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Seeking the Best Travel Makeup Bag? Our Guide to Travel Cosmetic Bags will Help You Decide!

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2019)

Our guide will help you choose the best travel makeup bag!

All travel cosmetic bags are definitely not created equal. We looked at different travel makeup bag and hanging cosmetic bag options in our roundup in order to help you make a great selection. These recommendations for the best travel toiletry bag are based on our years of full time travel. Obviously, the best travel makeup bag for you will depend on several characteristics. Let’s take a look and see which might be the best fit for your personal needs.

best travel makeup bag

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Not All Travel Cosmetic Bags are Created Equal

Travel cosmetic bags come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but they’re not all going to do the job equally. A travel cosmetic bag fills the bill when it’s sized appropriately for the amount of items you plan on bringing and can easily fit in your luggage among your other belongings.

best travel cosmetic bag

Tip: Even the best travel toiletry bag isn’t going to serve you if you ignore carry-on or baggage restrictions. Watch your liquids for size limits and reconsider aerosol beauty products.

The Best Travel Cosmetic Bag will Meet Specific Requirements

The best travel toiletry bag is going to accommodate specific requirements. You may have medications, first aid supplies, and other personal care items in addition to cosmetics. If so, you may decide you need a separate system to organize these non-cosmetic items.

The best travel makeup bag options, in our view, are the ones with built-in organizational features. This keeps items from jumbling. No one wants to rummage around in a makeup stash when time is probably of the essence. People’s personal organization systems are all unique, and as you travel more frequently, your ideas may change, too. Here are some recommendations for the best travel makeup case to accommodate varying amounts of products.

The Best Makeup Bags for Travel Don’t Have to Be Boring

The best makeup organizer bag should be fun to use! A cute travel makeup bag can improve your mood in the morning, too!

A hanging cosmetic bag design reflects your personality and could brighten decor in an otherwise boring accommodation.

Our Favorite Travel Makeup Bag Brand Also Makes the Best Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

We’ve discussed our favorite luggage brand – Vera Bradley – here for the awesome job they do with carry-on luggage options. No discussion of the best travel makeup case would be complete without mentioning Vera Bradley as a resource. A Vera Bradley cosmetic bag comes in various sizes and styles. Check out the vast number of options they offer:

We happen to think VB makes the best hanging travel toiletry bag and have used the same one for years around the globe. It went to more than 40 countries! Here are some examples of newer patterns:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this discussion of the best makeup bags for travel and the ideas here help you make decisions on which products might be the best fit for your travel style and budget.

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best travel makeup bag

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