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Seven Tips to Plan Your Summer Family Vacation On a Budget

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It can be a challenge to plan your summer family vacation on a budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can stretch your budget dollars and guard against inflated costs during high season. Consider these seven tips!

Summer is a season many couples look forward to. We all love getting our shorts and swimsuits out and enjoying the sunshine on the beach. It is also the time for vacations, and, since most companies know that families schedule their getaway for the summer months, and they increase their prices. The reality is that most of us have to plan our family vacation on a budget which requires smart decision-making. If you would like to stick to your budget and keep exploring new places, our seven tips on how to plan your yearly break can help!

1. Book Early
The sooner you start booking your vacation the more likely you are to get better prices on most of the sites. Last minute deals may not be available if you want to book a vacation at a popular tourist destination. However, if you encounter early bird offers, making a quick decision can have you taking advantage of great deals. If you don’t go for a package holiday, you might want to book your flights first, as prices are likely to go up. In the interim, keep an eye on the hotel and transportation deals.

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2. Consider Europe
Beach destinations such as Mexico and Florida are popular all year round, and you might want to spend a winter vacation on a tropical island instead of a cold city. But Europe also offers great beaches and facilities in the summer with plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Hotel prices in Europe, especially if you go off the beaten path, can be affordable, and include plenty of extra services.

3. Go All Inclusive
If you’d prefer fewer variables in your budget, you might search for all inclusive summer family holiday options. When you travel with smaller children, their stay might be free in some hotels, including all inclusives, making it easier to budget. You will not need to pay for every juice and ice cream they want, and you will know exactly how much your vacation will cost. Some all inclusive deals include a kids’ club, so you can take a break from the children and have some adult time yourselves.

4. Use Coupon and Voucher Sites
If you sign up for deal checker sites and coupon apps, you can save hundreds of dollars on package vacations, flights, car rentals, attractions, and hotels. Get yourself on the mailing list and start getting recommendations on upcoming deals, so you can take advantage of the discounts offered by travel companies.

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5. Take Advantage of Kids Free Offers
Some companies offer a summer vacation deal for families with children’s stay and flights discounted or for free. If you have a young family, taking advantage of these offers can save you hundreds of dollars each time you book. Make sure you check out the age restrictions and compare the total price with other packages, so you don’t end up paying more for adults only than it would cost you to pay for everyone.

6. Take Your Car
In case you are planning on visiting a seaside city and want to explore surrounding beaches during your stay, you might save money by taking your car, instead of hiring one. Work out how much it would cost you to drive to your vacation resort and get quotes on flights and car hire, so you can decide which is the cheaper and more convenient option. If you don’t want to pay high taxi and transfer prices in popular resorts, you can drive yourself and see more of the area than you would by signing up for a guided tour.

7. Consider Villa Rental or AirBnB

Larger families with older children can save money by foregoing hotels and resorts, and renting a holiday home, villa, or private home directly from the owner instead. You can get the older kids to look after the young ones at times, and go shopping together. A villa with a private pool will surely impress your children more than a crowded poolside in a popular resort. You might have barbecues in the evening, play games, and otherwise spend some quality time together, making your family vacation memorable.

Planning your summer vacation for your family on a budget can be challenging. Consider all your options, and make sure you start researching your chosen destination on time. Sign up for deal alerts, and take advantage of kids’ offers. Sit down with your kids to talk about their preferences, and create an easy to manage spending budget. Check out all inclusive offers to avoid overspending during your stay. Look at deals in Europe, and don’t be afraid of exploring new places that are less popular, but equally family friendly and warm.

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