Hidden Gems of Eastern USA

Whether you are planning a road trip or just taking your time traveling down the east coast of USA, there are many worthwhile places to visit. The Big Apple, Boston, Washington D.C. and many more are all incredibly popular with tourists – but there is a lot more going on than the traditional destinations. With this in mind, let’s go off the well-trodden paths in the eastern USA, and reveal some of the hidden gems that you might not be aware of. Read on to find out more!

hidden gems of eastern usa

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White Mountains – Lincoln, New Hampshire

The White Mountains in New Hampshire are a perfect starting point for any traveler who enjoys a rough and rugged adventure. There is a lot to do in this beautifully scenic place with rolling hills and mountains, lush green valleys and crystal clear lake waters. It’s a perfect location for getting around on a mountain bike – or horse. There are moose safaris available, where you will encounter all kinds of wildlife. And you can even do exciting activities such as tubing in the Saco River.

The Witch House – Salem, Massachusetts

Feeling like doing something different with a hint of spookiness? If so, make sure you check out the Witch House in Salem Massachusetts. It’s the old home of a judge called Jonathan Corwin who headed up the Salem Witch Trials and actually sent 19 people to the gallows for practicing witchcraft. It’s a slightly horrific piece of history, but a fascinating look at life in this part of the country over 300 years ago.

Little Bradley Falls – North Carolina

Head along the Green River Game Lands to Little Bradley Falls and you will find an incredible waterfall that is a site of great beauty. It’s tucked away at the end of Little Bradley Trail – a 3-mile hike from the parking area. But the walk is well worthwhile, as it ends with an incredible reward. Not many people make the effort, but those that do enjoy magnificent views and soothing sounds of the waterfall.

Bonaventure Cemetery – Savannah, Georgia

There are many places of historic interest in Savannah, as well as a plethora of stunning landscapes. If you get the chance, head to the Bonaventure Cemetery – it’s set in 100 acres of lush green trees and features some incredible tombstones, with plenty of famous people from days gone by buried there. There’s a ghost tour, too, and the town itself is sufficiently spooky and eerie, making it a perfect stopping point for any eastern road trip.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park – Key Largo, Florida

Most people heading to Florida go to the usual Seaworld or Disney attractions – but there’s a lot more to see in this incredible state. One of the big highlights is, without doubt, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. You travel out deep into the Atlantic Ocean, before riding a glass-bottomed boat or going on a snorkeling tour to see the incredible coral wildlife.

Do you have any ideas of hidden gems in the eastern USA area? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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hidden gems in the eastern usa

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