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Conquer the Globe on a Motorcycle: Thrilling Routes and Expert Tips for Ultimate Riding Bliss

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Embarking on a motorcycle journey around the globe is an exhilarating way to explore diverse landscapes, cultures, and roads less traveled. This guide is crafted for motorbike enthusiasts who seek adventure and freedom on two wheels. We’ll explore 15 iconic routes, offering insights and practical advice to help you navigate these paths with confidence and enjoyment.

1. Route 66, USA

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Nyokki

Traversing Route 66, you encounter a vivid representation of American history and culture. This 2,400-mile journey from Chicago to Santa Monica is a deep dive into the American landscape, featuring key landmarks like the Cadillac Ranch and the Petrified Forest National Park.

The route, lined with vintage diners and motels, offers a glimpse into America’s past and present, making it more than just a road trip – it’s a comprehensive exploration of the American experience.

Insider’s Tip: Embrace the classic American road trip culture by stopping at vintage diners and motels. 

When to Travel: May to September offers the best weather conditions. 

How to Get There: Start from Chicago, Illinois, and head towards Santa Monica, California.

2. The Great Ocean Road, Australia

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / pisaphotography

The Great Ocean Road stretches 243 kilometers along Australia’s southeastern coast, presenting a diverse array of natural landscapes. From towering limestone stacks like the Twelve Apostles to rainforests and wildlife, this route encapsulates Australia’s coastal beauty. The journey through various coastal towns provides insights into Australian life, with opportunities for wildlife spotting adding to the experience.

Insider’s Tip: Don’t miss the Twelve Apostles limestone stacks at sunset. 

When to Travel: September to November for mild weather and fewer tourists. 

How to Get There: Start from Torquay, Victoria, and head west to Allansford.

3. The Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / xuanhuongho

The Ho Chi Minh Trail offers a journey through Vietnam’s varied landscapes and history. This former military supply route now serves as a path through dense jungles, remote villages, and historical sites. The trail’s complexity demands careful navigation but rewards with authentic experiences and insights into Vietnam’s past and present.

Insider’s Tip: Equip yourself with a reliable map, as navigating the trail can be complex. 

When to Travel: November to April, to avoid the rainy season. 

How to Get There: Start from Hanoi and travel southward, following the trail’s remnants.

4. The Trans-Siberian Route, Russia

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Quatrox Production

Spanning nearly 10,000 kilometers, the Trans-Siberian Route is a vast journey across Russia. From St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, it showcases Russia’s diverse landscapes and cultures. The route, challenging due to its length and varying conditions, offers a unique perspective on Russia, from its European plains to the Siberian taiga.

Insider’s Tip: Prepare for varying road conditions and remote areas with limited facilities. 

When to Travel: Late spring to early autumn, to avoid extreme weather. 

How to Get There: Start from St. Petersburg and head east towards Vladivostok.

5. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Alexandree

Italy’s Amalfi Coast, a 50-kilometer stretch, is known for its Mediterranean landscape, where cliffs meet the sea, and villages offer cultural richness. The winding road provides stunning views and leads through towns like Positano and Amalfi, each reflecting Italian culture and heritage.

Insider’s Tip: Ride at a leisurely pace to enjoy the stunning views and narrow, winding roads. 

When to Travel: April to June and September to October for ideal weather and fewer crowds. 

How to Get There: Start from Sorrento and head towards Salerno.

6. The Karakoram Highway, Pakistan-China

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Lukas Bischoff Photograph

The Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan and China through the Karakoram Range. This route offers views of peaks like K2 and a blend of cultures. The highway is a testament to engineering in challenging terrain, providing a journey through history and diverse regional cultures.

Insider’s Tip: Be prepared for high altitudes and carry necessary permits for border crossings. 

When to Travel: May to October, to avoid heavy snowfall and road closures. 

How to Get There: Start from Islamabad, Pakistan, and head towards the Chinese border.

7. The Pacific Coast Highway, USA

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / HandmadePictures

The Pacific Coast Highway, stretching over 1,000 kilometers along California’s coastline, offers views of the Pacific Ocean, cliffs, and beaches. The route passes through varied landscapes and landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Big Sur. It’s a journey through Californian coastal towns, each with unique cultural offerings.

Insider’s Tip: Take your time to explore the numerous state parks and beaches along the route. 

When to Travel: Late spring to early fall for the best weather and visibility. 

How to Get There: Start from San Francisco and head south towards San Diego.

