When Looking for the Best Carry On Luggage Vera Bradley Can Be a Winner

If you’re looking for the best carry on luggage Vera Bradley might not occur to you, but Vera Bradley bags are among the best carry on luggage for women we’ve used during our years of full time travel.

People setting out to travel full time have a lot of logistical concerns, the most vexing of which might be luggage. After considerable experience with lots of trial and error. you might find it durprising that Vera Bradley luggage plays a substantial role.

vera bradley carry on luggage

Many of our travel blogging colleagues travel with only carryon luggage, but we aren’t that minimalist. Nevertheless, our system does depend upon carrying on a personal item and an additional piece – which holds electronics, valuable items we don’t want to check, and basic things in case our baggage is delayed on arrival (which has yet to happen, knock wood).

Our foray into travel started with several different Vera Bradley bags – a computer bag and the Vera Bradley weekender. Although this has modified somewhat as the years have passed, we still recommend the carry on luggage Vera Bradley manufactures for a variety of reasons.

If you’re a vacation traveler who goes by air, train or car, you’re still looking for the best carry on luggage even though you’re going to be using it less frequently than we are. We’d heartily recommend you consider Vera Bradley for these circumstances.

carry on luggage Vera Bradley
This is how we began full time travel several years ago. Vera Bradley carry on bags – the Weekender and computer briefcase (inside red tote).

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Almost every best carryon luggage attribute can be found in the Vera Bradley bag line. In this post, we’re going to cover the reasons you should consider Vera Bradley as a source for quality carry on luggage, where you should look to purchase Vera Bradley bags online, a rundown on traditional Vera Bradley bag styles and their updated designs, and considerations international and frequent travelers might have in evaluating whether the best carry on luggage pick might just be something from Vera Bradley. Read on. . .

Why Vera Bradley Bags Can Serve as Top Quality Carry On Luggage

As we said earlier, travelers often don’t consider the carry on luggage Vera Bradley makes. You’ll rarely find Vera Bradley appearing in top 10 carry on luggage lists. This is definitely an oversight!

best carry on bag Vera Bradley

A lot of times, the best carryon luggage in people’s minds is actually overkill for its intended use. The reality is that quality carry on luggage has to do much less than checked luggage does in terms of performance. All that needs to happen with carry on luggage is quite a small list:

  • it must stow in an overhead bin or less frequently under the seat in front of you
  • it should be lightweight and easy to bring along on the plane or train
  • if it has wheels, they should be durable to negotiate flat surfaces in airports and irregular surfaces at your destination
  • it should be attractive – because where’s the fun if it’s not?
  • it should be easy to care for
  • while not necessarily as rugged as a checked bag, it should be sufficiently durable to hold up on multiple trips
  • it should be a good value in terms of lifespan

A Vera Bradley travel bag meets all these criteria. While we wouldn’t recommend you choose the soft, quilted fabric styles for airline-checked luggage (although we’ve seen them checked), the hardshell styles should hold up just as well as those from other manufacturers.

Why You Should Look for Vera Bradley Bags on Amazon

Amazon Store Oblong e1517776476262

Vera Bradley bags can be purchased in a variety of places (brick and mortar stores and online). We’re big fans of the selection of Vera Bradley bag styles on Amazon for a couple of reasons (and not just because of free shipping for Prime members).

  1. First, depending upon the pattern you’re seeking, you may find different sellers might have availability of Vera Bradley retired patterns which have long sold out from brick and mortar inventories. Vera Bradley  has quite a “cult following” among certain fashionistas who eagerly look for new product releases as well as retired patterns. We’ve found Amazon has a surprisingly comprehensive selection in both Vera Bradley retired bags and current products, including travel accessories.
  2. Second, when it comes to selecting the best carry on luggage Amazon will give you quick tools to evaluate between various brands: full details including measurements and weights, customer reviews and ratings. It’s so convenient not to have to keep clicking back and forth between different websites when you’re in decision-making mode. Example: you can quickly evaluate the differences between the Vera Bradley weekender bag dimensions and the Vera Bradley duffel bag with just a few clicks.

