Fun Things to Do in Porto Portugal and Great Reasons to Visit Portugal on Your Next Trip to Europe

Looking for fun things to do in Porto Portugal? Our ideas range from what to see in Porto proper to the best day trips from Porto for a well-rounded, enjoyable experience in northern Portugal.

Our guest author, Sara Riobom, comes to us with outstanding things to do in northern Portugal in and around her Porto home. Sara’s expert approach identifies the most fun things to do in Porto from an insider’s perspective. Read what she has to say about Porto and the compelling reasons to visit Portugal and its magical north!

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Our guest author, Sara Riobom, from Portoalities

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Porto May Be Small in Size, But It Plays Big with Visitors

Is Porto worth visiting? Reasons to visit Portugal are myriad, but it is not by chance that Porto, a tiny city by the Portuguese Atlantic coast, has already received Best European Destination award 3 times.

In fact, one shouldn’t measure the city by its size but by the reasons to visit Porto: a medieval atmosphere juxtaposed with contemporary buildings, its proximity to both the ocean and river recreation, the cultural opportunities combined with the laid-back attitude of its citizens – and let’s not forget the well-deserved fame of the Portuguese gastronomy!

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My personal goal is to ensure that, after reading this article about the fun things to do in Porto and Northern Portugal, you’ll start looking for flights and browsing hotel reviews right away. Ready for the ride? 🙂

One of the Best Reasons to Visit Porto: It’s Affordable!

It is a well-known fact that Southern Europe is less expensive than Central or Northern Europe, and Portugal is no exception, particularly in its own North. Many visitors cite this as their number one of the best reasons to visit Portugal – it’s always a plus when a destination delivers great value to your travel budget!

fun things to do in Porto and northern Portugal

Photo Credit: Sara Riobom

Are there cheap things to do in Porto District? You can have lunch for less than 8€ and dinner for 20 / 25€ at one of the many hidden gems in Porto. An espresso costs between 0,60€ and 1€ in esplanades by the ocean. Public transports range from 1,30€ (subway) and 3€ (the fancy tram line by the riverside).

Some of the best places to stay in Porto will surprise you with their rates. The average price per hotel room is 70€, but you can easily find a proper apartment for two people for 50€ / night.

Click here to see and read reviews for hotels in Porto.

Fun things to do in Porto don’t have to be expensive, either. The prices of tickets to main buildings are considerably low as well: in 2017, it cost 4€ to enter the famous Lello bookstore, for instance.

Click here to browse a list of what to see in Porto.

Must See Porto Attractions are Conveniently Close in the City Center

A small downtown area might seem a disadvantage at first, but in fact, it is a really good thing: this means that must see Porto attractions and the main monuments can be visited on foot or by using public transports!

Tip: We’re big fans of hop-on hop-off bus tours. You can go at your own pace and easily orient yourself as to how the city is laid out, and return to attractions that interest you for a closer look. Click here to see a variety of hop-on hop-off tour options.

must see porto city center

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You can check the most important monuments in two days and then concentrate on seeking out non-touristy things to do in Porto. Wander through side streets to discover where locals shop and socialize.Seek recommendations for good restaurants and inexpensive entertainment.

Get Acquainted by Mixing Typical and Unusual Things to Do in Porto

Hop-On Hop-Off Day and Combination Tours
Porto: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus, River Cruise, & Port Cellar Tour – This is a combo ticket which gives you 2 day access to 2 sightseeing bus tours, 1 Douro river cruise and 1 tour of the Calém Port Wine cellars. Click here for more information.
Porto Hop-on Hop-off Tour: 1- or 2-Day Ticket – Explore at your own pace via two separate routes and discover all the city’s top attractions on open-top bus with audio commentary. For over 18 years of age, this includes a free visit to one of three wine cellars. Click here for more information.
Porto: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus, Tram & Funicular Ticket – A 2-day combo ticket includes 2 hop-on hop-off bus sightseeing tours, 24 hour access to the vintage Porto Tram City Tour system, and a ride on the Guindais funicular to enjoy outstanding views of the city and Douro River. Click here for more information.

reasons to visit portugal - porto

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Visit the Best Places to See in Porto with the Tour That’s Right for You

Porto (Douro River) 2-Hour Sailing Tour of City – A 2 hour sail along the Douro River in a 31 foot cutter gives you an entirely different perspective of Porto from the water. Click here for more information. For a Douro River 6 Bridges Tour (best seller), click here.
Porto: Culture and History Tours – Choose from guided tours within the city and day trips to the best attractions and historical sites.  Click here for more information.
Porto: 3-Hour Downtown Walking Tour – Mix the past and present in the heart of the city center by visiting the coolest and newest stores, restaurants, bars, as well as the famous Bolhão Market and Clérigos Church and Tower with a local, private guide. Click here for more information.

