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5 Things to Do in Bermuda

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Important sights to see and things to do in Bermuda reflect the beauty of this tropical paradise bridging the Caribbean and Atlantic seas.

Bermuda is one of those special, remarkable corners of the world, where time seems to stand still, the climate is perfection, and everything feels possible. A genuine tropical paradise island perched precariously above high, rough ocean swells, it is the ultimate combo of Caribbean luxury and Atlantic excitement.


For such a tiny archipelago so far from anywhere else, it sure has a lot to offer, but these are five of the most important things to do and sights to see. So grab a flight or take a cruise from the Port of CharlestonPack a bag and discover the beauty of this little slice of heaven. 

Laze on a pink sand beach

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Image by Larry White from Pixabay

The pink sand beaches of Bermuda are one of the world’s most picturesque natural wonders and are must-see icons of this gorgeous isle. The stunning vista of Horseshoe Bay is one of the most famous and acclaimed seaside spots on the planet and is punctuated with shimmering edges of soft pink amidst its golden sands, but for the full experience, you need to go to Elbow Beach. Here the sand looks like cotton candy, and the contrast with the deep azure of its shallow waters is truly eye-popping!

Drink and dine

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Image by Mary McGrath from Pixabay

Bermuda’s capital Hamilton might be small, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to nightlife and evening entertainment. There’s a fantastic energy to this gorgeous little city, bedecked with stunning colonial architecture, and littered with excellent eateries and lively bars. Wander its pretty streets and get a taste of real Bermudan life. 

Go hiking

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Image by ArpitaShah from Pixabay

The picturesque Railway Trail provides some of the best views of the island and is easily the most comprehensive way to see life literally off the beaten track in Bermuda. The trail follows the route of an old railway line between St George’s in the west and Somerset in the east, and produces an array of stunning views, from breathtaking seascapes and the rocky bays of Coney Island to stone cut-throughs at Rural Hill and the glorious palm gardens of Frank’s Bay.

Get underground 

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Image by Joel Wesseldyke from Pixabay

A truly ancient attraction, the visual splendor of the Fantasy and Crystal Caves was carved out of the rock beneath the archipelago over 30 million years ago. These underground caverns, tunnels, and walkways are spooky and atmospheric, and one of the most interesting experiences you can find on the island. With glittering lakes and remarkable geological formation, these caverns are a great alternative as a break from catching rays on the beach.

Explore the island’s history and culture

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Image by Joel Wesseldyke from Pixabay

Despite its small size, Bermuda has a fascinating history, and it is well worth exploring in depth during your time on the island. The National Museum of Bermuda is the best place to discover the rich heritage of the island and will take you on a journey through shipwrecks, slavery, and captured German U-boats, as well as exploring some of the island’s most amazing wildlife. For art lovers, the Bermuda National Gallery has an excellent collection of Bermudian and international art covering the island’s nearly five-hundred-year history.

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