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5 Historic Hanalei Beach Houses

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Hanalei, on the north shore of Kauai, is home to several excellent examples of early 20th century beach houses, lining Weke Road along Hanalei Bay. Built by Kauai’s founding missionary and agricultural families as summer residences, all but one of these on our list appear on the National and Hawaii State Historic Registers.

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Historic Hanalei Beach Houses

Hanalei's historic beach houses offer a glimpse of Old Hawaii. "As the Hanalei region moved into the 20th century, prominent individuals and families—including the Sanborn, Fayé, and Wilcox families—constructed second homes along Weke Road on the shoreline of Hanalei Bay. Several of these beach homes still stand today as reminders of Hanalei’s storied past."(


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Kauikeolani - Albert Spencer Wilcox Beach House

Built: 1899
State Register of Historic Places: 1987.
National Register of Historic Places: 1993.

Albert Spencer Wilcox (1844-1919) built the main house of his estate Kauikeōlani on Hanalei Bay in 1899. The son of pioneering missionaries Abner and Lucy Wilcox, Albert lived in the house with his wife Emma Kauikeōlani...Albert and Emma named their Hanalei home after Emma’s namesake, Kauikeōlani, which means “Beautiful vision in the morning mist,” and is also translated as “Place in the skies [of] heaven.” Albert Wilcox had purchased an interest in the Princeville Plantation in 1892, and he secured complete ownership by 1899. He sold the Princeville lands in June of 1916, but maintained ownership of Kauikeōlani as well as “the old Mission Home, and some kuleanas along the beach.” The outside of the historic beach home is covered with sand, a technique that was used at the time to provide termite protection.

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Arial View of Kauikeolani and Related Hanalei Land Company Holdings

The main estate house's location (along with other rental properties owned and operated by the Hanalei Land Company) in relation to the Hanalei Pier.

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Sanborn Beach House

5174 Weke Road
Built: 1910.
Architect/Builder: Walter Foss Sanborn.
Architecture: Craftsman/Plantation Style.
Walter Foss Sanborn first came to Kaua‘i in 1901, serving as the U.S. District Commissioner for Kauai and Federal Court Representative, and working for McBryde Sugar Company. The Sanborn Beach House is a two-story wood frame, plantation style home with board and batten walls, hip and valley roof line, cedar shingles, and overhanging eaves. This beach front home features panoramic views and interior Craftsman style detailing including elaborate trim work on the ceilings.

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Fayé Hanalei House

5204 Weke Road
Year Built: 1916
Built by Kekaha Sugar Plantation manager Hans Peter Fayé for his family as a summer beach house. Reminiscent of their Norwegian heritage and built on a combination of two lots. First home in Hanalei to have electric power supplied by its own generator and had 6 bedrooms including two larger dormers in the second story. Small closets for trunks off the dormers were rumored to be for the menehunes.


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Douglas Baldwin Beach House

5242 Weke Road
Year Built: ca. 1920's
The Douglas Baldwin Beach House is a single story frame house is rectangular in size with a corrugated iron hip roof and a large enclosed lanai added in 1935. The house sits on a large ocean-front lot with an expansive lawn and an ironwood hedge. It's architecturally significant as typical of the genre of vacation beach houses erected in Hanalei in the 1920s & 1930s and for its association with the development of Hanalei as a vacation community during this time. The house is also significant for its association with Douglas Ebner Baldwin, manager of Alexander & Baldwin's Hawaiian Sugar Company from 1928 to 1942.

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Mahamoku - "Island of Peace"

5344 Weke Road
Year Built: 1914
"Mahamoku is a one and a half story, wood frame "L" shaped house with board and batten walls, high pitched gable roof, overhanging eaves, a deep lanai that faces Hanalei Bay, and interior Craftsman design elements. The beach house is architecturally significant for being built in the American Arts and Crafts tradition and is an impressive variation of the Bungalow Style in Hawaii. It is also significant for its association with the Wilcox family of Kauai."
Additional information at

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Kauai Historic Properties - Google Maps
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National and State Register of Historic Places

Kauai's National and State Register of Historic Places (PDF document)

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