alternative things to do in porto

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Discover What to See in Porto with Cool Guided Transportation Options

A variety of conveyances from tuk-tuk to electric bikes will take you on memorable experiences in Porto and the region. Click here for more information on a private Tuk Tuk tour with river cruise and wine tasting.
Popular Porto Neighborhood Tours – Guided tours, water activities, and evening options with entertainment are yours to choose. Click here for more information.
Popular Bus and Minivan Tours – Select from a variety of full-day or partial day adventures in and around Porto. Click here for more information.
Best of Porto by Segway – Segway enthusiasts, take note! See dozens of landmarks and buildings on a classic Segway tour including a “secret challenge” at the train station. Click here for more information.
Porto: Morning Bike Tour – Ride along the magnificent, scenic banks of the Douro and the beaches of Foz and Matosinhos through city park pathways and the marginal of Gaia. Click here for more information.

What are the top things to do near Porto? Take advantage of the rest of your time in the city by taking day trips. The best day trips from Porto will take you to Douro Valley, Braga and Guimarães, Aveiro or Coimbra (see below for specific recommendations).

best day trips from porto

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There are Always Plenty of Things to Do in Porto

For a small city, on offer are plenty of unusual things to do in Porto besides the traditional monuments checklist. There is always a festival going on, either dedicated to music, cinema, sports or food (we just love food on this side of the world!).

fun things to do in porto

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New Year’s Eve, São João festival and Christmas are the most important festivities in Porto, but Summer time is perfect for street markets, outdoor physical activities and chill out sessions in public gardens. These alternative things to do in Porto are a nice counterpoint to touristy activities.

Fun Things to Do in Porto will Match Your Interests

It’s amazing how such a small city can please completely different types of people. Are you traveling with your kids? No problem, just enjoy one of the best beaches and swimming pools in Porto.

Are you traveling with your sweetheart? Then make sure to have a romantic walk at the Crystal Palace gardens, or simply enjoy the sunset at one of the stunning viewpoints in the city.

Click here to see the top 5 lookout viewpoints in Porto.

Are you a wine lover? Then don’t miss the chance to visit some of the best Port wine cellars in the city, and make a day trip to either Douro Valley or the Green Wine region. For information on a private Douro Valley Tour with Wine Tasting, Cruise and Lunch, click here.

hidden gems in porto

Photo by Sara Riobom

Top Things to Do in Porto for Different Interests

what to see in porto

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Top Things to Do in Porto for Architectural Lovers and Cultural Enthusiasts
Barcelos: Half-Day Private Tour from Porto – The “city of legends” and its contributions to Portuguese art, history and culture are synonymous with Portuguese identity. Visit medieval sites and shop for souvenirs. Click here for more information.
Half Day Porto Architecture Tour – Contemporary architecture is the star of this engaging walk in which you’ll see the iconic work of Álvara Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura. Get to know the Porto School of Architecture’s importance in the 21st century and learn the context their vision. Click here for more information.
Porto: Half Day Street Art Tour – High on the list of alternative things to do in Porto is discover the local street art scene and its hidden locations. As well, visit two urban art and illustration-focused local galleries. Your professional guide has an art background. Click here for more information.
3-Hour Porto by Night Tour with Fado Show & Dinner – Fado is the unique Portuguese musical style at the heart of the country’s national culture. Feel the magic of Porto at night with a traditional dinner in the city center with musical entertainment. Click here for more information.

things to do in porto for history buffs

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Best Things to Do in Porto for History Buffs
Jewish Heritage Walking Tour of Porto – The Sephardic Jewish community has flourished and influenced Portuguese culture since the 1100s. Take a tour through the old Jewish quarter with an experienced, knowledgable guide to learn about key figures and see important sites. Click here for more information.
The Storyteller Porto Walking Tour – Learn the legendary stories of the Miragaia neighborhood in a romantic walk through the 18th century suburban alleys and gardens with a captivating local guide. Click here for more information.

Porto is one of the safest cities in the world

Portugal is currently rated the 3rd safest country in the world, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace, ranking only behind Iceland and New Zealand. In fact, there is very little to no violence at all, aside from the regular petty crime faced by all touristic cities. Just watch your purse and enjoy your stay in Porto!

reasons to visit porto

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If You’re a Foodie and/or Wine Lover, Porto’s Gastronomy will Impress

People invariably say one of the best things to do in Porto is eat! They immediately talk about francesinha (our monumental sandwich) or tripas à moda do Porto (the tripes’ stew. It’s much better than it sounds!).