8. The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / SCP255

Riding through Morocco’s Atlas Mountains combines challenging terrain with cultural experiences. This range offers diverse landscapes and roads leading to Berber villages and historic sites like the Ait Benhaddou Kasbah. The journey is an exploration of Morocco’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Insider’s Tip: Respect local customs and be prepared for varying road conditions. 

When to Travel: March to May and September to November for pleasant weather. 

How to Get There: Start from Marrakech and explore the mountain roads and passes.

9. The North Coast 500, Scotland

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / D K Grove

Scotland’s North Coast 500 covers 500 miles through the Scottish Highlands. This route features landscapes of cliffs, lochs, and castles. The changing weather adds to the experience, with each village and landmark along the way offering a piece of Scotland’s history and natural beauty.

Insider’s Tip: Be prepared for unpredictable weather and enjoy the local Scottish hospitality. 

When to Travel: May to September for the best chance of good weather. 

How to Get There: Start and end in Inverness, completing the circular route.

10. The Garden Route, South Africa

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Finn stock

The Garden Route in South Africa stretches 300 kilometers along the coast, showcasing diverse ecosystems from forests to beaches. Nature reserves along the route offer wildlife viewing opportunities. Highlights include the Tsitsikamma National Park and the Cango Caves, representing South Africa’s ecological diversity.

Insider’s Tip: Take detours to explore the numerous nature reserves and wildlife encounters. 

When to Travel: September to November or March to May for mild weather and wildlife viewing. 

How to Get There: Start from Mossel Bay and head towards Storms River.

11. The Ruta 40, Argentina

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / kavram

Ruta 40 in Argentina is a 5,000-kilometer journey along the Andes. It traverses diverse landscapes, from deserts to Patagonian plains, offering insights into Argentina’s natural and cultural heritage. The route is a deep exploration of Argentina’s vast landscapes and cultural nuances.

Insider’s Tip: Be prepared for remote stretches with limited services and enjoy the local cuisine. 

When to Travel: November to March for warmer temperatures and clearer skies. 

How to Get There: Start from La Quiaca in the north and travel south to Cabo Vírgenes.

12. The Leh-Manali Highway, India

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / mehulgupta146

The Leh-Manali Highway in India is a high-altitude road connecting Manali and Leh. It passes through some of the world’s highest mountain passes, offering views of the Himalayas. The journey is challenging due to the altitude and conditions, but it provides a unique insight into the Himalayan region’s culture and landscapes.

Insider’s Tip: Acclimatize to high altitudes and respect local traditions. 

When to Travel: June to September, when the road is most accessible. 

How to Get There: Start from Manali and head north towards Leh.

13. The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

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Image Credit: Shutterstock /

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way stretches 2,500 kilometers along the west coast. This coastal route features dramatic scenery, from cliffs to beaches, and passes through towns rich in history and culture. The journey is an exploration of Ireland’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, marked by Irish hospitality.

Insider’s Tip: Take time to explore the small fishing villages and local Irish culture. 

When to Travel: May to September for the best weather and longer daylight hours. 

How to Get There: Start from the Inishowen Peninsula in the north and travel south to Kinsale.

14. The Cabot Trail, Canada

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Vadim.Petrov

The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia is a 300-kilometer loop around Cape Breton Island. It offers ocean views, forested landscapes, and cultural experiences, reflecting the region’s Celtic and Acadian heritage. The route passes through fishing villages and historic sites, showcasing Nova Scotia’s natural and cultural beauty.

Insider’s Tip: Enjoy the local seafood and take part in the Celtic culture of the region. 

When to Travel: June to October for the best weather and fall foliage.

How to Get There: Start and end in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, completing the circular route.

15. The Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Lifetimexplorer

The Mae Hong Son Loop in Northern Thailand is a 600-kilometer circuit through mountains and valleys. It passes through traditional villages and offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion. The route provides a comprehensive view of Thailand’s rural landscapes and cultural diversity.

Insider’s Tip: Respect local customs and enjoy the diverse Thai cuisine along the way. 

When to Travel: November to February for cooler temperatures and less rain. 

How to Get There: Start from Chiang Mai and follow the loop through Mae Hong Son and Pai.

The Bottom Line

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / OPOLJA

As you gear up for your motorcycle adventure, remember that the journey is as much about the ride as it is about the destinations. Each route offers its unique challenges and rewards, inviting you to immerse yourself in the experience. Embrace the freedom of the open road, respect the cultures you encounter, and most importantly, ride safely. The world awaits you, ready to be explored on two wheels.

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