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Darwin and Distant Thunder

We’re in Darwin at the height of the rainy season. The heat and humidity is staggering, and even on a sunny day you can hear the sound of distant thunder. Eventually our discomfort is relieved with a cloudburst. The intensity of tropical storms in Darwin has been spectacular. Loud claps and booms rattle doors and windows. …

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Why We’re Taken with Toowoomba

Everyone laughed when we told them we were going to Toowoomba. They told us to expect a haplessly humdrum, far from hip town. Fortunately, they were wrong. Toowoomba? Where the heck is that? Toowoomba is situated on a top edge of Australia’s Great Dividing Range – a complex of plateaus, uplands, and escarpments – which is the third longest dividing mountain range …

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Australia’s Wonder of the Natural World: The Great Barrier Reef

No Australia holidays are complete without a trip to the famous 2000km stretch of reef off the coast of Queensland. But what is it that is so wondrous about this particular reef, and why does Australia’s government spend a great deal of effort and money maintaining it? Considered to be one of 7 natural wonders …

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