Best Reasons to Visit Gorgeous Georgia – Here’s Why the Beautiful Country of Georgia Should Be On Your Bucket List

The best reasons to visit the beautiful country of Georgia should all be on your bucket list: gorgeous Georgia scenery, delicious Caucasian cuisine, vibrant Georgian culture and history, and friendly locals who will welcome you with unmistakeable hospitality.

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Fancy jetting off to somewhere a little different next year? How about the beautiful country of Georgia? Flights to this scenic country are relatively inexpensive right now, so you won’t have to spend as much as you might think to get there. Not only that, you will find that the price of food, drink, and travel within the country of Georgia will also be very reasonable once you are there.

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Need some more reasons to book a holiday to Georgia? Don’t worry, there are many different ones. Here are a few more that might persuade you to book a Georgia trip in the coming year!

See Beautiful Georgian Landscapes And Scenery

If you check any Georgia travel guide, you will see that it mentions the spectacular, rugged beauty of the Georgian landscape. And it is so true. Once you get away from the capital city and into the Georgian countryside, you will be dumbstruck by its beauty. One of the first excursions you should go on is to the Caucasian Mountains. But there are other stunning locations as well, such as Tusheti National Park, which is a relatively new protected area that is home to the endangered wild goat.

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Delicious Caucasian Food

One of the main things you will notice about the towns and cities in Georgia is that they each have lively markets. Peruse the fresh and delicious local products that are availalbe. The Georgians are known for their love of markets and they have become a big tourist attraction.

But you don’t have to go to these great markets for delicious food. The Georgian restaurant scene is also flourishing right now so you can be sure that you will find lots of local delicacies and specialties on the menus. Georgian cuisine is a blend of influences; Middle Easterners and Europeans alike utilized historic trade routes and left behind their culinary traditions. Most well-known is the traditional supra, which is a multi-course feast featuring lots of wine and a toastmaster to keep things going.

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Really Friendly Locals

It’s not just their markets that the Georgians are known for – they also have a reputation for being extremely friendly people! They certainly won’t let a language barrier get in their way of having a quick chat with you! It’s a good idea to visit some of the local pubs and bars during your visit to get a great taste of the friendly culture. Historically, while greatly influenced by Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Georgian culture also borrowed Persian and European cultural esthetics, which include unmistakeable hospitality – “a guest is a gift from God” is a common saying, performing and fine arts.

You will find that the locals who drink in the bars love to break out in song, and you will certainly be in store for a very enjoyable evening!

Discovering Tbilisi

Along with exploring Georgia’s gorgeous countryside and smaller towns, you shouldn’t miss its capital city: Tbilisi. Thanks to Georgia’s location, with Russia to the north of it and the Black Sea offering a gateway to Europe to the west, there are Russian and European influences in the capital, which has a population of 1.5 million today. Residents of the city encompass more than 100 ethnic groups, although about 90% are Georgian. You should also sample the city’s nightlife. Thanks to a high population of young people in the city, there is a vibrant nightclub scene that is getting international attention.

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Georgian History and Culture

A visit to Jvari, the sixth-century mountain-top Georgian Orthodox monastery that overlooks the whole of Tbilisi, will provide a glimpse of pre-medieval Georgian history and culture. This UNESCO site is located where a 4th century female Christian evangelist installed a cross on a previously pagan temple. The structure has carved inscriptions indicating its builders, and attracted pilgrims throughout the Middle Ages. During the Soviet period, it was closed but secured, and then reopened for religious use after Georgia achieved independence.

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Hopefully, this post has whetted your appetite for an unforgettable trip to gorgeous Georgia! We’ve often regretted that we didn’t visit when we were right next door in Sochi, for the Winter Olympics. We’re going to remedy this oversight!

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