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Hi, I’m Jenny. My goal is to inspire and inform as I share experiences and travel resources from around the world with you!

PassingThru is all about inspiring and informing travelers with unique stories, travel resources, and insights from around the world. If you’re a fan of history, culture, architecture, food, and drink, PassingThru is the blog for you!

Being a seasoned traveler, I know that travel can transform you – it’s where you learn about other cultures and history while tasting new food and drinks along the way! Join me as I share transformative experiences and inspiration from around the world, including essential tips on legal and safety concerns, cultural insights and traditions, and the charming and scenic destinations you won’t want to miss.

Become a fan of slow travel with me – taking your time to really experience everything an area has to offer – whether that’s finding an off-the-beaten-path village in Bosnia, understanding regional differences within a country, or exploring an island in the South Pacific.

PassingThru provides you with thoughtful insights into history, culture, and architecture so that you can have an immersive travel experience. Check out the in-depth coverage of significant landmarks, cultural comparisons, as well as lesser-known attractions, giving you the tools to discover places off the beaten path.

I am often joined on our destination and first-timers guides by knowledgeable and seasoned contributors, giving you the best advice on what to see and do. Because of its focus on the cultural richness of a destination, including social norms and taboos, PassingThru is your go-to source for inspiration and knowledge when planning your next journey.

PassingThru also provides top travel tips for travelers looking for budget-friendly activities or convenient transportation options, making sure you can travel smart and safe.

Before starting the blog, traveling was only a pipe dream. But after a concerted effort to focus on creating a more travel-centered life, I wanted to share the best travel resources and tips for you to utilize, too.

With PassingThru, I hope to inspire others to get out and make their own personal discoveries. So whether it’s a trip or a change of life you’re looking for, come join me on this journey through time, culture, and exploration – I can’t wait for you to see what’s next!

Make sure to visit often for the latest reviews, stories, and tips! Thank you for considering PassingThru for your travels. Let’s hit the road and make every journey unforgettable!

Tips for Trip Success

Book Your Flight
Find an inexpensive flight by using CheapOAir, a favorite of ours because it regularly returns less expensive flight options from a variety of airlines.

Book Your Hotel or Special Accommodation
I’m a big fan of TripAdvisor. I rely on their ratings and review system and photos.

You Need Travel Insurance!
Good travel insurance means having total peace of mind. Travel insurance protects you when your medical insurance often will not and better than what you get from your credit card. It will provide comprehensive coverage should you need medical treatment or return to the United States, compensation for trip interruption, baggage loss, and other situations.

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