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7 Activities in Fiji to Boost Your Happiness

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Fiji’s tropical islands are a slice of paradise on earth. With sun-soaked beaches, vibrant coral reefs, a rich culture, and friendly locals, Fiji offers the perfect backdrop for boosting happiness and well-being. If you want to truly immerse yourself in the resplendent energy of this island, try these activities during your stay.

Snorkeling and Diving

Fiji’s azure waters are home to some of the world’s most biodiverse marine environments. Snorkeling and diving provide an up-close look at this underwater wonderland, especially when accompanied by experienced guides who can point out unique species and explain their behaviors.

You’ll glide through coral gardens teeming with tropical fish in every color while sharks, turtles, and manta rays flow gracefully by. Explore hidden caves and vibrant reefs, where you may even encounter playful dolphins or majestic whales in their natural habitat.

This serene escape from the surface world induces an unmatched tranquility that can only be surpassed by the feeling of weightlessness as you float effortlessly through the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the beauty and mystery of the ocean.

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Surf Lessons

With uncrowded wave breaks for all levels, this South Pacific paradise offers the perfect setting for surfers of any ability to immerse themselves in the ocean’s power and rhythm. Even beginners can experience the thrill and meditative qualities of riding the ocean’s energy under the patient guidance of certified instructors.

As you learn to pop up on your board and chase the euphoric “stoke,” you’ll find nothing clears the mind quite like the meditative mantra of “watch the line, find your feet” repeated with each gliding ride across the turquoise swells.

More experienced surfers can seek out renowned breaks with challenging tubes and hollow waves to test their skills. No matter your level, Fiji’s warm waters, stunning scenery, and laid-back island vibes create the ultimate surfer’s haven away from the crowds.

Explore Fiji by Air

To grasp Fiji’s immense natural beauty, you need to see it from above. Charter plane tours provide a birds-eye view of the sprawling archipelago’s varied terrain and brilliant hues. From the air, you’ll soar over volcanic mountains, hidden waterfalls plunging into turquoise pools, and remote islands so pristine they take your breath away with their untouched splendor. The brilliant hues of Fiji’s landscapes are even more striking from this perspective — from the jewel-toned waters to the emerald peaks and vibrant coral reefs. 


No visit to Fiji is complete without witnessing the ancient fire-walking ritual steeped in traditions that promise to amaze and embolden. Watch in awe as fire walkers ceremoniously dance across smoldering stones without burning their feet, demonstrating a centuries-old practice rooted in the philosophy of mind over matter.

This powerful ceremony awakens an awareness of the mind’s ability to overcome physical forces, and some say observing it induces an indescribable euphoria and sense of oneness with the universe itself.

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Forest Bathing

They say you can find complete inner peace by wandering through Fiji’s lush rainforests and villages. Here, you can practice the Japanese art of “shinrin-yoku,” or “forest bathing,” which urges you to open all your senses to the rejuvenating powers of plants and nature.

Make sure to run your fingers along the velvety fronds of ferns blanketing the forest floor. Close your eyes and inhale the fresh, earthy scents of the vegetation and fertile soil. Listen to the exotic calls of tropical birds dancing through the dense canopy above. This slow-paced mindfulness allows you to ground yourself fully in the present moment amid Fiji’s vibrant and soothing natural surroundings.

Village Visits

Fijian culture is built on the “Bula Spirit” — a philosophy of warmth, kindness, and community that forms the fabric of daily life. To experience this first-hand, take part in an immersive village tour, where you’ll witness how Fiji’s indigenous population lives in harmony with the natural world around them.

You’ll be welcomed into the village with traditional ceremonial dances and songs, learn the intricate art of basket weaving from locals using naturally sourced materials, and join the villagers in preparing a lovo feast cooked underground via an ancient earth oven method. As you connect with these warm people and their deep-rooted traditions, you’ll leave feeling filled with good energy and a profound sense of connection to this special place.

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Yoga and Meditation

What better setting for mindful movement than on a beach with lapping waves? Many resorts in Fiji offer outdoor yoga and meditation classes tailored to all levels. You’ll learn to sync your breathwork and flowing asana sequences to the natural rhythms of the warm tropical breezes and soothing ocean sounds surrounding you. In this supremely peaceful environment, you can finally embrace the inner stillness and serenity you’ve been seeking on your transformative journey.

Ground and Reconnect in Fiji

The Fijian islands provide ample opportunities to savor the present moment, let go of stress, and awaken your senses through movement, culture, and appreciation for the simple things in life. You’ll return home feeling centered, energized, and newly inspired.

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