The 10 Best Places for Canoe Camping 2024

Embarking on a canoe camping adventure combines the tranquil pleasure of paddling through serene waters with the excitement of camping in the wilderness. This guide is for enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in nature’s quietude, away from the bustling pace of modern life. It highlights destinations renowned for their natural beauty, unique ecosystems, and the opportunity to explore landscapes accessible only by water. From the remote expanses of Alaska’s Noatak River to the historic waterways of the Dordogne in France, each location offers a distinct experience set against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery and rich biodiversity. 

1. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota, USA

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The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in northern Minnesota is a pristine labyrinth of lakes and rivers spread over a million acres of wilderness. With its clear waters and untouched forests, this area offers over 1,200 miles of canoe routes and more than 2,000 designated campsites. Paddling through the BWCAW, you’ll navigate waters that meander through dense forests, past rocky cliffs, and around serene islands, offering an unparalleled opportunity to disconnect from the modern world and immerse yourself in nature. Wildlife sightings, including moose, beavers, and various birds, add to the wilderness experience. The BWCAW’s extensive network of waterways allows for trips of varying lengths and difficulties, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

2. Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

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Algonquin Provincial Park is one of Canada’s premier canoe camping destinations between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River in Ontario. With over 1,500 lakes and 745 miles of rivers and streams, Algonquin offers a vast network of canoe routes ranging from day trips to week-long adventures. The park’s mixed forests, rugged terrain, and abundant wildlife, including moose and loons, create a quintessentially Canadian wilderness experience. Algonquin’s backcountry campsites, accessible only by canoe, provide an increasingly rare sense of solitude and connection with nature. The park also has a rich history, with several cultural and educational resources available to visitors, including the Algonquin Logging Museum and the Algonquin Art Centre.

3. Sarek National Park, Sweden

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Sarek National Park in northern Sweden is a remote wilderness area known for its dramatic landscapes, including mountains, glaciers, and fast-flowing rivers. It’s a challenging destination suited for experienced paddlers and wilderness campers prepared for the rugged conditions. Sarek does not have marked trails or designated campsites, offering a true adventure in one of Europe’s last great wildernesses. The park’s rivers provide thrilling whitewater paddling opportunities, while the surrounding landscapes offer breathtaking beauty and solitude. Wildlife in Sarek includes reindeer, Arctic foxes, and a variety of bird species, making it a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts.

4. The Dordogne River, France

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The Dordogne River in southwestern France offers a canoeing experience rich in history and natural beauty. Paddling down the Dordogne, you’ll pass medieval towns, ancient castles, and prehistoric caves that tell the story of human history in this region. The river flows through diverse landscapes, from rugged cliffs and dense forests to tranquil countryside, providing a serene backdrop for your journey. The Dordogne is suitable for paddlers of all skill levels, with calm waters interspersed with mild rapids. Along the way, you can stop at riverside villages to explore local markets, sample regional cuisine, and immerse yourself in French.

5. The West Highlands, Scotland

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Scotland’s West Highlands offer a dramatic and rugged landscape for canoe camping, with lochs (lakes) and rivers set against towering mountains and deep glens. The Great Glen Canoe Trail stretches from Fort William to Inverness is a popular route, taking paddlers through some of Scotland’s most iconic scenery, including Loch Ness. The trail is well-suited for multi-day canoe camping trips, with designated camping spots along the way. The region’s rich history, including ancient castles and battle sites, adds an intriguing layer to the outdoor adventure. The remote setting and the often-challenging Scottish weather make this destination best suited for more experienced paddlers.

6. The Everglades National Park, Florida, USA

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The Everglades National Park in Florida offers a canoe camping experience unlike any other in one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. The park’s vast network of mangroves, freshwater marshes, and open waters is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife, including alligators, manatees, and countless bird species. Canoeing through the Everglades, you’ll navigate the tranquil Wilderness Waterway, a marked 99-mile route that offers various camping options, from chickees (elevated platforms) to beach sites. The Everglades’ subtropical climate allows for year-round paddling, though the best time to visit is during the cooler, drier months.

7. The Yukon River, Canada

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The Yukon River, flowing through the vast and wild landscapes of the Yukon Territory, offers an epic canoe camping journey steeped in the history of the Klondike Gold Rush. This mighty river, one of North America’s longest, serves as a lifeline through remote wilderness, providing paddlers with a true sense of adventure and isolation. The journey on the Yukon River can vary from relatively easy sections suitable for beginners to more challenging stretches that demand experience and skill. Along the way, canoeists encounter historic sites, abandoned settlements, and an abundance of wildlife, including bears, moose, and eagles, set against the backdrop of breathtaking northern scenery. The river’s clear waters and the surrounding untouched wilderness make it an ideal destination for those seeking to combine history with outdoor adventure.

8. The Soca River, Slovenia

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The Soca River in Slovenia is renowned for its striking emerald green waters and the stunning alpine scenery through which it flows. This beautiful river offers a range of paddling experiences, from tranquil stretches perfect for beginners and families to more turbulent sections that challenge even seasoned canoeists and kayakers. The Soca Valley, with its lush forests, rugged mountains, and charming Slovenian villages, provides a picturesque setting for camping and outdoor activities. The river is also rich in history, having been a frontline during World War I, with several historical trails and museums in the area dedicated to this period.

9. The Noatak River, Alaska, USA

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Flowing through the Arctic wilderness of the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Noatak National Preserve, the Noatak River is one of the longest undisturbed rivers in the United States. This remote river offers an unparalleled opportunity for adventurers to immerse themselves in a landscape that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. The Noatak River basin is a haven for wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves, and a variety of migratory birds, providing paddlers with frequent wildlife viewing opportunities. The river itself caters to a range of skill levels, with gentle flows through broad valleys as well as more challenging sections that will test the abilities of experienced canoeists. The vastness of the Alaskan wilderness, combined with the midnight sun of the Arctic summer, makes a canoe trip on the Noatak River a truly epic adventure.

10. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine, USA

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The Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine, USA, offers a quintessential wilderness canoeing experience across 92 miles of lakes, rivers, and streams in the heart of northern Maine’s dense forests. Designated as a National Wild and Scenic River, it provides paddlers with both serene and challenging passages amidst pristine natural beauty. Visitors are immersed in an environment rich with wildlife, including moose, black bears, and bald eagles, and the waters are abundant with brook trout, making it a prime location for fishing. The journey along the Allagash is an adventure into the untouched wilderness and a chance to encounter the area’s historical remnants from logging days past. This waterway is a sanctuary for those seeking solitude, adventure, and an authentic engagement with the wild.

The Bottom Line

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Canoe camping is an activity that offers physical challenge and relaxation; it’s a means to explore some of the world’s most pristine and untouched environments, connect with history, and immerse oneself in the natural world. From the remote wilderness of the Yukon River to the vibrant waters of the Soca River, each destination provides a unique backdrop for adventure, discovery, and connection with nature. As you plan your journey, remember to respect the environments you explore, prepare adequately for the challenges ahead, and embrace the transformative experience of traveling by water.

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