No Matter What You Do, You Will Piss Some People Off

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Much of what passes as sound advice for users in the blog and social media space is predictable, repetitive and contradictory. After five years of blogging, and many more in social media (if you count the predecessors to Facebook, Twitter, et al), I can tell you honestly that it's the same as offline: if you take everyone's advice and act on all of it, you'll run yourself ragged into an ever-tightening knot. Guy Kawasaki - can we call him a guru? - makes an analogical case in When It Comes to Continue Reading

#mythreewords Takes Off

I woke up this morning to several tweet mentions on the #mythreewords hashtag. founder Nick Kellet has begun a collaborative list of folks who are participating. If you'd like to share in the process by selecting your three words for 2013, add your post to the list below. You don't even have to write a blog post if you don't want to, just write an entry and tag your comment. Or even give someone on the list your thumbs up. Fun! Related articles Listly Co-Founder, Nick Kellet, Continue Reading

Web Presence: Yours Needs The Impact Equation


When Chris Brogan sent me a review copy of The Impact Equation, his new book with Trust Agents co-author Julien Smith, I looked forward to the read. Even though Trust Agents has been included in best business books lists, I hadn't read it. I did feel that I had a pretty good idea of its premise from following their various web presence channels over the years. Both Chris Brogan and Julien Smith advocate web utilization for influence and reputation building. Concurrently, Chris Brogan has been Continue Reading

Great Giveaway! The $100 Startup


In honor of my birthday month, and because our personal goal is to beef up numbers of subscribers and social media followers, we're doing a great giveaway! Two lucky winners will each receive a copy of Chris Guillebeau's best-selling The $100 Startup! It's the first of June and this giveaway could mean that June will forever be the month when your dream came alive! How? The book is all about helping you "reinvent the way you make a living, do what you love and create a new future." You can Continue Reading

Narcissists Find New Ways to Play Online

When Barbara Swafford asked me to do a follow-up guest post on narcissism for her site, Observation Mountain, we marveled that the first one (What is Narcissism and How Can You Spot a Narcissist?) is still a top referrer of visitors to PassingThru.  This tells us more than ever, people are looking for answers on how to deal with those who exhibit narcissistic behaviors and create problems for others. It's possible that social media is responsible for this increase, as Facebook and Twitter in Continue Reading

Career Renegade: Passion Into Income

Jonathan Fields abandoned a high-stress career as a corporate lawyer for a better lifestyle. In Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love, he shares the secret. I've subscribed to Jonathan Fields' work ever since I encountered him in the Triiibes network.  He has an engaging story about abandoning a high-powered, high-stress career as a corporate lawyer to cobble together something more real and different - doing and working at a wide variety of things he loves.  I have Continue Reading