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Palace of Versailles Tour Interior Highlights

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A tour of the Palace of Versailles will introduce you to the history of France through art and architecture.

The Palace of Versailles is one of the finest examples and most significant achievements of French art and architecture from the 17th century. It was the royal residence of France from the 17th century and remained so until the French Revolution. It is located southwest of Paris in the region of Île-de-France and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In the 19th century, the Palace of Versailles was assigned a new role, and it was to be the Museum of the History of France. Today, it is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. Palace of Versailles tours introduce the visitors to important events and celebrated figures of the rich and long history of France. The palace rooms house countless sculptures and paintings and other collections, which have only expanded with time.

Palace of Versailles

Versailles Palace, with its 700 rooms complete with frescoed ceilings and carvings, is a feast for the eyes. Your visit to France remains incomplete without a trip to the Palace of Versailles. The following are the highlights of a tour of Versailles palace interior.

The Hall of Mirrors

It is the most famous room in the Palace and designed by Louis Le Vau. The large terrace opened onto the garden, and later it was replaced with a large gallery.

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The Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel was completed in 1710 and dedicated to Saint Louis. The overall design is inspired by Gothic architecture.

The Royal Opera

One of the finest works of Ange-Jacques Gabriel, the Royal Opera was inaugurated in 1770 and is the largest concert hall in Europe. In terms of decorative refinement, it is seen as a great technical achievement, as it is constructed mostly of wood with faux finishes to give the look of marble.

The King’s Apartment

The King’s Apartment contains a Guard Room, two antechambers and chamber. A strict hierarchy and etiquette governed access to these rooms.

The Queen’s Apartments

The Queen’s Apartments are a series of rooms, and the layout of the rooms is perfectly symmetrical. The important room in the apartments is the bedchamber where the Queen spent most of her time.

The Mistresses’ Apartments

As the mistresses of the king played a key role in the life of the king and court history, they occupied luxurious accommodations close to the king’s apartment.

paris 279823 1920

Louis XV’s daughters’ Apartments

The apartments are symmetrical and have been recently restored to their original condition. The six daughters of Louis XV lived here; two of them lived to old age and were never married.

The Coronation Room

The large room adjoining the royal apartments became a room that was devoted to the glory of the emperor. The room displays the greatest paintings of the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte.

versailles 94586 1920

The Congress Chamber

The Congress Chamber was built at the end of 19th century, and is still in use today. The room remains closed to visitors but can be visited on European Heritage Days.

The 1792 Room

The 1792 room is devoted to the French Revolution and offers a glimpse into the political and historical projects of the king. It shows the end of the French monarchy and the beginning of a new era in France.

The Empire Rooms

The 13 Empire Rooms honor the Empire under the Gallery of Battles and display the large paintings commissioned by Napoleon. The Empire Rooms retrace the incredible destiny of a young artillery year after year.

paris 279822 1920

The Crusades Room

The works on crusades were placed on the garden level and were a project under Louis-Philippe, who wanted to pay tribute to the Legitimist nobility. The five Crusades Rooms narrate the story of the eight main crusades from the 11th to the end of the 13th century.

The Gallery of Great Battles

The Gallery of Great Battles is an integral part of the Palace. The historic Galleries cover almost the entire first floor of the South Wing and showcase almost 15 centuries of French military successes through pictures, images, and paintings.

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