Home Decorating Tips for Travelers

Home Décor Ideas for Travelers that Bring Those Special Homes-Away-from-Home Nearer

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Some people travel frequently for business, and others travel for leisure-time pleasure. There is also a growing number of individuals, couples, families and friends who have a traveling lifestyle. If you are among today’s world travelers, you know the joys of experiencing life in different countries, cities or locales.

You also know the warm feelings you share when returning to your “home base” for a brief or longer stay. It is always good to be back among long-familiar surroundings. Seeing friends and family that you have grown up around, gone to school with or worked with is heartwarming and fun.


Yet, you often yearn for special experiences, pleasures and amenities that you welcome and enjoy when you travel.

Innovative and attractive home décor ideas for you to enjoy in your home await your selection. Special items that will help you recall favorite memories and celebrate the traveler’s life include the following: 

1. Heated Massage Recliner Chair

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Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

 The most advanced, best quality heated massage recliner chairs offer power lift and rocker options. With one of these luxurious, high-tech chairs, you can now relax blissfully at home in a state of nirvana. Enjoy adjustable heat and massage levels as any achy joints or over-worked muscles swiftly rejuvenate. 

You can wind down smoothly in your heated massage recliner while indulging in your favorite beverage. Your ergonomic lounge and massage chair offers casual elegance for long-term use plus 360-degree swivel action. 

2. Rolling Wine and Café Bar Unit.

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Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

 What better way to enjoy being back in your home than with a stylish wine and café bar on wheels? It will remind you of leisurely evenings spent in your hotel, inn or apartment rental in another country, town or city after busy days.

You can sit back and enjoy a steaming cappuccino, a rich hot chocolate or a fine glass of wine. The great convenience of these fashionable rolling carts is their capacity to be moved to any room as desired. These carts are also ideal for use when entertaining on your terrace or out by your pool in warm weather.   

3. Heated Towel Racks and Thermal Slippers.

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Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

 The luxury of having heated towel racks in the bathrooms of your home makes freezing cold winter days bearable. Just knowing that the minute you get home, you can shower and wrap up in a steaming towel is soothing. You and your spouse or partner can get cozy with a favorite book or good movie wrapped in total warmth. 

The thermal slippers that fit neatly beneath your heated towel rack complete this delightful feeling of warm luxury. Just as snug and soothing as your large, fluffy towel, your slippers will relax tired, chilled feet with heavenly heat. 

4. Travel Theme Photo Gallery Wall.

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Photo by Annette McGee on Unsplash

 By displaying a beautiful travel theme photo gallery on a wall in your home, you can share your travel adventures. Family, friends and neighbors can view photos of your favorite venues and excursions. You, your partner and travel buddies can swap exciting stories of travels around the globe.  

Everyone has a favorite site, scenic view, restaurant, bar or boulevard from different travel locations. Certain people, special events and activities have a lasting place in your memory bank of past trips. Your travel theme gallery wall can tell it all with your own brand of fashion and flair. 

5. Foreign Currency Shadow Box.

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Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

 You can have fun creating a shadow box displaying foreign currencies from all of the different countries you have spent time in. Include the British pound, Swedish krona, euro, Japanese yen, Moroccan dirham, Brazilian real, U.S. dollar or other currencies if appropriate.  

Your holiday or party guests will enjoy examining your engaging currency collage. They can recall and swap stories and exciting events from their own travels as they marvel at your adventures. 

6. Vintage Trunk Coffee Table. 

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Photo by Emanuela Picone on Unsplash

You can design a charming rustic coffee table using a vintage travel trunk. These cavernous antique trunks from the 1940s and ’50s are sturdy and extremely durable. Using one long side of the trunk as your tabletop, you will have plenty of space for drinks and snacks. 

Your vintage trunk-table can also be a valuable space-saver as a large storage bin. You can store books, digital devices, travel maps, cameras and many other items in this spacious trunk. It also offers a great place to stash extra clutter at the last moment before guests arrive. 

7. World Map Décor Dresser.

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Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

 Decorate a wooden dresser in your bedroom with world maps on each drawer front.This unique item of décor will become a stylish conversation piece in your household. You will also be reminded of favorite travel venues, events and special moments each time you open a decorative drawer. 

You can place colorful stickers on each different location that you have visited. Places where you stayed the longest or especially enjoyed can be marked with gold or red stickers. If you have small children, they will be delighted with this project. 

8. Sand and Pebble Jar.

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Photo by jim gade on Unsplash

 Some people like to collect sand samples and pebbles from around the country and the world. Once they return home, they add a new sample to a large glass jug or jar that displays this collection. Each added layer exhibits sand or pebbles from a different location. 

Each new country, city or locale can be marked on the outside of the jar. These displays are actually quite fascinating. They make interesting and attractive tabletop and shelf displays in your den or recreation room. 

9. Indoor Mini Global Rock Garden. 

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Photo by Masayoshi Yanase on Unsplash

Some travelers have a habit of gathering larger rocks of different formations and colors from each new locale they visit. If they manage to arrive home with their slightly overweight luggage, creating a mini rock garden can be fun.  

With a green thumb and a little creative rock arranging, these traveling “rockhounds” can design beautiful mini rock gardens. These small indoor tabletop gardens can be charming natural displays from around the globe to brighten and enhance room décor. 

10. Light-Up Travel Destinations Wall Map

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Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash

 One of the most dynamic ways to display your love of travel is with a glamorous travel destinations wall map. The most stylish of these maps light each of your favorite travel locations. Each time that you return home after another adventurous trip, you can add another light to your fascinating map. 

You can also post small photos, notes or items of memorabilia on your travel story map if you like. This exciting and engaging display will enliven a wall in your family room, bar area or entertainment room. You can delight your guests with tales of new travel venues, adventures and escapades throughout the holidays.

There are many varied ideas and trends for decorating homes for travelers today. Most every traveler has favorite photos, drawings, natural items and various types of memorabilia from different travel experiences. Everything from photos and paintings to sand and rocks to restaurant menus, global currencies and concert tickets can be displayed. 

If you travel the country or the globe on a regular basis, consider turning your collections of special mementos into attractive and captivating wall or tabletop exhibits. You will remind yourself of wonderful moments during your travels while delighting your family and friends with enthralling stories. Your countless jet-setting journeys will come alive again with each new travel display that you create.  

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