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Making A Magazine Online For Free

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You may be surprised by just how easy it is to make a magazine for free!

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1.    Determine the purpose of your magazine – There is only one place to begin, and this is by determining the purpose of your magazine. After all, different kinds of magazines have different purposes. Some are there to entertain while others are there to inform. Why do you want to create a magazine free? What is your magazine going to do? Some of the main purposes of most magazines are as follows: persuade, spark debate, entice to buy, entertain, and inform. Once you have decided what the purpose of your magazine is going to be, you will then have the basis to make all of the right decisions. Every time you write an article or choose an image, have the purpose of the mag in mind!

2.    Choose an online program for creating a magazine – To make a magazine for free, you need to have an effective magazine publishing software solution. In the next section, I will talk you through five good suggestions to create a magazine for free. When choosing from the magazine layout design software options that are available, think about was the way in which you are going to make your magazine, i.e. am I going to make it from scratch or upload a PDF document? You also need to think about whether you want to create a print magazine and a digital magazine, or whether you want to make both.

3.    Add compelling graphics and photos – To capture my audience, appealing images are a necessity. They need to be of a high quality. For digital, images should be 200 ppi. For print magazines, they should be at least 300 ppi. There are plenty of free stock image websites you can make the most of if you do not have your own photographs, as well as paid services too. You could use Shutterstock. The best free online magazine creator solutions will enable you to edit photographs too so that you can get them just right for publication.

4.    Find the best typography for your message – Of course, the way you write the articles in your magazine is going to depend on the type of audience you are trying to reach. The same can be said when it comes to the typography you use and the way the text is presented when you make a magazine for free. Different typefaces have different connotations. Generally speaking, for the web, sans serif typefaces are ideal. For print viewing, I would recommend serif typefaces. Different presentation styles will also be required for different sections of your magazines. The best thing to do is to use different variants of the same font family. You may also want to learn how to use Google translate so that you are able to create different variations of your magazine for different languages.

5.    Printing and publication – Last but not least, do some research on how to publish an online magazine and print my magazine probably. If you want to make a magazine for free and you are only going to do it on a digital platform, you simply need to see whether you can embed your magazine into your website and how else you can share it, i.e. via social platforms. For print, there are many more things to consider. You need to ensure the paper and the printing is of an exceptional standard. Plus, you must have a bleed area on the document template too. Consider consulting with a high-quality print company and magazine publishers so quality is never jeopardized.

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What is the best digital magazine software?

So, as you have probably gathered, if you are going to make a magazine for free, you are going to need the magazine maker software to do so. There are plenty of great free software and magazine maker app options available for people looking to make a magazine for free for their work or pleasure. Here are some options…

•    Yumpu – With this digital magazine creator, you need to create a PDF version of your magazine. You then upload it to Yumpu, and you can make any adjustments from there, as well as embedding it into your own website.

•    Lucidpress – This has got to be one of the best solutions for those who want to make a magazine for free. It comes with so many different tools and templates, as well as various sharing options and free magazine templates. Plus, there are two ways you can go about creating a magazine. You can either create it from scratch or upload your own version and take it from there.

•    MagLoft – This is a magazine maker free printable designed for those who wish to turn a PDF magazine into a digital version, i.e. start an online magazine PDF, rather than create one from scratch.

•    Flipsnack – This is another amazing platform for those who want to make a magazine for free. It operates just like Lucidpress, in that it gives you two options. You get so many great features too; from page flip animation and Google Analytics integration to eCommerce and sharing buttons, and a magazine cover creator.

•    Flip PDF Professional – Flip magazine maker is another good option for those who want to create an online magazine from a PDF version. When publishing, you will automatically benefit from Flash for PC and Mac and HtmL5 for mobile and tablet.

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