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12 Essential Travel Gadgets Every Adventurer Needs

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2022)

Travel gadgets make life easier for the adventurer, assist in creating travel memories, and allow you to stay connected.

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With the help of a few nifty travel gadgets, you can make your travels more comfortable and more memorable. Below are just some of the gadgets that every adventurer needs.

Universal plug adaptor

Not every country uses the same type of plug socket. This is something that can catch out many travellers – many of us have arrived at our hotel only to realise that we can’t charge up our phone because the socket is different. Plug adaptors can allow you to use foreign plug sockets. A universal plug adaptor is designed to fit all different styles, allowing you to use a plug socket wherever you go.

You can buy universal adaptors in supermarkets and in airports, however you’ll get the best deals by shopping online. 

Portable power bank

Being able to keep smartphones and cameras charged up on the go can be very useful. If you don’t have access to a plug point, a portable power bank is the next best option. These are able to contain enough power for several charges – which could be useful if you’re taking a long bus journey or hiking through the wilderness.

There are lots of different types of power banks on the market. Some are able to hold more charges than others and may have multiple ports. Such power banks tend to be a bit bulkier – if you want something that can be easily slipped in your pocket, you may want to look into power banks that can hold less charges. There are also backpacks that you can buy with inbuilt power banks that are ideal for backpacking trips.

Solar panel charger

Even if you have a portable power bank containing three or four charges, this may not be enough to keep all your devices charged up while on a long camping trip or while taking a long hike. A solar panel charger can be the best solution for those who don’t have access to a plug socket for several days or more. These chargers generate electricity from the sun, making it possible to charge up your devices from any outdoor location.

Solar panel chargers can vary in size and quality. There are small single panels that you can buy for charging up a single device and more heavy duty solar power generators for charging up multiple devices. There are also solar panels that you can attach to car roofs and tents. 

Portable wi-fi router

Access to the internet on the go can be useful if you need to access your GPS, use translation tools or show someone online documents such as hotel booking confirmation or medical insurance records. There may be times when you don’t want to use your data abroad or when you can’t access public or private wi-fi. In these instances, it can be useful to have a portable wi-fi router with you that can help you connect your travel gadgets to the internet from practically any location. 

There are various different types of portable router that you can buy each with different strength and range. Some are pay-as-you-go while others allow you to pay for the internet on a monthly basis. Some modern cars now have in-built portable wi-fi, which could be useful for a road trip. 


Tablets have lots of advantages when travelling. You can read ebooks on them – this saves you having to pack lots of heavy physical books and is easier than reading e-books on a phone. You can watch TV shows and movies – this could be great for entertaining yourself in a hotel room or entertaining kids on a long journey. It’s also easier for a group of people to view photos or read a map on a tablet than it is on a smartphone. 

There are lots of different models of these versatile travel gadgets on the market. Some are aimed at kids, while others are aimed at adults. Samsung, Apple and Lenovo are by far the most popular brands and are worth buying if you’re looking for integration with other devices. You can find discounts on tablets online. 

Bluetooth speaker

A bluetooth speaker could allow you to play your music on the go – whether you’re staying in a hotel room or camping. Many of these speakers are very compact, making them easy to travel with.

There are plenty of guides online for comparing the best bluetooth speakers. Some are waterproof, making them great for the beach or the poolside, while others are in-built into backpacks, making them great for hiking or cycling. It’s worth looking beyond some of the popular brands to get better prices – many of the lesser known brands are still just as high quality. 

Noise cancelling headphones

For those times when you want to listen to music or watch a movie without disturbing others, it can be worth buying some noise cancelling headphones. These could be useful for staying entertained on a long flight or coach trip. 

A decent pair of noise cancelling headphones doesn’t have to be expensive – if you’re willing to look beyond the big brands, you can find many affordable good quality headphones. Bluetooth headphones are the best option as they don’t have to be plugged into a device at all times, however, like most electronic travel gadgets, you do need to remember to charge them up.

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Action camera

When doing activities like cycling, kayaking and skiing, it’s not always possible to take out your smartphone or digital camera. This often means not being able to capture these moments. Action cameras are designed to take pictures and video footage while engaging in activities. They can be fitted onto a helmet, onto handlebars or on to the front of a surfboard to help record everything that you’re seeing. 

Popular brands of action camera include GoPro and DJI. Some action cameras are built with specific activities in mind, which could be worth considering. You can buy action camera kits that come with a variety of different attachments including helmet attachments, selfie sticks and even car attachments for recording roadtrips. It’s worth shopping around for discounts – such camera kits tend to be less expensive online than when bought at a store.


Drones are remote-control flying gadgets that can give you added flexibility when taking photographs and videos. Using a drone, it’s possible to take aerial shots from above. You can also take distance shots of yourself while on a cliff edge or on a boat. It will make your travel photos look like they were taken by a travel production team. Nowadays, drones are used by many travel bloggers, who travel to different destinations, capture various scenic views on the drone, edit those videos and pictures and then post them on various platforms.

There are lots of different drones on the market. When looking for a drone to take with you on your travels, you ideally want something small and compact, but not too flimsy. It’s worth looking at mid-range drones – such drones will offer a good quality image and will fly well without being too affected by wind. 

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

Travel iron/steamer

If you travel for work and often have to dress up in a suit or smart clothing, a travel iron/steamer could be a useful gadget to have in your suitcase. Some of these gadgets can be used to steam out the creases in your shirt or trousers without needing access to an ironing board – simply hang up your clothes and steam away.  

There are quite a few different travel irons/steamers on the market. Some need to be plugged in, while others have a rechargeable battery. It’s worth reading reviews to find a model that you can rely on. 

Water filter

Afraid of drinking dirty water while abroad? Water filter gadgets are a useful piece of tech that can help to purify any water you drink. There are advanced filters that can be used when taking water from rivers and lakes and more basic filters that can be used to purify tap water (not all countries maintain the same level of cleanliness when it comes to drinking water – while the locals may be more immune to the bacteria in it, outsiders may develop stomach bugs, which is why a water filter can be handy).

There are many different designs of water filters. The likes of the LifeStraw is designed purely for hardy outdoor use such as having to drink from a river or puddle. Water filter bottle designs are better for everyday use while travelling. You can compare some of the different filtered water bottles  on the market here in this post.   

Portable UV sanitizer

A portable UV sanitizer can help to keep items such as your phone, watch or glasses clean on the go. These gadgets use UV light to kill bacteria. Some come in the form of a case, while others come in the form of a wand that can be held over any surface (useful for sanitizing bed sheets or clothing). Most models run off a rechargeable battery with the option to plug them in.

It’s worth reading reviews of portable UV sanitizers to find the best quality one. Some have more UV light bulbs than others allowing for faster and more effective cleaning. The charge time also varies for each model.


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