Reasons to Visit Malaysia This Year

Malaysia, shrouded in beauty and culture, is an often underrated destination which offers a huge range of experiences. Check out the many reasons to visit Malaysia from lifestyle and cultural to tradition, history, and scenic natural experiences.

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Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia which is shrouded in beauty and culture. It is a place that many like to come to relax and get away from the western world as it offers a very different style of living as well as many natural beauties.

Malaysia is an often underrated vacation destination, but it offers a huge range of experiences. Visitors interested in history, culture and traditions, wildlife and nature, architecture and gastronomy will find many reasons to visit Malaysia. Read on for details. . .

Cultural Diversity
Like many of the countries in Southeast Asia, the main pull of visiting this part of the world is the wide range of culture available for you to experience. Even so, a variety of ethnicities and different cultures have merged into a landscape which is unique to Malaysia in this region. You could walk from one end of a city to the other and find a huge range of cuisines, cultures and religions all in one place.

Religious Variety
With culture also comes religion, and there is no shortage of religion in this country. There are Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims all living in Malaysia. Wherever you go you will be able to see temples and mosques, as well as experience the different way people live their day to day lives.

Continental Food
Food is a huge part of why we travel, and it is always fun to try new types of cuisines and discover combinations we never thought we would try. In Malaysia there are a lot of different types of cuisines available: from Chinese to Indian to Thai, tempered with European influences. Malaysia is one of the main traditional trade route stops for spices all over the world, which means that global influences on its cuisine are ever present. You will enjoy the fusion of different techniques and flavors on offer here.

The capital of Kuala Lumpur is a developed area in Malaysia, but the surrounding areas are still finding their feet. You will be able to see a growth in many types of property in malaysia– from antique architecture to modern glass towers. It is ever changing and is great to see the variation in type of building in the cities. Many cities have ambitious development plans backed by both government and private investments. The result is a positive environment for smart growth.

Long-standing Tradition
If you love the idea of fully immersing yourself in the ideals and traditions of another part of the world, then Malaysia is a great place to do it. Although Malaysia is contemporary in many aspects, its society is a meld of modern ways with ancient traditions which have been passed down from generation to generation. These can include the youngsters serving elders before they eat, and also praying before meals.

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Rainforest Trekking
You will already recognize the large Malaysian island of Borneo as the home of some of the most ancient rainforests in the world, which are famous as orangutan habitat. The people of Malaysia work hard to maintain these rainforests and offer trekking experiences for those who want to experience the rainforest ecosystem and observe orangutans in the wild.

Low Cost Everything
One of the great draws of this country is the fact that everything costs so little. There are always markets on in the streets of Malaysia where you can buy anything from fresh produce, spices, materials and clothes to wear. Because much of these products are made by locally in the country, they can be quite inexpensive for Western budgets.

Tropical Paradise
This country lies directly on the equator, and the result is tropical temperatures all year round. If you want to get away from the harsh winter and take a trip in the sun, here is the perfect place to go. Equatorial weather can sometimes be unpredictable, however it is fun no matter where you decide to visit in the country. You could be relaxing by the beach, climbing through the forest or even picking strawberries in Cameron Highlands.

Natural Wonders
Southeast Asia is full of some of the most stunning wonders in the whole world, and Malaysia is no exception. The Klang Gates Quartz Ridge is perhaps one of the most stunning natural wonders in this country, and it is an incredibly popular place for all types of hikers from around the world. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sunlight and to get some panoramic photos for your memories.

Unique Wildlife
In Malaysia you will be able to see a huge range of animals that you would never be able to see in another part of the world. By delving into the dense rainforests in areas such as Borneo, you will be able to see hundreds of species which are native and exclusive to this magnificent part of the world. These animals include the tapir, the pangolin and even the binturong. Without venturing into the depths of the rainforests, you can visit the National Zoo of Malaysia in Selangor and observe wildlife in natural-style habitat.

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UNESCO Heritage Sites
One of the great things about Malaysia is that it hasn’t been affected by time in the same way as many other countries around the world. Malaysia boasts four current UNESCO Heritage Sites which protect its natural and architectural legacy. For architecture, visit places such as Georgetown, Malacca, and the Lenggong Valley. For natural heritage, see Gunung Mulu and Kinabalu National Parks in Borneo. Note that the National Park of Peninsular Malaysia in Pahang is also slated for inclusion in the future.

Multicultural Art
Due to the ethnic, religious, and international diversity in this part of Asia, it should be no big surprise that multicultural art abounds in Malaysia. Different techniques and styles from all over the world converge in the nation’s artistic footprint, with a lively art scene spearheaded by innovative galleries and museum curation.

Malaysia is a diverse country that deserves your attention when you’re planning to travel in Asia. We found it to be one of our favorite destinations, with its own personality, great affordability, mouth-watering cuisine, and exceptional scenery. Don’t miss Malaysia!

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Borneo Bob

Monday 17th of December 2018

What a great article. As a tour operator actually based within Borneo itself, we also like to point out the ethical work that is being carried out to protect the species and the environment of this amazing habitat. We lobe Borneo and want all visitors to fall in love with it to, whilst being mindful of the need to visit and tour in an ethical way that helps to further the protection cause. Borneo Bob.