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Why Fly When You Can Have Fun Like This?

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2021)
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Is there anything more exciting in this world than travel? Even should you have a hobby that you love, or you’ve met a milestone in your career, or there has been something to celebrate in your relationship, these are all different things when compared with travel. Travel, as the saying goes, is the only thing that you spend money on to get richer. So choosing to experience the same kinds of travel and vacations over and over again would seem to be at odds with that statement, particularly because there’s just so much out there to experience. Not only are there alternative types of vacations to consider, but they don’t always have to involve hopping on a plane and lying on the beach for a week. Instead, think about the different experiences you can have with these ideas.


Our first suggestion is intended to get you up and around in the great outdoors. And before you rule this idea out as an active holiday that you’d have absolutely no interest in, give it consideration. You aren’t limited in terms of destinations, so instead of throwing your walking boots on and hiking through the Midwest countryside, consider alternative regions that you might find more interesting or exciting. Why not hike up through the Hollywood Hills? Or plan an excursion through the rainforest in Costa Rica? Seeing a new destination on foot gives an interesting and unique perspective!

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Road Trip

Next, we’re going to suggest you take to the road. Yes, you may drive yourself to work every single day, and that may start to get a little bit boring every once in awhile, but it’s definitely not on the same level as a road trip. Whether you’re driving from San Francisco to LA or you’re going from France right through to Italy, a road trip is an incredibly liberating way to travel, see the world, and generally take things in at your own pace. When we first became location independent, we spent most of the summer on North American road trips in the United States and Canada. Road tripping is still one of our most favorite ways to travel.

Note: Perhaps you are considering using a motor home or caravan (what Americans call an RV) for your road trip. If so, cheap motorhome insurance is not hard to find with The Insurers. This particular insurance is available in the U.K. Please consult other sources for different locations.


Cruises quite wrongfully get written off as a vacation for seniors. While it’s definitely a relaxing kind of vacation, it can also be incredibly exciting, glamorous, and enriching. Whether you want to experience a Dubai cruise or sail around the Caribbean Islands, cruising is one of the most thrilling ways that you can cover a lot of ground in the epitome of glamour.

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When it comes to fun, a skiing vacation can take advantage of winter conditions and make them fun. Not only is this incredibly exciting, active, and adventurous (especially when you get onto the bigger slopes), it’s relaxing and glitzy too. Consider how the Apres Ski lifestyle is the perfect counterpoint to the exhaustion you can feel from hitting the slopes all day. It’s a great balance to the hours you spend outside!

Train Experience

Rounding out our list of suggestions is a trip by train. Train travel can be glamorous and enjoyable. You only have to hop on a luxury train journey to understand this. Whether you want to do the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from London to Venice or The Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver, you’ll definitely experience a side of travel that you’ve never seen before, but will quickly fall in love with. Luxury train travel is a great way to be comfortably pampered as the world goes by outside your window.

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Tips for Trip Success

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Book Your Hotel or Special Accommodation
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You Need Travel Insurance!
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