However, the gastronomy of Northern Portugal has much more to offer, from fresh grilled fish to amazing seafood stews, roasted lamb and baby goat, luscious cheeses and delicate charcuterie. And let’s not forget about the Portuguese sweets – they go far, far beyond the well-known pastel de nata (an egg custard pie).

portuguese pastry

Photo by Sara Riobom

Best Things to Do in Porto for Foodies and Wine Lovers
Porto: Wine Tour – Visit the oldest port wine cellar and 2 typical wine houses for sampling with a local guide on a three hour experience. Click here for more information.
Porto Delicious Food Walk Tour – A guided gastronomy and wine tour through Porto’s Old Town where you’ll discover the history of Portuguese cuisine. Taste bifana pork sandwich, port wine, coffee, liqueur, bolinhos de bacalhau (codfish) and pastel de nada pastry. Click here for more information.
Porto Food and Wine Tasting Tour – Eat your way around Porto at five different locations to sample delicious Portuguese foods and a complimentary drink with each along with a local guide. End with an authentic dinner and dessert with wine. Click here for more information.

The Best Day Trips from Porto Will Make You Fall in Love with Portugal

Day tripping, in my opinion, is the top reason why Porto should be a priority for your next vacation. This is one of the most fun things to do in northern Portugal. When you’re considering where to stay in Porto, keep in mind that you are going to want to allow time for day trips, so perhaps your expectations for accommodations might vary.

must see porto

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Besides the charm of this amazing medieval city, you can take the opportunity to visit the extraordinary cities of Guimarães and Braga, the ancient bastion of the catholic church in the Iberian Peninsula.

Moreover, you’re less than 2 hours away from not one but two of the best wine regions in the world:

  • The Douro Valley, famous for producing the world-renowned Port wine, which presents a truly astonishing scenery
  • The Green Wine region, a still-little-known hidden gem ready to be explored by avid travelers and wine lovers
best day trips from porto - douro valley

Photo by Sara Riobom

In addition to this, you can also visit Aveiro, considered the Venice of Portugal, and Coimbra, the vibrant students’ city that boasts the oldest Portuguese university.

Ideas for The Best Day Trips from Porto
Douro Valley Full-Day Wine Tasting Tour and River Cruise – Visit the romantic Douro Valley wine region with a small group on a 9 hour tour to two wine producers. Sample multiple varieties of wine and enjoy a lunch of local specialties. Includes a traditional “rabelo boat” cruise on the Douro River. Click here for more information.
Fátima and Coimbra Full-Day Tour from Porto – Visit one of Portugal’s most important religious sites in a 10 hour tour to Fátima, which also takes you to the historic city of Coimbra with its stunning baroque library and university setting. Click here for more information.

Portuguese People are Perfect Hosts

Being a Portuguese I am naturally biased when write this, but I am quoting dozens of travelers that I’ve met throughout the years: Portuguese people simply love to welcome people into their country! In fact, in 2018 Portugal was considered the friendliest country in the world by the international organization Internations.

porto train station

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We feel genuine pleasure helping people and making them feel at home in Portugal. So, get used to people getting out of their way to help you when you’re lost, receiving welcome gifts upon your arrival, talking to strangers on the street and making friends for life.

The Weather in Portugal is Amazing!

This is not strictly true (we also have a lot of rainy days during Winter and Spring), but compared to the rest of Europe we are rather spoiled when it comes to weather conditions. Our Summers are very warm and our Winters are very mild, especially in Northern Portugal.

I find this is particularly relevant for older travelers or for families traveling with young kids, but who doesn’t want to discover Porto without caring too much about temperatures? Just bring a good raincoat, good shoes and sunscreen and leave it to us to fall in love with the city!

reasons to visit porto

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About the author

Sara Riobom is a Portuguese blogger at Portoalities, a blog about Porto and Northern Portugal. She shelved her degree in Engineering and quit her well paid job at a consulting firm to follow her passion of writing and telling stories. Contrary to just about everyone else’s expectations, this turned out to be a great idea.

Nowadays Sara is a professional in the most Portuguese of all hobbies: being a good host. When she is not showing visitors around Porto, Douro Valley, Braga and Guimarães, you can find her playing with her crazy cat, learning more about wine or happily arguing about cinema and literature.

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