3 Ways to Spend Your Money That Can Enrich Your Travel Experience

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All told, the reasons why people travel can vary significantly, but one constant always remains: people travel because they want to have experiences that enrich their lives in some way, and give them a deeper sense of insight, positivity, and appreciation, in general.

Travel will always cost some amount of money, but the ways in which you choose to spend your money – and the amount of money you choose to spend on your travels – can have a big impact on how enriching your travel experience is, overall.

Here are a few ways to spend your money that can enrich your travel experience.

Unless you are going all-in on the nomadic lifestyle, invest properly in a “home-base”

One increasingly popular approach to travel is to commit to a more or less permanently nomadic lifestyle, that often goes hand-in-hand with either retirement or a remote working arrangement, and perhaps a motorhome.

For anyone who is committed to regular and in-depth travel, though, but it isn’t an adherent of the “nomadic” ethos, it’s a good idea to spend your financial resources investing properly in a stable “home base,” even if you spend a lot of your time on the road.

For one thing, actually having somewhere to return to and take pride in between your travels can help to counterbalance the adventure of being on the road, with a sense of stability and rootedness. It’s also great to have somewhere to store the souvenirs you accumulate on your travels.

Then again, owning property can also help to directly finance your travels going forward if, for example, you were to use a loan from Visio Lending to purchase a property for the purpose of letting it out to a tenant.

Wherever possible, opt for longer stays – preferably in places that have a good deal of history attached to them

Travelling for long stretches of time will, of course, be more costly than simply jetting off for the occasional weekend getaway. At the same time, though, longer stays in foreign locales will often lead to a significantly deeper experience overall.

When you spend a decent amount of time in a given location, you are better able to marinate in the local culture, get a sense for the rhythms of everyday life, and you may even do a good job of picking up the language, too.

Wherever possible, opt also to stay in places that have a good deal of history attached to them. A historic town centre just has a certain energy that a newly constructed tourist village won’t.

Keep yourself well-fed on your trip, and indulge in a bit of gastro-tourism

Whatever it is you’re doing in life – and travel is no exception – you’ll feel better doing it if you are well-nourished and well-fed.

Gastro-tourism is a growing industry these days, and for good reason: it’s just a very pleasant and eye-opening experience to be able to sample unique and delicious local dishes wherever you go.

If you’re travelling on a shoestring budget, you will likely not be eating very well as you make it from point A to point B. By prioritising food and nutrition on your trip, however, the entire travel experience is likely to be much more uplifting.

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