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Six Reasons to Rent a Timeshare: How Renting a Timeshare is a Great Travel Option

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Renting a timeshare can deliver a great travel experience. Read the reasons to rent a timeshare and discover why renting a timeshare might be the best option for your next trip, especially if last minute timeshare rentals are available.

reasons to rent a timeshare - Hua Hin Thailand

In more than three years of full time travel, we discovered a variety of reasons to rent a timeshare when considering accommodations in a new destination. We balance our travel expenses in a variety of ways, including exchanging timeshares we own to vacation in places ranging from Malaysia to Mallorca, but renting a timeshare outside of the exchange process is something timeshare owners and non-owners don’t consider nearly as much as perhaps they should.

Note: The photos in this post are taken by us at timeshares in which we’ve stayed in Thailand, Mallorca, Hawaii and the Canary Islands.

In this post, we’ve partnered with, which is a reputable timeshare resale and rental website, to bring you great reasons to consider how timeshare rentals, particularly last minute timeshare rentals, can be another tactic in your travel strategy and help reach your objectives.

renting a timeshare - Mallorca

1. Renting a Timeshare Can Save You Significant Money on Accommodations
Timeshare owners often spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase their week(s) at high demand resorts, accompanied by fee structures which include taxes and maintenance, as well as exchange and other resort fees, depending on the particular circumstances. When owners cannot use the week they’ve purchased, they want to recoup that investment. Likewise, resorts see empty units and want them filled. These are situations you, as someone looking into how to rent a timeshare, can take advantage of.

Timeshare rentals by owner are often significantly discounted from the “rack rate” at a resort. We’ve rented getaways at a variety of luxury resorts for a fraction of the cost. There’s a great satisfaction in looking at the person in the beach chair next to you and knowing that your timeshare rental is costing you far less than what they’re likely paying.

2. When You Rent a Timeshare, You Control When You Visit

last minute timeshare rentals - Kauai, Hawaii

A typical characteristic of timeshare ownership is the relative flexibility assigned to different weeks in the timeshare year. High demand weeks, such as over Christmas and New Years, command high purchase prices, which not everyone can afford. So timeshare buyers may settle for mid-range demand with less flexibility for budgetary reasons. Flexibility can be limited at these lower tiers depending on your timeshare and exchange companies.

A timeshare rental strategy puts a different spin on inflexibility. You go where you want, when you want. Just go online and search for your preferred dates and location, and you’ll come up with dozens of affordable choices. Last minute timeshare rentals can be serendipitous – in our case, we might never have considered going to places, some of which we’d never previously heard – and deliver an unexpectedly enhanced experience. Work with people you trust to provide guidance when you rent a timeshare; reputable companies such as will have good customer service processes and a wide variety of inventory to suit your needs.

3. Timeshare Rentals Provide Spacious and Flexible Accommodations
This is the thing people love most about timeshares. Let’s face it, booking equivalent space – particularly for a group – at a hotel can put you in the stratosphere cost-wise very quickly. Why rent a timeshare? Because timeshares come configured with multiple en-suite bedrooms with luxury baths, equipped kitchens, laundry in the unit, and balconies or patios. To get these things in a traditional hotel is a guarantee your budget could quickly be a faded memory.

Resorts are positioned for views and access to beach and water. As well, resorts are organized for accessibility to the amenities on site. Renting a timeshare gets you the benefit of all of this thoughtful customer experience design. Take advantage of it by renting one or more units for a family or friends group and plan activities based upon what’s on offer at the resort.

4. Renting a Timeshare Means You Can Eat “At Home”

timeshare rental in the Canary Islands

For people who love to cook, and those who love to cook with each other as many in our family do, renting a timeshare means we have a “home-like” atmosphere in which to enjoy this activity. Out of all the reasons to rent a timeshare, this would be in the top two or three. It can’t be just about saving money!

But, saving money by eating “at home” at a timeshare rental during your vacation is a great way to add other experiences into the overall mix. It’s convenient to have a coffee maker and breakfast fixings on hand for the later sleep you’re hoping to enjoy, and it’s fun to cook at least a dinner or two in your unit. Why rent a timeshare if you’re not planning on taking advantage?

5. Last Minute Timeshare Rentals Can Often Offer an In-Demand Experience for Far Less
Why rent a timeshare at the last minute? Spontaneity in travel is one of the ultimate luxuries; it’s why we worked so hard to become location independent. Who doesn’t chafe at being hemmed in?.

Last minute timeshare rentals offer a significant opportunity to take advantage of an in-demand experience if you have the means to evaluate them properly. For most timeshare renters, practice will make perfect, along with trusted rental partners.

timeshare rental in Hawaii

Knowing how to rent a timeshare to take advantage of overlooked vacant inventory or a change in owner’s plans can mean an amazing opportunity. We consider it kind of like “playing chicken” with the system: you’re banking on this being the best offer at the closest date you can get. There’s a sweet spot there: land on the intersection properly and you’ll be ecstatic.

6. Renting a Timeshare Gives You Owner Amenities Without the Commitment
Many resorts, not all but most in our experience, differentiate very little, if at all, between guests who are owners and those who are renting a timeshare. This means access to all the fine amenities available at the resort is yours, too.

We’ve stayed at timeshare resorts that offered: oceanfront views, multiple swimming pools, whirlpool baths in a king-sized master suite, tennis, award-winning golf courses, fine dining options, concierge services, sauna and spa experiences, and more. Timeshare rentals can deliver a luxurious experience at a super attractive value.

In short, there are compelling reasons to rent a timeshare: flexibility, amenities, extra space, and significant savings. Why not consider renting a timeshare in a destination you’ve always wanted to visit?

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Taylor Wright

Monday 25th of November 2019

I'm glad that you talked about how you can choose a wide variety of dates to choose from to visit the timeshare. My wife and I are wanting to get a timeshare since I am retiring in the next couple of years. We will have to find a timeshare where we like and where it is warm.

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