Tip: Check out our Amazon Influencer Store for a curated selection of travel-centered products which includes a number of our favorite Vera Bradley products in fun new patterns.

Which Vera Bradley Bag Styles Have Traditionally Been Used as Carryon Luggage?

Now the fun begins in the discussion. Vera Bradley bag styles have long been considered among the best carry on luggage for women, even though they initially weren’t marketed that way.  The Vera Bradley duffel bag, for example, appears to have been originally intended as a house guest or road trip option for those who might already be using smaller products like the wallets, purses or totes.

While the large size can definitely fit in domestic airline overhead bins, it might not be the best carry on duffel bag simply because you can fit so much stuff in it that it becomes cumbersome to carry long distances between airline terminals without a cart. Never fear, it comes in a smaller size! This puts it solidly in the realm of best carry on luggage under 100 dollars.

Traditional Vera Bradley overnight bag styles were limited to the “Weekender” and “Miller” silhouettes. These have slip interior pockets, exterior pockets (one of which on the Miller converts to a trolley sleeve), and top zip closures. This makes it a great option if you’re looking for a Vera Bradley carry on travel tote style.

Vera Bradley computer bag carry on luggage with laptop compartment

For those who prefer convenience, the Vera Bradley backpack is another option which enthusiasts have enlisted for carry on duty over the years. You’ll note when searching “Vera Bradley backpack Amazon” that you’ll get retired patterns that pop up as available, subject to change from certified Amazon sellers. So if you’ve fallen in love with a certain pattern, you might be able to still get it!

Unfortunately, travelers who need carry on luggage with laptop compartment options can no longer choose the patterned Vera Bradley computer bag we carried along to more than 30 countries. We liked its briefcase lines and padded handles. It is now available in solid colors only. Still a fabulous workhorse, but just a bit more subdued in appearance.

Never fear, though. If you’re mad about pattern, the Vera Bradley messenger bag can be your go-to style:

How Were Popular Vera Bradley Bag Styles Adapted to the Needs of Today’s Traveler Who Wants Quality Carry On Luggage?

In recent years, Vera Bradley overnight bag styles have been adapted to the changing needs of daily users as well as travelers who want quality carry on luggage. Thoughtful designers have looked at what we carry in our bags and modified existing styles, and created new ones to meet these needs. If you’re looking for a Vera Bradley suitcase, now you have options!

One of the biggest improvements we’ve seen is Vera Bradley carry on luggage with wheels. This simple added feature solves so many problems! Even though the fabric bags are lightweight, as we’ve said previously, they hold a lot of stuff. Stuff gets heavy and travelers get fatigued. Vera Bradley rolling carry on luggage holds its own among the best carry on luggage with wheels on the market.

Check out how the Vera Bradley duffel bag has been improved to incorporate the changing needs of travelers. We think it rightfully should appear on anyone’s “best carry on duffel bag” list.

If you’re a fan of carry on luggage with spinner wheels, you’ll be interested to know Vera Bradley has options for you, too. We think the best carry on spinner luggage will still suffer from an unfortunate tendency to exceed maximum dimensions because the wheels stick out in profile. Additionally, we find spinner wheels difficult to maneuver over uneven surfaces. Advocates, however, love their spinners! If you have to have a spinner, just make sure you’re in compliance with the size requirements that the airlines you fly have imposed.

Can a Vera Bradley Bag be the Best Carry on Luggage for Europe (or the Best International Carry On Luggage)?

As we’ve alluded to above, a Vera Bradley bag isn’t necessarily the first option a potential traveler thinks of in terms of the best carry on luggage for Europe. Historically, the best international carry on luggage has been the realm of traditional luggage manufacturers. However, Vera Bradley rolling luggage is so much more fun as there’s so much style involved.

