The Hidden Gems Of Montana That Will Blow Your Mind

The hidden gems of Montana offer a variety of scenic vistas and wildlife encounters for exploration and other exciting adventures in the great outdoors.

Montana is a geographical phenomenon. Taking nearly twelve hours to drive across, you’ll be able to take in the vistas of the plains, rocky outcrops, glaciers and raging rivers. If you love nothing more than heading out to the great outdoors and experiencing all the joys that nature has to offer, then you should make Montana a must-see destination on your wanderlust bucket list. There are few states with such a varied landscape that caters to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into walking, wildlife, water sports or adrenaline inducing high octane activities, Montana has it all. Aside from the major tourist hotspots, there is an underbelly of rich and varied hidden gems for you to explore.

hidden gems of Montana

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Gibson Dam

Although there are a wealth of hiking and walking trails for you to discover in Montana, there are fewer more remote than along the shores of Gibson Dam. The dam itself is monumental with small sections dedicated to a wealth of water sports. If you love canoeing, rafting or windsurfing, you’ll be able to enjoy your hobbies here without struggling to find a secluded spot on the water. If you love bird watching, there are a variety of feathered creatures that enjoy the forest landscape surrounding this glorious water feature.

Montana hidden gems

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The beauty of Makoshika State Park will take your breath away. If you venture to Montana’s largest park make sure that you are there around dusk. If you’re lucky, the sky will turn a unique hue of purple and pink before the sun finally descends. With very little artificial light, this state park is a fantastic spot to gaze at the stars to see if you can spot a meteor or two. Driving through the park, you’ll stumble across hundreds of other worldly geographic formations that will have you feeling like you have set foot on another planet.

Montana hidden gem list

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West Yellowstone

Often overlooked for the more high profile Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone itself is a great spot to rest your weary bones after a day’s hiking. Plenty of hotels in West Yellowstone offer budget accommodation, and the town makes a great base for those obsessed with the outdoors. With trout fishing, wildlife trails and river walks all on the doorstep of this friendly town, there aren’t many better places to stay when taking a jaunt to Montana.

off the beaten path Montana

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Smokejumper Visitor Center

This place is very much the curveball of our hidden gem list. Whereas all of the other attractions focus very much on the outdoors lifestyle, the smokejumper visitor center is the cultural delight. Smokejumpers are affectionately nicknamed firefighters who parachute into areas affected by flames. Fire trucks cannot access these particular fires, so these brave individuals risk their lives to save others. If you’re lucky, you may be able to witness them partaking in a bit of training and leaping from helicopters as you tour the center.

Montana is rich in geographic beauty. The sheer size of the state means that you won’t be stumbling over other tourists in your quest to find some peace and quiet. If you love the great outdoors, put Montana on your list of possible next vacations.

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Mike Goad

Friday 8th of December 2017

A great state to visit. We were last there in 2014, including all of the locations for the first three photos, though the last time we were at the third, we got caught in a down-pour, ducking inside to have some huckleberry ice cream while we waited out the storm.