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Top 7 Action Packed Adventures in India

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India, with its versatile topography and rugged terrain, is a storehouse of adventure activities. When it comes to holidays, people are eager to try their hands at adventure activities. India, with its fast-flowing rivers, gorgeous mountains, roaring oceans, and beautiful islands, is an ideal country for adventure activities. From river rafting to scuba diving to sky diving to bungee jumping, every region of this nation – from the tranquil mountains in the north to the calm ocean in the south, from the remote caves in the north-east to the tropical forest of the western Ghats – offers something for the adventurer.

Today we are discussing 7 such adventurous destinations in India.

Trekking in The Obscure Cold Terrain in Leh, Ladakh

leh ladakh

Photo by McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0

Trekking is the foremost adventure activity in India and the bone-chilling cold region of Ladakh is the ultimate destination for it. Trekking here provides the ultimate adrenaline rush that adventure enthusiasts seek. There are various locations to trek in Ladakh. Of these the Chadar trek covering the frozen zanskar region close to leh is destination to lookout for. It is the toughest trekking route comprising of a frozen river bed covered under snow. The region looks like a tale from frozen Narnia, frozen rocks, rivers and waterfalls; amidst it stands a desolate monastery and the Zangla village. Other interesting trekking gateways in the region includes the Markha Valley (Zinchen region), Parang La in the ladakh-spiti valley route, Kang Yatse in Nimling etc.

Snorkeling And Scuba Diving in The Exotic Islands of Andaman And Lakshadweep

andaman island

Photo by Hrishikeshjoshi10, Public Domain

This is certainly for water sport lovers! Don’t get disappointed India isn’t the land of Himalayas and rivers alone. It is home to a magnificent coral reef and an exotic stretch island hosting diverse marine life and an active volcano. Yep! You guessed it right, we are speaking of the island stretch in the southeast and south-west region – visit Andaman, the barren island active volcano and the Lakshadweep with the active coral reef respectively. These 2 regions are the most favoured location for snorkelling and scuba diving. Go! Dive into the emerald sapphire water near the barren island and get closer to the primitive form of life- from rocks to living creatures. In Lakshadweep, dive into the active lively spewing coral reef and swim with exotic marine life like sea horses, sea urchins, sea otters, clown fishes, sword fishes etc.

Explore the Mountain and Rivers of Kerala With the Flying Fox Adventure

flying fox adventure

Photo by Zooz gunner, Public Domain

A relatively lesser known adventure activity, flying fox enables you to get a top view of valleys, rivers and mountains by moving on harnessed rope from one end of a mountain top to another. Surprisingly Kerala is well known for this adventure activity, with many Kerala Tour Packages having it on offer. Flying fox gives an emerald view of god’s own country. Visit Munnar, it is one of the destination for this activity. However, it can also be found in Neemrana of Rajasthan, Rishikesh and Kikar, Punjab.

Exploring the Dark Caves of Meghalaya

meghalaya caves

Photo by Belum Caves, CC BY-SA 4.0

Have you heard of caving? Yes! Exploring dark caves is an adventure activity. If you are one of those who are haunted by cave spirits- the magic of carvings on the cave; then this is your opportunity. In the northeast, Meghalaya is the ideal destination for this. Set amidst dense forest and waterfalls, these hidden caves are an enthralling destination. The cave tourism here takes about a day and covers a range of destination like Mawmluh, Mawsmai, Siju, Krem Liat Prah. Apart from Meghalaya, aurangabad’s Ajanta ellora caves and Araku valley’s borra caves are exciting caving destination.

Experience the Desert from a Hot Air Balloon

hot air ballon

Photo Credit Pixabay by Cleverpix, CC0 1.0

Over the vast arid topography of Rajasthan, you’ll get an aerial view of the majestic castles. Think of how the pink city or how the blue houses of Jodhpur look from the air. Hot air balloon rides are available in Jaipur and takes about 1 hour. So, opt for balloon safari the next time you visit the pink city or check out another Rajasthan Tour Package geared toward your interests.

Experience the Beaches of Goa by Fly-Boarding

fly bboarding

Photo by Jon Rawlinson, CC BY 2.0

Here is a different kind of water adventure sport. Enough of kayaking, river-rafting, snorkelling, now go one step further – descend on the waves from air. Yes, the magical fly-boarding experience as shown in movies. Fly through the waves, ride over them. The ultimate water sports in Goa, my friend makes it ideal place. It is the only region in India which has fly-boarding water sport.

Riding Waterfalls, Water Rappelling in Maharashtra

waterfall rappelling

Photo Credit Pixabay by PublicDomainPictures, CC0 1.0

Almost all of us have had a chance to visit waterfalls and bath in it. Surely, waterfalls are meant for that but there’s more than that meets the eye. How about riding a waterfall? Here you scale down a swift flowing waterfall using a harnessed rope. Thrilling! Right? Viewing a waterfall so close. Vihigaon Waterfall of Kasara in Thane, Maharashtra offers the best water rappelling experience in India. The Dodhani waterfall in Thane is another good option for this.

These are some of the best adventure destinations of India. So, plan your travel itineraries accordingly and seize these opportunities.

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Ajeesh kumar

Thursday 25th of April 2019

I never knew this much of adventures available in India. Thanks for sharing.

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