If you’re really concerned about any extra wear and tear that international travel may inflict on your bags, you might want to create lists: the best carry on luggage hard shell options, the best carry on spinner luggage (or carry on luggage with spinner wheels), etc. When you’re searching on Amazon, don’t forget to include “Vera Bradley” in the search box, e.g. “Vera Bradley carry on luggage with wheels.”

We don’t think the best carry on luggage for Europe has to be any different in terms of performance and durability than what you might take with you in the United States, with one big “but” to throw into the mix of considerations: the best international carry on luggage is often going to have to conform with different size (smaller) and weight (lighter) restrictions on budget airlines.

All of a sudden those seemingly cheap fares can get expensive if you’re forced to check a non-compliant bag. Do your homework. There are plenty of Vera Bradley bag styles that will fill the bill and you’ll be gratified that these are among the best carry on luggage under 100 dollars options to choose from as well.

Can A Vera Bradley Backpack Suffice as a Main Carryon Bag?

A Vera Bradley backpack can handily serve as a main carryon bag. If you’re looking for carry on luggage with laptop compartment flexibility, you’ll want to evaluate the Campus Tech style (which has a bit more flexibility than the basic Vera Bradley computer bag options above for adding a change of clothes or other necessities:

Which is Overall the Best Carry On Luggage Vera Bradley Makes?

Asking which is the best carry on luggage Vera Bradley makes is sort of a trick question. There’s something to like about almost every product in the line. For us, the best carryon luggage needs to be easily maneuverable – we’re old and can’t schlep like we used to – and relatively light in weight so that we don’t fatigue.

This means that for us, nowadays, the best carry on bag Vera Bradley makes is probably going to be found in the Vera Bradley rolling carry on luggage selections, or Vera Bradley bags that have trolley sleeves which allow them to be stacked on top of another, larger bag (see the Vera Bradley duffel bag options we showed above).

IMG 0525
This was taken as we landed in Kuantan, Malaysia. Note: no trolley sleeve option. Not conforming with our top 10 carry on luggage “must have” attributes now. Learn from our experience!

Perhaps ask yourself the following questions when you’re evaluating:

  • Is the best carry on luggage hard shell version truly what I need, or is that overkill?
  • Is the best carry on luggage with wheels what I’m looking for in terms of easy use and mobility?
  • Do I really want carry on luggage with spinner wheels if there’s a risk of my bag being too large for overhead bins on the airplane, or am I overthinking? Is worrying about the best carry on spinner luggage even a valid concern?
  • If I’m considering a Vera Bradley duffle bag, is the traditional version (without wheels) going to be unwieldy? Or in other words, is the best carry on duffel bag – packed to the gills with all my stuff – one with wheels?
  • Is there a versatile Vera Bradley backpack that would meet my needs and be versatile for other uses (school or work, perhaps)?
  • If I’m looking for carry on luggage with laptop compartment options, have I considered the Vera Bradley computer bag options? For example, do I want a cross-body style or something a little more “professional” looking with briefcase attributes?

How to Wash a Vera Bradley Bag?

Can Vera Bradley bags be washed, you ask? We’re here to say, yes they can. We’ve washed the briefcase you see above, duffel bags, and weekender bags with ease. You’ll want to remove the cardboard inserts which are slotted in the bottom of the bag (these give the bag stability) before you do.

Wash a Vera Bradley bag in the machine using cold water. We dried smaller totes in the automatic dryer with no issues. We hung briefcase and more structured styles to air dry, however. How many other quality carry on luggage manufacturers can even say this is possible? But it’s true. Just exercise common sense, i.e. you don’t want to try this on your Vera Bradley carry on luggage with wheels (of course).

We hope this discussion of how Vera Bradley might be a viable option for your next carry on luggage purchase has been helpful. We think the lively patterns add whimsy and color to the travel experience, and the bags themselves are good performers for most carry on situations.

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Have you used your Vera Bradley Campus Tech backpack as a Personal Item (to be stowed under the seat in front of you)?

I was wondering because I have the Northern Lights Campus Tech and I am traveling in two weeks. Thanks!

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Tuesday 15th of June 2021

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