How to Stay Healthy on a Trip to Central America

Staying healthy while traveling is of prime concern to every person. The task becomes all the more difficult when you choose a Central American destination.

staying healthy in Central America

The conditions in each country are so diverse that it is next to impossible to keep a rigid schedule of sleeping, eating and trying to maintain fitness on the go. A less than healthy lifestyle can easily lead to sickness, unless you counter it all by following these simple tips by way of our friends at Travelan to stay healthy during your visit to Central America.

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Know before you go

Start taking adequate precautions at least a week prior your trip in order not to miss out on the vaccinations in the last minute frenzy. Double check with your health care provider on specific recommendations. Remember in an emergency it could be tough to find good medical care, especially when in an unfamiliar place. Carry all prescriptions, in case your medicines run short.

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Get medical travel insurance

This is imperative if you have a chronic condition. Even if you aren’t currently worried about falling sick when away from home, you should prepare for a sudden onset, or an emergency such as an accident. Prepare ahead by researching medical providers and facilities in the regions you will visit. The advice given by the International Association of Medical Assistance to Travelers will update you with the health issues you are likely to face in the countries you intend to visit, including a list of doctors who can converse in English. Your local consulate may be of assistance in locating local providers, as well.

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Dietary ailments

It may seem unfortunate, but a majority of visitors to Central America invariably end up contacting some sort of waterborne disease or other gastrointestinal ailment, despite all precautions. These may range from minor cases to more aggressive symptoms. It is imperative to drink just boiled or bottled water to minimize your chances. Where this is not available, add iodine or chlorine to the water to make it more effective. Don’t forget that ice is made from local water! Order cold drinks in the bottle!

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If you do contract travelers’ diarrhea, it is important to stay hydrated at all times. Better still carry a natural dietary supplement like Travelan which is specially designed to reduce the risk of catching the bacteria that causes travelers’ diarrhea (such as E.Coli, Campylobacter, Shigella and Salmonella) in the first place.

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Travelan is made from bovine colostrum that has been enriched with E.Coli antibodies. These antibodies neutralize the diarrhea causing bacteria before they make you ill. Research also shows that Travelan may help to support gut health and digestive function, which is a bonus for any traveler.

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Get adequate sleep and exercise

If you are always on the move, you are making it more difficult for your body to stay healthy. Leave plenty of unscripted time in your schedule for relaxation and get adequate sleep in order to keep your metabolism in order. After a good night’s rest, your body will be more focused for the next morning’s activities. This will set you up for the day, especially in Central America, before the afternoon heat catches up with you.

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A few important steps are enough to maintain a lifestyle that will safeguard your health on a Central American journey. The health tips given above, if followed, will help you minimize the chances of falling ill and ruining your trip.

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This post was written in collaboration with Travelan.

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