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3 Amazing Birthday Gift Experiences to Melt Their Heart

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Tired of the same old party-gift-dinner routine on birthdays?

While they are easy to plan, they may seem like a routine that repeats itself every birthday. It’s time to break that cycle and start investing in exotic, fun-filled, and memorable birthday experiences in Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment capital. LA is loaded with fun activities you can do with your partner and make them feel special.

Not sure how to begin the day? Here are the top LA experience gifts you must experience! 

1. Live Helicopter Tour

Remember the iconic helicopter scene from Fifty Shades of Grey?

It’s time to recreate it with your partner for their birthday! The helicopter tour will let you see the gorgeous skyscape of the city from the sky and enjoy breathtaking views throughout the ride. It’s the perfect opportunity to see the legendary sights and get city views from the top. The electrifying views are certainly going to make your loved one feel special, they will be thrilled!

The helicopter can hover at lower altitudes and move in any direction, they provide an unforgettable view of the city, its beauty, and a panoramic visage of people’s lives while you sail through the sky. The multiple scenic angles of LA will allow you to capture amazing souvenir photos that you can later frame on your walls as a lasting memory.

2. Balloon Ride with Champagne Toast

Soak up the great feeling of breathtaking panoramic views while you enjoy a refreshing glass of Champagne, toasting to celebrate the special day. It is a must-try activity if you have been looking for something different, exciting, and jaw-dropping.
The scene from high up will surely make you feel like you’re on top of the world!

The serenity of peacefully floating amidst the clouds while taking pictures and enjoying breakfast will be an unforgettable experience your special someone will remember fondly.

You can choose between morning or evening helicopter tour rides. The only thing to remember is that you must always follow the instructions shared by the tour staff. Have a great flight!

3. French Pastry Cooking Class

If your partner has a sweet tooth and has always wanted to learn to bake their own dessert recipes, opting for a French pastry cooking class will be the best gift ever. It will teach them how to make exotic pastries, taught be experienced and professional chefs. They can master the art of making delicious French Choux pastries.

Despite being known as being a complex dessert to make, the Choux pastry is rather simple if taught with care and attention. This easy-going class also lets step out of the hustle and bustle and fully immerse yourself in the experience without wondering about what’s next.

You can also take your own pictures or videos and revisit them later – a lasting memory. 

The Bottom Line

Birthdays are special, a reason to celebrate and create memories that will forever for you and your friends and family.

Be sure to check the instructions for the experiences you are enrolling in to ensure you are ready for the day and reach the meeting point at the prescribed time.

While you are welcome to take pictures and videos, remember what the day is about, and do not hold back in expressing your love for your partner with these perfect gift experiences. 

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