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Best Ways to See Dubai- Up Close and Personal

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2023)

Visiting Dubai should be on everyone’s bucket list. It really does have so much to offer and the number of things to do there are endless. You could go on a desert safari, visit some of the main attractions or even just walk around the neighborhoods and their markets. Either way, it doesn’t matter what experience you’re looking for, because there are plenty of ways to customize your trip.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Tours

Dubai has expanded over the last couple of decades and this means that it is now impossible for you to see absolutely everything that it has to offer on a tour. The operators that work in Dubai tend to have three or more routes and each one will take you through the various sights of the city. It is more than possible for you to jump off at any time, and this is a great way for you to get around without spending a fortune in taxi fees. Another huge benefit of the hop-on hop-off bus tour is that there are headphones that you can put in to listen to the commentary as you make your way through the town, and this can be a great way for you to learn something new every time you travel!

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Helicopter Rides

Helicopter rides may not feel as though they are up close and personal, but the truth is that they really do provide you with a completely new and breathtaking perspective of the area. When you go on a helicopter tour, you will be able to see nearly every landmark and easily check out areas which would have never been possible on a journey by foot. This aspect alone makes a helicopter tour one of the best ways for you to really make the most out of your travel experience.

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On Foot

Walking is another great way for you to see everything that you’ve always wanted to see. When you do travel on foot, you can meet new people and you can also visit restaurants, entertainment facilities and cafés. They say that when you travel, the best experiences are often the most unexpected ones, so if you do plan on traveling on foot then make sure that you take the time to do something you didn’t plan on doing. Try and go to a show spontaneously or even ask the locals what there is to do. You could plan to take a walk through the local markets, buy some fresh produce and take shelter from the sun. This culture that Dubai has to offer really is unlike anything that you have ever experienced before so even if you plan on basing your trip around helicopter tours and buses, it does help to plan a walk every now and again just so you can see first-hand how things work.

Dubai is a magical place and by utilizing the above three travel options, you can be sure to make the most of your time there and your experience in general.

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