21 No-Go Zones – The Single Woman Traveler’s Guide to Countries Best Left Unvisited

Traveling solo as a woman presents unique challenges but also offers unparalleled opportunities for growth, adventure, and self-discovery. Based on a variety of factors, including street safety, violence against women, and legal discrimination, some countries may require additional precautions for female travelers. Here’s a list inspired by research and rankings, such as those found in the Women’s Danger Index, to guide solo female travelers in making informed decisions about their travel destinations.

1. South Africa

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Considerations: Street safety, non-partner violence. Tips: Stay in well-populated areas at night, consider group tours.

2. Brazil

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Considerations: Street safety, intentional homicide against women. Tips: Avoid walking alone at night and be cautious of personal belongings.

3. Russia

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Considerations: Non-partner sexual violence, legal discrimination. Tips: Research local laws affecting women, travel in groups when possible.

4. Mexico

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Considerations: Street safety, non-partner sexual violence. Tips: Stick to tourist-friendly areas, stay aware of your surroundings.

5. Iran

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Considerations: Global Gender Gap, legal discrimination. Tips: Dress conservatively, be aware of social customs.

6. Dominican Republic

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Considerations: Street safety, recent mysterious incidents. Tips: Stay in reputable accommodations, use trusted transportation.

7. Egypt

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Considerations: Global gender gap, street safety. Tips: Join group tours for sightseeing, respect local dress codes.

8. Morocco

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Considerations: Intimate partner violence, street safety. Tips: Dress modestly, prefer organized group travel.

9. India

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Considerations: Gender inequality, intimate partner violence. Tips: Use female-only transportation options where available, avoid traveling alone at night.

10. Thailand

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Considerations: Violence against women attitudes, intimate partner violence. Tips: Keep personal belongings secure, choose accommodations wisely.

11. Malaysia

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Considerations: Intimate partner violence, gender inequality. Tips: Research local customs and laws, stay in well-reviewed accommodations.

12. Saudi Arabia

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Considerations: Legal discrimination, global gender gap. Tips: Understand and comply with dress codes, travel with a companion if possible.

13. Turkey

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Considerations: Intimate partner violence, global gender gap. Tips: Stay aware of social and political climates, consider cultural norms in behavior.

14. Argentina

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Considerations: Street safety, intentional homicide against women. Tips: Use reputable taxi services, avoid less populated areas at night.

15. Chile

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Considerations: Street safety, intimate partner violence. Tips: Be cautious with personal space and belongings, stay in groups during nightlife outings.

16. Cambodia

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Considerations: Violence against women attitudes, global gender gap. Tips: Travel with companions, choose guided tours for exploration.

17. Bahrain

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Considerations: Legal discrimination, global gender gap. Tips: Stay informed on rights and legal protections for women, travel in groups.

18. Tunisia

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Considerations: Global gender gap, street safety. Tips: Dress conservatively, be aware of local customs and social norms.

19. United States

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Considerations: Street safety, non-partner sexual violence. Tips: Stay in well-lit, populated areas at night, use apps to share your location with trusted contacts.

20. Ukraine

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Considerations: Street safety, global gender gap. Tips: Be cautious when meeting new people, use trusted transportation services.

Traveling as a solo female offers a unique set of challenges, but with the right precautions and awareness, it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. Always research your destination thoroughly, stay aware of your surroundings, and trust your instincts.

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