Working and Living Life: Most Incredible Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

It’s pretty safe to say that the digital nomad lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing lifestyles with no foreseeable future of slowing down anytime soon. Research and studies have been conducted that reveal an estimated one billion digital nomad will be roaming the world by the year 2035… that’s a lot of people ditching their 9 to 5s and becoming their own bosses!

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So the real question is why are so many people jumping on the digital nomad train? Well, for one, the process to become one is so simple… If you can build a well-designed website, then all you have to do is decide where your first destination will be… it’s virtually as simple as that. Having your own website is the key thing that’s going to give you that freedom to travel the world because as a digital nomad, the only way you can work is if you have internet access… your website is what’s going to jumpstart your digital nomad lifestyle.

Aside from the easy starting process, there are also lots of other reasons why people are finding interest in this lifestyle. From being able to work all over the world to being able to work in pajamas, let’s explore the realms of all the benefits of being a digital nomad.

Benefit 1: You’re Out of the Office Setting

As a digital nomad, you can feel secure in knowing that you don’t have to clock in and out in a boring office setting. Instead of heading to the office, you can head to the beach. Instead of sitting in an office chair, why not sit on a beach chair? The great thing about being a digital nomad is that you not only are out of the office setting but you can change your work environment whenever you want!

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Benefit 2: You Don’t Have to Wear “Work Clothes”

How many times have you gotten up to get dressed for work and just stared at the closet because you “don’t have anything to wear?” We’ve all done it. We either “don’t have anything to wear” even though our closet is full of clothes. Or, we are tired of wearing our uniforms all the time… it’s a lose-lose situation. As a digital nomad, you have the option of staying in your hotel room and not wearing clothes at all or throwing on a bikini and working poolside. Figuring out what to wear for the day is the least of your concerns.

Benefit 3: Create Your Own Schedule

Having to be at work at a certain time has definitely pushed you to the limit at least a few times. From speeding to snoozing your alarm clock five times, the challenge of being on someone else’s schedule can all disappear when you work for yourself.

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Whether you want to start your workday at 7 am or if you feel you’re more productive at 7 pm, you have the luxury to do that. And it doesn’t have to be that set schedule every time either… you can change your hours of operation as you please; the important thing is that you’re working… it doesn’t matter what time you do the work.

Benefit 4: Exposure to New Culture and Language

When you visit a foreign country, depending on where it is, you’re more than likely going to encounter a language barrier. You can grab all the books in the world that will help you to learn the language but the best way to truly learn the language of the country you’re in is to immerse yourself in the culture and talk with the locals as best as you can. They know that you’re not from there and the majority of the time, they have no problem helping you understand certain words and phrases. By talking to the locals you might find out some of the best things to do in Alaska or in New York… you just have to put yourself out there and explore the culture.

Benefit 5: Great Way to Visit Family and Friends

The fact that you travel the world for a living (in a sense) means that you have the ability to visit distant family and friends. The cool thing is that being a digital nomad doesn’t mean that you have to travel to foreign countries, per se… you can travel from state to state or city to city to visit friends and relatives and still be considered as a digital nomad.

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You can let your friends and family know a few weeks in advance that you’re coming to see them and if they have wifi at their home, you can just visit with them and work from there… that will allow you to get work done and maximize your family time.

Benefit 6: Meet New People

Again, whether you travel out of the country or with the US, you’re going to encounter different people wherever you go. The young man you meet in Starbucks in Tennessee is going to be totally different than the young man you meet at Starbucks in New York. Clearly, they’re not the same person so they’re going to be different but there are cultural differences in the South than it is in the North and it can be quite a culture shock to experience it in person.

Not only will you experience a cultural difference in meeting new people but according to, meeting new people is one of the quickest ways to learn life lessons… good lessons and bad ones but nonetheless, you’ll learn from them.

Meeting new people is paying homage to the saying “everything happens for a reason” and “people are in your life for seasons.” As a digital nomad, you’re going to meet so many people during your travels, and while you might only see them that one time, it was a life experience you shared with that person and that’s something you will always remember whether they’re only in your life for a season or a lifetime. A computer, some marketing knowledge and solid business insurance is really all you need to get started as a digital nomad.

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