding dimes ever since I read A Still, Small Voice by Echo Bodine about 11 years ago. Every time I find one I take it to mean that my life is right where it’s supposed to be and that no matter what is going on, whether it be good or bad, I’m on my path. I’ve been debating to take a trip to clear my head and I’ve been debating where to take that trip, wrought with indecision for days. Just now, I was researching flights to Alaska and there was a dime on the floor. Refusing to see it as a sign, I got up and did some chores. Coming back to take another look at flights, there’s another dime on the floor about a foot from this one. I google what is the meaning of finding dimes and I land on this page and there is this story about your flight to ALASKA. I guess I know where I’m going now!

  31. Sandy says

    Last January I went to a medium. My mother died unexpectedly in 1989. The medium
    gave me so much information that only my mother could have told her. It was a very
    calming experience. After that I read about the dimes. So, I started talking to my
    mother, asking her to leave dimes for me – just to say hi and let me know she was ok. The dimes
    started showing up very soon. It seems as though she responds when I talk to her
    out-loud. Nothing happens if I just send thoughts to her. Does anyone else have this
    experience and does anyone know why she wouldn’t respond to my thoughts? Talking
    out-loud is very emotional for me, but finding a dime is such a wonderful feeling.
    Thank you for your help.

  32. denise says

    I have been finding a combination of 1 to 3 dimes at a time…it just started and ironically my sister just passed away on September 27, 2015. I loved my sister like no other…She and I were very close and it was the hardest thing for me to decide to not put her on life support, however I knew she did not want that…but I always feel she is with me…I like to go gamble and lately its like no matter what machine I play I win , nothing big but enough to give me a little extra and the dimes started coming around…I mean at least 2 to 4 times a week I am finding dimes in random places. My plans and focus is more clear than ever. The curiosity was strong that I searched for a meaning. Love you Sister!

  33. Ruthann says

    Everytime I do the laundry, I find a dime in the dryer. This has been happening ever since I lost my soul mate 22 years ago. Someone said it’s a sign that he’s watching out for me. My daughter passed away 6 years ago and I have been finding pennies everywhere also. I think perhaps they are both looking out for me. Any guidance?

  34. sunshine says

    am still puzzles a bout this recently I just keep finding dimes out of the blues at first I didn’t think anything about it then it started happening more often and now am asking myself what does it mean to me today I was feeling down and felt as if nobody care about me my taught was how I am in need of a good job and transportation and I don’t know where the money is coming from then I decided to take a walk to the restaurant to clear my head all the while I was thinking of how sad I still was so I decided to finished my meal and head back home when I half way home I spotted a penny and five minutes later a dime shining as bright as the sun what does it all mean.


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