American Practices Unacceptable in Canada: 20 Examples

As our neighbors to the north look down upon us (geographically speaking, of course), their finely tuned sensibilities are often met with a mix of amusement, bewilderment, and outright astonishment at the myriad of practices, traditions, and scenarios that Americans seem to take in stride. It’s a rich tapestry of the endearing, the perplexing, and the “you’re kidding, right?” So, let’s embark on a journey through the U.S. from a Canadian perspective—clutching our maple syrup and poutine, of course. Expect a journey that veers from delightfully odd to deeply reflective, all through the lens of our Canadian compatriots, eh..

1. Healthcare Roulette

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Americans play a thrilling game of chance where the stakes are high, and the payouts are… well, medical bills. Canadians, with their universal healthcare, watch in bemused horror as we gamble with our health on a system that seems to be designed by a committee of insurance executives and aspirin lobbyists.

2. The Great Gun Gala

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In America, the right to bear arms is celebrated with the enthusiasm of a Black Friday sale. Canadians, on the other hand, prefer their guns like they prefer their healthcare—regulated with a touch of common sense.

3. Cheese Product? Seriously?

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Americans will tolerate “cheese products” that can survive a nuclear fallout, while Canadians enjoy their dairy like nature intended—actually able to expire and, you know, taste like cheese.

4. The Metric System? Never Heard of It

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Miles, pounds, and Fahrenheit continue to baffle the rest of the metric world. Canadians, cruising along in kilometers and Celsius, can only shake their heads as we calculate our road trips like it’s 1799.

5. Apology Deficiency

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Canadians are renowned for their politeness, often apologizing to inanimate objects. Americans, meanwhile, treat apologies like rare artifacts, displayed only on special occasions and under duress.

6. Data Plans from the Stone Age

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While Canadians enjoy their reasonably priced, unlimited data plans, Americans are still counting gigabytes and living in fear of overage charges as if streaming one more episode will break the bank.

7. The Imperial Pint Scam

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Order a pint in Canada, and you’ll get a full 20 ounces of hoppy goodness. In America, “pint” is just a cute name for 16 ounces of disappointment.

8. Bankruptcy Bingo: The Student Loans Edition

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Americans accept student loans as a rite of passage, leading to a thrilling game of “Will I ever retire, or will this degree keep me in debt forever?” Canadians, with their more affordable education, watch on, puzzled and slightly concerned.

9. Political Ads as a National Pastime

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In America, political ads are an inescapable part of life, bombarding the airwaves with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Canadians, enjoying their regulated campaign seasons, can actually watch TV in October without a candidate yelling at them every seven minutes.

10. The Majesty of Deep-Fried Everything

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State fairs in the U.S. offer a smorgasbord of deep-fried wonders, from butter to cola. Canadians might enjoy their poutine, but they draw the line at deep-frying their entire pantry.

11. Tipping at Every Turn

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Americans navigate a complex web of tipping etiquette, calculating gratuities like math wizards. Canadians, with their higher minimum wages for service staff, save their math skills for hockey stats.

12. Ads for Prescription Drugs

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Nowhere else can you find ads prompting viewers to ask their doctor about a drug they never knew they needed for a condition they’re not sure they have. Canadians watch, bemused, as Americans are sold medication like the latest iPhone.

13. The Flavor Blast Phenomenon

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From extreme sour to ultra-spicy, Americans love their snacks like they love their reality TV: intense and borderline uncomfortable. Canadians prefer their flavors like their winters—mild and tolerable.

14. Sales Tax Surprise

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The price tag is merely a suggestion until you get to the register and play “Guess How Much More You’re Paying!” Canadians, in contrast, live in a world where the price tag includes the tax, avoiding that checkout sticker shock.

15. The Quest for Ice in Every Beverage

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Americans insist on ice even in sub-zero temperatures, turning every drink into a miniature Arctic expedition. Canadians, sensibly, use ice for injuries and hockey rinks, not as a drink filler.

16. The Homecoming King and Queen

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High school in America isn’t complete without crowning teenagers based on popularity, a concept as foreign to Canadians as universal health care is to Americans.

17. Jumbo-Sized Everything

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Image Credit: Pexels / Daniel Reche

From vehicles to meal portions, bigger is always better in America. Canadians, wielding portion control and compact cars, watch in awe as everything in the U.S. supersizes.

18. Black Friday Stampedes

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Nelson Antoine

The American tradition of trampling others for holiday deals is viewed by Canadians as a bizarre ritual, preferring to shop for Boxing Day deals with dignity and personal space.

19. The Workaholic Badge of Honor

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Andrey_Popov

Americans wear their lack of vacation days like a badge of honor, glorifying the grind. Canadians, fully embracing their vacation time, don’t understand the appeal of working oneself to exhaustion.

20. The Illusion of Choice

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / antoniodiaz

In America, you can choose from 50 types of cereal but only two main political parties. Canadians observe this peculiar paradox, munching on their limited cereal options but enjoying a broader political spectrum.

Fill Yer Boots

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / bbernard

As we share laughs and gentle jabs across the border, it’s clear that Americans and Canadians have much to learn from each other—whether it’s embracing the metric system or just learning to say “sorry” a bit more often. But one thing’s for certain: this friendly rivalry is one of the many things that make our continental relationship as special as it is quirky.

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