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Shopping in Munich: Photo Essay

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Shopping in Munich is particularly delightful if you have an appreciation for design esthetics. German orderliness and precision was on display!

Germany is a precise and orderly society: trains run on time, appointments and start times require you be punctual. If you respond to a similar esthetic in design, shopping in Munich will be one of your favorite memories! We wandered around Marienplatz on a sunny January Saturday, with no agenda except for a vaguely-defined errand at the Apple Store. Here’s what we noticed:

Germans love their leather! Hello, lederhosen? Yes, in the Hofbrauhaus. Throughout Munich, we admired the leather coats, shoes and accessories of fellow shoppers and passersby. Handbag details were flawless, shoes were spit-shined, coats and jackets squeaked and crunched. Coming from Kauai, where it seems like anything leather develops mold in about 90 seconds, I was infatuated.


We were fascinated by the wealth of traditional Bavarian dress options, particularly in men’s haberdashery. Tailoring soars to lofty heights with impeccable detailing and precision stitching.

Every display was a treat, even if it held the most mundane items:

Tempting as it might have been to completely reinvent ourselves in the Bavarian tradition, we detoured to the Viktuelienmarkt. Get a load of these vignettes!

shopping in munich

Cuddle up and enjoy!

Even though the temps were chilly, everyone was out enjoying the Saturday sun. Taking a break from our stroll, we were attracted by the thoughtful details at this sidewalk stop. Aren’t these lambskin throws inviting? Just the thing for a steaming cup of sustenance! Cafe au lait, or perhaps something a little stronger? What a perfect end to a morning of shopping in Munich!

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