A Gambler’s Guide to Las Vegas: How Does it Compare to Online Gambling

There are very few cities in the world that have been developed exclusively to entertain tourists, which is why Las Vegas sits so prominently on the bucket lists of millions of people. Sin City, as it’s affectionately known, has used its intense resources to advertise itself to the world, further bolstered by how it’s depicted in film and the accessibility of its games online.

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With the infamous destination being so prevalent in media, and its gaming options being widely available, many people may assume that they know Las Vegas – or have at least seen enough to judge. However, the experiences of gaming online and gaming in Sin City are drastically different, with the two offering their own perks to players.

The Las Vegas we see, and the Las Vegas we experience

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A view of Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon in Las Vegas. Image by zzim780 from Pixabay

Online casinos and films long to relay that intense feeling of stimulus overload that is felt upon entering a Las Vegas casino. Visiting an internet gaming site will present you with bursts of color, eye-catching games, and smiling dealers. Watching a movie based in Vegas will usually feature a low-set camera gliding along a pathway, with games, cheering players, and bright lights on all sides, just as it does in the film “Casino”.

Of course, there are several differences between entering a casino in Sin City and playing online or seeing it in a movie. As detailed by the Arch Daily blog, the “evoca-tecture” is specifically designed to stimulate your senses in a way that can’t be replicated virtually or digitally, which is precisely why the 100-plus venues across the city remain incredibly popular. Should you visit Las Vegas, there are some additional requirements that you should be aware of:

  • Las Vegas casinos are public buildings, so you don’t have to sign-up or be a registered visitor to enter;
  • You have to 21-years-old or older to be around a gambling table;
  • There isn’t a formal dress code for most casinos, but you are expected to be presentable in the evening – with shorts, t-shirts, torn clothing, and flip-flops frowned upon;
  • You need to take cash to the tables to be exchanged for chips by the croupier, or trade checks at the casino cage near the gaming floor.

Along with these requirements of entering a casino, land-based and online casino gaming experiences differ even further. As you’d expect, media can’t deliver the engrossing sensations of opening the doors to a Las Vegas casino, stepping up to a table, and rolling some dice for a cheering crowd of fellow players. So, the creatives of the online experience have come up with different ways to deliver immersive gaming.

The differences in the iGaming experience

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Roulette, cards, casino chips, and dice are all forms of gambling games available at the online casino. Photo by Aidan Howe from Pexels

While the Las Vegas Strip is rather competitive – although many of the venues are owned by the same companies – it’s nothing compared to the state of play online. Intense competition and easy access have forced online platforms to up their game, making them more inclined to offer gifts to visitors. In Sin City, the venues know that visitors are there to enjoy the experience and spend money, online platforms have to standout. To achieve this, the welcome bonus has become the primary method of competition between online casinos.

Instead of the giant sculptures and beaming lights of Vegas casinos, iGaming sites offer a way for players to get bonus funds or plays upon entry. The offers have evolved significantly over the years, with the most sought-after among players in the know now being the no-deposit bonus. Found on 888 online casino, players get free money to play with on casino games without making a deposit. It can be used on anything, from the jackpots and blackjack to European roulette, Casino Reels to Millionaire Genie.

Both land-based Sin City casinos and online casinos offer thousands of games to play, ranging from all of the well-known table games to exciting new slots. With slot gaming, apart from the physical clinking of coins, the gaming experience is very similar on the modern games, but the Venetian and Palazzo do offer several of the classic-style one-armed bandits to play.

Table gaming has long been the difference-maker. The excitable communal feel of throwing craps at a table in Mandalay Bay, or playing in one of the high-limit tables of the Bellagio, can’t be replicated. That said, the live casino games online help to bridge the gap. In these games, you play in real-time on a physical table that’s operated by a human croupier. So, you see the deal, the spin of the wheel, and the throw of the dice, but you can place your bets from the comfort of your own home.

Why Las Vegas stands out from the other gambling locations

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An image of Las Vegas’ copy of the canals in Venice, with gondola rides outside of the Venetian. Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

There are several gambling hubs worldwide, such as China’s new favorite, Macau, and the billionaire’s playground of Monte Carlo. However, Las Vegas stands out among the rest for its unique all-in nature as an entertainment city, its strange ability to blend high-class activity and the working class, and, somehow, the sense of culture within an advertised land of mischievous behavior.

Having hundreds of casinos is one thing, but bolstering them with restaurants, night clubs, epic entertainment venues, and museums means that you’ll always be spoilt for choice in Las Vegas. Then there are also the more novel experiences, such as the 829-foot open-air SkyJump from the Strat Hotel or the epic water ride drop of Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill’s. Or for a bit of local culture, you could venture to the famed Mob Museum, which houses the records of all of the former gangsters in the old courthouse.

Perhaps the most well-known form of entertainment found across Sin City, not including casino gaming, is live music. You don’t come to Las Vegas to stumble across some small-time bands in random bars: you come to see the biggest acts in the world. Vegas Residencies have become much-desired gigs for the biggest artists in the world, with the likes of Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, Guns N’ Roses, Elton John, Cher, Deadmau5, Britney Spears, and Celine Dion setting the standard.

In 2021, Las Vegas welcomes yet another almighty ensemble of global superstars to its venues for extended schedules of shows. Diana Ross will star on six dates at the Wynn’s Encore Theater. Usher will embark on his first Strip residency from July through to New Year’s Day next year at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum. Throw in class acts like Barry Manilow, Sting, and Cher, and you can see why many people see Sin City as the place to be for world-class live music.

Las Vegas is truly a city like none other, offering a tremendous mix of all entertainment options while offering accessible class to the public.

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