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Charleston South Carolina: 6 Great Tips on How To Spend Your Time

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2023)

If you are taking one of the top road trip routes in America, you will likely pass through Charleston South Carolina. 

If so, you will want to know how to spend your time so you can make the most of the quirky city that has lots to offer. 

6 tips on how to spend your time in Charleston South Carolina

ravenel bridge charleston south carolina
Photo by David Martin Jr.

Stay downtown

Staying in downtown Charleston will enable you to be as close to the best sights, maximizing your time in the city as you won’t need to walk or travel far to spend your time soaking up the best parts.

A place like The Pinch Hotel is comfortable and convenient, enabling you to make the most of your time in the city.

downtown charleston south carolina
Image by David Frampton from Pixabay

Spend your mornings by the waterfront

Whether you have one day in Charleston or a week, you will want to spend your mornings down by the waterfront. There, you can find plenty of coffee shops and breakfast spots. 

Plus, you can get some fresh air and soak up the beautiful views before you start your day. We recommend going for a walk along the waterfront every morning as you will soon miss it when you leave the city.

uss yorktown charleston
Image by Kristin Eisner from Pixabay

Learn about the history of slavery

There are plenty of places that can educate you about the slavery that went on in Charleston many years ago. Whether you are interested or want to educate your children, ensure to head to the museums and tourist attractions that offer plenty of information. 

The Old Slave Mart Museum is one of the best spots to find out about the past. 

Go for food at the market

There is a great market in Charleston, that can feed you for every meal of the day (and snacks!). 

Head to the Charleston City Market for traditional cuisine and international dishes. You will be spoilt for choice. 

If you like to support local businesses, don’t hesitate to enjoy every meal here. However, the city is home to some incredible restaurants, so you will have your fair share of foodie choices. 

Enjoy views of the harbor

The harbor in Charleston is a spot not to miss. You can walk through the White Point Garden and enjoy views from there. 

Or, head straight to the harbor to see the views from the tourist attraction itself. 

Walk as much as possible

Although Charleston is fairly big, you can walk a lot and see a lot. There are fun things hidden in street alleys and around most corners, so it makes sense to walk as much as possible to soak up the sights and see what fun things you can find. 

Walking is better than taking a taxi or public transport, as you will guarantee seeing more. Planning a walking tour daily will ensure you take in as many sights as possible and do not miss anything on your list. You can walk for hours around Charleston and not get bored.

From the pastel houses to the horse-drawn carriages, every corner of Charleston exudes a unique charm. For those looking to truly experience Charleston’s essence, it’s crucial to not only visit the historic sites and indulge in its culinary delights but also to walk and explore as much as possible.

rainbow row charleston

Spend time in Charleston South Carolina to experience friendliness and charm

Charleston, South Carolina, lovingly referred to as the oldest and largest city in the state, is a treasure trove of American history and a testament to the charm of the South.

With its well-preserved historic architecture, Charleston boasts a rich colonial and post-revolutionary legacy, not to mention its titles of “America’s Most Friendly City” and World’s Best City by Travel + Leisure in 2016.

Your visit won’t be complete without embracing the heart of downtown, wandering the waterfront in the tranquil hours of the morning, learning the poignant history of slavery, indulging in the delicious food offerings at the market, taking in the sweeping views of the harbor, and simply letting your feet take the lead to discover the hidden gems of Charleston.

charleston south carolina

The city’s grid-style layout and bike-friendly streets make it easy to get around and delve deep into its distinctive neighborhoods. As you wind down your visit, you’ll realize that the true allure of Charleston lies in the marriage of its storied past with the vibrant pulse of the present. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or an extended stay, the spirit of Charleston, South Carolina promises an unforgettable experience.

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