Ideas to Surprise Your Spouse with a Vacation

ideas to surprise your spouse with a vacation

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because you love them, surprising your spouse with a romantic experience together is one of the best ways of showing you care, even more than a gift or flowers could.

This year, surprise your partner with a special getaway to express your love.. Whether it be a weekend getaway to Atlanta or a week-long trip to London, he or she will appreciate your want to spend quality time together.

Snail mail

How exciting is it to get mail that isn’t bills or total junk? Decorate a cute envelope and do things the analog way by stuffing it with plane tickets, concert tickets, or brochures for your upcoming adventure and sending it through the mail.

Your partner will be excited to get a handmade letter from you, but even more excited when they find out you’re going on a trip together! Include pictures, notes, and anything fun that might get them excited for the vacation, or even mail them a small gift that can be used for the trip, such as sunblock for a beach trip or warm mittens for a ski getaway.

Piggy bank fund

Collecting all your change is a fun and practical way to save money throughout the year. Even filling one whole cup could equal over $50! Get your spouse to dump their pockets or purse every day with you, and start a piggy bank together as a “rainy day fund.” After a few months, break it open together and announce your intentions – that this extra money will be used to fund an adventure of his or her choosing.

Remember – the longer you save, the more you’ll have for your vacation (and you can always just slip a few $100’s in there for good measure). This is a great option for the couples who have been trying to plan for a vacation forever but have never been able to find the time to set aside money for it.

Think about their wishes

If you know your spouse isn’t into surprises, consider having the conversation together instead of as a surprise – more of a “spontaneous” getaway. Maybe they have a weird work schedule and can’t plan ahead, or they just prefer being more in-the-know about plans. Maybe they’d get upset about you spending a lot of money that they might feel should be used elsewhere.

You know your partner and what he or she likes, so use your best judgement! Don’t go all out if you think it would make them anxious or overwhelmed. After all, it’s about having an adventure together that you both will cherish forever!

But if you’re going to go big…

If you know your partner loves extravagant surprises, keep it as much of a secret as you can. You can present it as a smaller trip and surprise them with something bigger – taking a week off to hike in New England v. taking a week off to explore Paris – just make sure they pack somewhat relevant attire.

Don’t say you’re going to the beach if you’re actually going on a ski trip and vice versa! You can even go as far as calling their boss and getting them the time off work, then getting them to the airport blindfolded or under the pretense that you’re “picking up a friend.” Get creative with it! Your partner will surely remember this trip forever. 

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how to surprise your spouse with a vacation

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