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Friend-cation Planning Tips for Booking the Perfect Getaway

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Traveling with a friend can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect on an even deeper level and share the joy that exploring the world can bring. Discovering new places and amazing sights is even more exciting when you do it with your bestie!

But however rewarding a ‘friend-cation’ might be, it isn’t without its challenges. It is a different matter entirely to traveling solo or with your family, and your trip will need careful consideration and in-depth planning to account for the different dynamics and ensure everyone has a memorable, enjoyable time. 

So if you plan to head abroad with a buddy this year, keep reading! Whether you’re seeking out special offers for the biggest cruise ships or hiring a car for an epic road trip, these tips will help ensure your ‘friend-cation’ is as spectacular as you are hoping it will be.

Establish Clear Expectations

Managing expectations is one of the most important parts of traveling as friends. It is important that you both know what you each expect to get out of the adventure, and what your individual preferences are, so you can work out how best to proceed and what you might have to compromise on. 

Choose the Right Destination

Your chosen destination should be somewhere that suits both of you. Of course, this doesn’t just mean that you both like where you are going, but can also mean that it is convenient to get to, won’t be too expensive, and has relevant activities that you both want to do. Making sure you are both happy with where you are going is a vital first step when planning your vacation to ensure you are both happy.

Set a Budget

Money is one of the most common issues that can cause rifts or disagreements between friends when traveling, so it is important to have sensitive discussions about finances before setting off. Establishing and agreeing on a daily or weekly budget is a great way to ensure that you both are able to afford the vacation and that neither of you feels pressured or stressed by money issues.

Plan Activities Together…and Apart

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One of the best things about a ‘friend-cation’ is the chance to spend time with your pal and experience the joys of travel together. It is a great idea to get together before you go and plan plenty of activities to do, whether it’s exploring iconic landmarks, trying delicious local cuisine, or having adventures in the great outdoors.

But it is also important to plan to spend a little time apart – having your own space while traveling with a friend is immensely important and will help you both enjoy the experience even more!

Communicate Openly

Open and effective communication is one of the most important ways to ensure a trouble-free vacation with a friend. Being honest and clear with your travel companion will help avoid problems before they occur, head off potential conflicts, and ensure that everyone’s preferences are respected and heard. 

Consider Accommodation Options

When you are planning a ‘friend-cation’, accommodation will be an area you want to put particular thought into. You’ll be spending lots of time in close quarters with your traveling companion, and while you might be the best of friends to begin with, space and privacy issues can become problems incredibly quickly if not considered!

You will want to choose somewhere to stay that has plenty of room for you both to stay comfortably and privately, while still making it a sociable, friendly space. Airbnb properties or other vacation rentals are great options, giving you a combination of private and communal spaces that accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences. 

Delegate Responsibilities

The logistical aspects of any vacation can sometimes be overwhelming, so it is important that you split responsibilities between you to share the load and ensure no one feels pressured or resentful. Plan out the roles and tasks that need taking care of and assign them equally to each of you. This will have the knock-on effect of making sure you are both invested in the trip and you both have a chance to put your personal stamp on what you plan to do!

Be Flexible

However hard you plan and however much research you do before you set off, things rarely go completely to plan while traveling. As a result, it is really important to be calm and flexible at all times, adapting to unexpected changes or challenges during the trip, so that nothing phases you and even the problems become good experiences.

With the right mindset, it won’t matter if something isn’t quite the way you expected it to be, and you can enjoy the surprises and the challenges just as much as your carefully laid plans. Keep in mind that the most important part of your ‘friend-cation’ is to enjoy each other’s company and take advantage of the chance to spend time together!

Respect Each Other’s Boundaries

Traveling with a friend is a wonderful opportunity to bond and share experiences, but it doesn’t negate the need for boundaries. Personal space, alone time, and various other needs and boundaries are still incredibly important and will become more pressing the longer you spend time with each other. Be mindful of each other, and make sure that you both have space and privacy wherever you go.

Capture the Memories

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Finally, remember that you are going to want to remember! Capture the trip as you go along with photos, videos, and significant souvenirs that remind you of this special adventure, and you’ll be able to create memories of your time together that will last for years to come! 

A ‘friend-cation’, when planned properly, will be a seriously rewarding experience and is one of the most wonderful ways to travel. The tips above will let you make the most of your trip, avoid pitfalls and challenges, and enjoy it from start to finish!

Guest post published with permission. Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock / Look Studio.

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