9 Gorgeous Islands You Should Choose for Luxurious Holidays in Greece

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When you have limited time for holidays you need to focus on how you can make it memorable in the best possible way. If you have a budget you can look out for a luxurious holiday trip that would allow you to make the most of time. Greece remains one of the top choices for couples and solo travellers who want to enjoy luxurious holidays. Here you can enjoy your time the way you want because of the reliable sunny conditions and various activities that you can try on different islands. However, you must choose the right islands in Greece that would allow you to enjoy your holidays luxuriously.

Luxury accommodations can make a huge difference to your luxury holiday experiences in Greece. If you intend to spend villa holidays in Greece, you need to look for the best villas that you can find on these Greek islands. This would ensure that you have the best facilities and amenities to enhance your holiday experiences.

Let’s take a quick look at 9 Greek islands that you should choose for your luxury holidays. 


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If you are looking for a romantic holiday in Greece where you can spend quality time with your partner and admire the sunset together you must choose Santorini. Known for its magical sunset views, Santorini has a lot more to offer especially when you are looking for a luxury holiday. With ample luxury hotels, resorts and villas you can enjoy the best facilities and amenities even when you are travelling alone. Apart from the luxurious accommodation you also get to explore quaint villages which remain an integral part of the local culture. You also get to enjoy breathtaking views of the caldera and enjoy some delicious Greek cuisine at some of the finest restaurants. 


When you think of luxury accommodations you must choose Crete which is one of the biggest islands in Greece. Over many centuries, Crete has remained central to many civilizations and therefore you can admire the architecture and culture here as you enjoy luxurious holidays. Crete offers a variety of hotels, resorts and villas furnished with the best amenities and facilities. You can explore the old town while you are in Crete and enjoy the Cretan cuisine which is a bit different than the traditional Greek cuisine. If you love the beaches, Crete can offer you plenty of them where you can unwind and relax.


Corfu is one of the main islands in the Ionian Sea and, therefore, gets the most visitors. Being one of the popular islands in Greece you can find a range of luxury accommodations that would allow you to enjoy your holidays the way you please. Corfu is also a paradise for those who enjoy nature as one can find various hiking trails, fishing villages, pristine beaches and historic towns that offer so much more. While you are in Corfu you can admire the Venetian architecture and the old buildings that still reflect the past of the island. You can enjoy meals at some of the award-winning restaurants and also sip Greek coffee at various reputed cafes that bring forth Greece’s coffee culture. 


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If you are looking for a luxurious holiday in Greece where you can enjoy vibrant nightlife you must book your accommodations in Mykonos. Known as the party island of Greece, Mykonos is known for its rave parties and clubs. With excellent accommodation choices, you can choose from luxurious villas and resorts that offer you the best amenities and facilities. During the day hours, you can head out to explore traditional windmills, paved alleys and picturesque churches that dot this island. You can also look out for various shopping venues where you can splurge as per your preference.


Also known as Zante, Zakynthos is one of the popular Greek islands known for its beaches. If you are planning to spend a luxurious beach holiday you can look for accommodations on this island. Navagio Beach also known as the Shipwreck Beach is the most popular of all. However, you can always look out for other beaches where you can do water sports activities or just relax and enjoy the beach view. While you are exploring the beaches you can also rent a boat and head out for mesmerizing blue caves or look out for delicious Greek cuisine at various restaurants and tavernas. 


Milos offers the perfect getaway experience where you can bask in the serenity of this Greek island. With luxurious villas and resorts to offer you accommodation, you can have a great time here to rejuvenate your mind and soul. You can head to some of the stunning beaches that Milos has to offer and spend time looking at the crystal-clear blue waters. Milos is a volcanic island and you can also explore various volcanic craters and even archaeological sites that would offer you a unique holiday experience.


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If you are looking for dramatic sunset views Rhodes is the second-best island after Santorini that can offer you spectacular views. Hence, you can look out for luxurious holiday resorts, hotels and villas that would provide you with luxurious facilities and amenities. Rhodes also has a strong historic connection, and therefore, you can explore some of the ruins and historic buildings that tell you more about the island. If you are a nature person you can find ample locations on the island where you can head out for hiking and outdoor adventures. 


If you are a beach person, Kefalonia is the island you should choose for your luxurious holiday in Greece. This island has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Myrtos Beach and Antisamos Beach are the two popular ones you should not miss. However, apart from the pristine beaches, Kefalonia has a lot more to offer. Here you can explore the natural landscape and even find a national park. If you love driving, you can drive along the coastal road to enjoy spectacular Greek views. You should also visit fishing villages like Assos and Fiskardo, which offer you a great experience.


If you love vibrant nightlife, Sifnos is the place you should choose for your luxury holiday in Greece. This place is a paradise for those who love art and architecture. If you love to explore places on foot you can do that in Sifnos. This island is also known for its rich culture and delicious food which means that you can hop to various restaurants that would provide you with a variety on the menu. When you are done, you can explore museums, ancient ruins, historical sites and even quiet beaches that offer you a great, wholesome holiday experience.

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