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4 of the Best Destinations for Retired Travelers

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The Best Destinations for Retired Travelers Offer a Variety of Options

As someone who is retired, you’ve probably been thinking it is now time to travel. And although being young at heart is a necessary requirement, it sadly isn’t everything. Because practically speaking, you will still have to select your destinations with some solid consideration. But hey, don’t think you’ll have to do it all by yourself! ExpressVPN’s research has already revealed some of the best destinations for retired travelers, with many providing significant benefits to retirees. Do you want to know which destinations could be great options for retired travelers? If yes, then continue scrolling. And, spoiler alert: they are pretty amazing; you’ll want to visit them ASAP.

Costa Rica

As a senior traveler, one of the primary things you’d consider while looking for a place to stay must be how tranquil and safe it is, right? Well, Costa Rica is both. This is probably why it is considered one of the best places for expats to relocate.

On top of this, Costa Rica offers stunning natural beauty with an equally beautiful climate that makes it no less than the seventh heaven itself. All this might be making you think that spending time in Costa Rica will cost you a fortune. But it won’t. Living in Costa Rica is quite affordable and safe. So, consider this one of the places you just can’t go wrong with.

But where exactly would you live in Costa Rica? Well, it depends on what kind of life you want to live. If you’re into small-town living, then Atenas is where you should go. Cartago is the right place for you if you want to live in the old capital city. To explore the safe and suburban side of Costa Rica, visit Escazú. 


portugal one of the best destinations for retired travelers
Photo by Liam McKay on Unsplash

Portugal happens to be one of the top choices for retirees. After all, who wouldn’t want to retire in a picturesque European country with a favorable climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, a safe and friendly environment, and a relaxed lifestyle? This is everything one would need upon retiring from their 9 to 5, right?

On top of this, Portugal is one of the places that will fit within anyone’s budget, let alone someone on a pension. And Portugal’s tax incentives are simply Cherry on top for anyone wanting to move to another country on a budget. 

Now, what exactly would you be able to do in Portugal? Umm, almost everything? One can surf, fish, dive, relax along the coast, explore mountain ranges, visit castles and fortresses, and whatnot. Some of the best places you can live in Portugal are the Cascais, Algarve, Braga, and Tomar. However, Cascais is one of the most expensive of these.


People have mixed opinions when it comes to visiting Australia. It’s not very practical for someone living in the US, looking for a quick week-long vacation, to spend 21 hours on a plane. It clearly doesn’t fit their schedules. But hey, as a retiree, you don’t really have a schedule, do you? 

Feel free to consider Australia one of the best destinations you can visit as a senior traveler. If you’re in Sydney, go to the iconic Opera House. If you want to get a little friendly with cute Koalas, wallabies, and Kangaroos, head over to the Kangaroo Island’s nature reserve. Are you interested in marine wildlife? Well, the Great Barrier Reef is all right there for you. 

But hey, while we are at this, let’s not forget about Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road, or Brisbane, set along a stunning river from where you can also see the Story Bridge and a cruise in the Yarra River to witness the city’s picturesque skyline.


indonesia great for retired travelers
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

You might be surprised to find Indonesia on this list. Indonesia’s stunning natural beauty helps it make it to many a traveler’s bucket list. Here, you’re going to find the best of beaches, the highest of mountains, and the deepest of forests. So, if hiking, surfing, or laying under the sun are some of the things you like to do the best, Indonesia is for you. 

But where exactly should you visit in Indonesia? Well, Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands. Each of these islands has its own unique characteristics. On top of this, the country is home to around 300 ethnic groups who have their own separate traditions and customs. All this makes Indonesia one of the most culturally rich and diverse places you can live. 

However, to make it easier for you to decide, visit Jakarta, Indonesia’s largest and capital city, Bali— the most popular islands, Surabaya to immerse yourself in Indonesian culture, Flores– if you’re up for something adventurous. Lastly, visit Semarang to experience a true blend of traditional and modern Indonesia. 

Use These Ideas for Your Bucket List

Alright then, wanderers! These are ideas for some of the best destinations for retired travelers you can visit! This article provided a quick synopsis of places to consider for your bucket list and why. With these recommendations in hand, I hope you’ll be inspired to begin planning!

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