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Elevated Escapes: Discovering Luxury Tree House Retreats Worldwide

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You can experience the world’s most enchanting tree house retreats, where luxury meets nature. From Sweden’s wilderness to New Zealand’s tranquility, these unique accommodations offer an unforgettable experience whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly, relaxing spa, or both! You’re guaranteed to find your perfect tree-top retreat in this article.

1. Modern Tree House Designs

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Kedardome

The Treehotel in Sweden is a marvel of modern design and sustainability. Each of the seven tree houses has a unique architectural design. The Mirrorcube, for instance, is a lightweight aluminum structure covered in mirrors. It reflects the surrounding forest, blending seamlessly into the environment. The interior is plywood with a birch surface, making the atmosphere warm and cozy. Prices start at around $500 per night. The nearest airport is Luleå, and the hotel offers a transfer service.

Moving on to the African continent, the Tsala Tree-Top Lodge in South Africa is a modern, luxurious design. Each tree house is made from stone, wood, and glass. The lodge’s stone masonry gives a rustic and modern style. The elevated tree houses offer breathtaking views of the surrounding forest and the Tsitsikamma Mountains in the background. Prices start at around $400 per night. The lodge is a short drive from Plettenberg Bay Airport.

2. Eco-Friendly Retreats

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Statia Grossman

Next, we travel to the lush rainforests of Costa Rica. The Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica is an eco-friendly retreat with a sustainable design. The tree-house is built upon the strong Sangrillo trees, famous for their long lifespan. The design incorporates the trees into the structure, creating a living space that respects its natural surroundings. Prices start at around $250 per night. The lodge is a 4-hour drive from Juan Santamaría International Airport.

Our journey takes us next to the forests of Vancouver Island, Canada. The Free Spirit Spheres in Canada are spherical tree houses made of fiberglass and wood, creating cozy interiors. Elevated in the trees, the spheres sway with the wind, offering a one-with-nature experience. Prices start at around $175 per night. The spheres are a 2-hour drive from Nanaimo Airport.

3. Traditional Cultural Experiences

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / ot.sun

For a more traditional experience, we arrive in Asia at the Keemala Resort in Phuket, Thailand. The resort’s tree pool houses are inspired by the ‘We-ha’ clan, known for their belief in an elevated life. The design incorporates a private pool into each tree house, creating a luxurious tree-top experience. The high-top houses offer stunning views of the surrounding rainforest and the Andaman Sea. Prices start at around $450 per night. The resort is a 40-minute drive from Phuket International Airport.

In the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Treehouse Point offers a natural forest retreat. Each tree house is designed with cedar interiors and large windows that provide panoramic forest views. The tree houses are built using special hardware to minimize impact on the tree’s growth. Prices start at around $300 per night. The retreat is a 30-minute drive from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

4. Tree-top Spa Retreats

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Michelle R Designs

The Nothofagus Hotel & Spa in Chile is a unique tree-house experience with a stunning view of the Patagonian Andes. The hotel’s design is inspired by the Nothofagus, or Southern Beech tree, and is built entirely of wood. The circular design of the hotel offers 360-degree views of the forest and mountains.

The Tree House Spa in New Zealand is a wellness retreat with a view of the beautiful Kiwi forests. The tree house, built with sustainable native timber, camouflages itself into a forest canopy, so you feel as if you’re camping out without all the unpleasantries! The spa experience offers treatments inspired by traditional Maori healing practices. Prices start at around $350 per night. The retreat is a 2-hour drive from Auckland International Airport. The journey to the Tree House Spa is as enjoyable as the stay, as you drive by New Zealand’s famous landscapes along the way. 

The Bottom Line

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Image Credit: Pexels / Darren Lawrence

Each tree-house retreat offers a high-quality design, stunning location, and eco-friendly sustainability, providing an escape from the ordinary. Happy traveling!

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