Top 3 Fun Prague Medieval Tavern Experiences (2024)

While you’re visiting Prague, spend a raucous evening in a Prague medieval tavern. A medieval tavern dinner in Prague is fun with plenty of food, drink and merriment!

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The city of Prague has been in existence for a little over 1000 years. It is home to numerous cultural attractions which have survived throughout its tumultuous history. Amongst all of the museums and historical sites, you will find fun in Prague that echoes history. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a medieval dinner, Prague is your destination.

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Looking for a Unique Experience? A Dinner and Show in a Medieval Setting will Qualify!

A traditional medieval dining experience in Prague with unlimited drinks will have raucous entertainment and a romanticized glimpse into what life might have been like during the days of feudal lords.

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For many visitors who want a glimpse of what it is like to visit a medieval tavern, Prague is the destination. They are a nice way to unwind with dinner, a mug of beer, or glass of wine in a medieval setting along with an entertaining show.

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You’ll find that each of the medieval style restaurants recommended here offers a similar medieval experience . . . a banquet with a medieval food menu, your choice of beer and wine, and authentic medieval music. We thought the medieval fortune teller was a highlight among the sword fights, jugglers, and other medieval entertainment at U Pavouka in Prague.

Your medieval feast menu will offer you a choice among several entrees. The medieval times dress code is casual.

Book this Prague Medieval Dinner with Unlimited Drinks – Go directly to the restaurant via your own transport to the restaurant where a 3-course dinner or 5-course meal with unlimited beer, wine or soft drinks and live medieval show awaits. Choose your dinner preferences when booking. For children between 4 and 12 years old, there is a 3-course chicken menu which consists of chicken broth with meat and vegetables, grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes or French fries, and homemade cake.

The Spider Medieval Tavern (Krcma U Pavouka), Prague Old Town

U Pavouka Medieval Tavern (The Spider) – Not far from Old Town Square is a massive historic medieval restaurant Prague is famous for. Advanced tickets are required for their medieval dinner experience, so be sure to make a reservation. Check out TripAdvisor ReviewsGo online to select from several medieval dining experiences.

Once inside the underground tavern, you will instantly be immersed in sights, sounds and smells that feel centuries old. The heavy wooden tables and chairs lend credence along with the ropes and nets that swoop overhead, resting on twisted beams. All of the actors are dressed in period costume and mingle with diners throughout the medieval banquet, which is a generous 5-course dinner that includes food and unlimited drinks. We chose a grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes and grilled whole trout with herbs and butter. 

Prague Medieval Tavern
Pete and fortune teller

While you dine you can enjoy the show that plays throughout the entire affair. You’ll see exotic belly dancers who use live snakes and swords as props, jugglers, and swashbuckling comedians all dressed in period costume, complemented by authentic music played by expert medieval musicians and drummers.

The processional was one of our favorite parts of the evening where we got a closer look at the musical instruments (and the beautiful dancers). We also quite enjoyed the ravishing medieval wench who wandered from table to table telling fortunes. She was quite accurate in her assessments, too.

Be ready for an evening of fun and merriment at this medieval tavern Prague Old Town location. Never did we imagine ourselves enjoying a restaurant which is called “The Spider,” but we really liked everything about this experience, even if it was touristy.

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U Sedmi Svabu

This is a historical tavern located in the Castle district. The traditional medieval dinner menu is accompanied by entertainment comprised of musicians, dancers, a swordsman or two, and fire show. Dining options from the regular menu here will easily satisfy your appetite, ranging from a warm and cold starter selection to smoked duck and turkey breast and traditional Czech options such as goulash, bohemian dumplings, pickled cabbage and pork knuckle. Choose a traditional dessert: Slavic honey cake, which is a homemade cake that has dried fruits, nuts, almonds and whipped cream; or fruit dumplings sprinkled with sugar and grated cheese, “decanted with drawn butter.”

Their Friday and Saturday night feast price includes unlimited drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks) along with a 2.5 hour medieval performance.

prague medieval tavern

Tavern Brabant

This medieval themed restaurant really goes all out to create an authentic medieval bar and tavern in Prague. Skulls hang from above and hay covers the floor in the medieval bar. While the food is probably not historically authentic, Czech food is generously filling, so don’t expect to eat a light meal. This is a medieval banquet at its finest. You certainly won’t leave hungry with all of the traditional Czech offerings that are touched with medieval restaurant flair. The roasted pork, the Bock beer, and the goulash are traditionally flavored.

This restaurant proves that dinner in a medieval tavern in Prague doesn’t have to be kitschy or touristy. The focus is all about dining in an authentic setting. So if you are looking for a 5-course medieval dining experience that offers great food without all of the entertainment distractions, this would probably be the perfect place for you. Check TripAdvisor Reviews.

A visit to a medieval-style tavern only assures you one thing . . . While you may only want to do it once, it’s a great night with lots of fun to make a unique and memorable experience!

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Other Medieval Experiences in Prague

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top 3 prague medieval tavern experiences
top 3 prague medieval tavern experiences
top 3 prague medieval tavern experiences

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Deb Dorchak

Sunday 21st of September 2014

That would suit me perfectly.

Deb Dorchak

Sunday 21st of September 2014

Oh Betsy! I wish we had known about these places when we were in Prague! Now I need to go back and experience them.

Betsy Wuebker

Sunday 21st of September 2014

Bula Deb! This is historically-based fantasy, lighthearted and lots of fun. Definitely not highbrow and sometimes that's just what we need.

Dana @ Wanted Adventure

Thursday 18th of September 2014

oooh Prague! My favorite city :D I lived there for a year back when I first moved to Europe 6 years ago and fell in love right away. I've ate at one such medieval tavern during my time there--was great!

Betsy Wuebker

Sunday 21st of September 2014

Bula Dana! We loved Prague, too. One of our favorite cities. This evening was great fun - just the thing to take the edge off a cold day filled with more serious sightseeing.