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Top Gambling Cities in the US

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2020)

Whether by accident or by design, some cities become permanently associated with gambling. Mention a name like Monte Carlo or Macao, and gambling is the first thing that springs to mind. These cities are not just shaped by the gambling industry, but they themselves shape the gambling industry. The games and the traditions that develop in these gambling hubs eventually filter to the rest of the world, with online casino websites often taking inspiration from these famous cities.


Some of the most influential gambling cities in the world are in the United States, which is no surprise given the country’s importance in popularizing a massive variety of table games and slots. Here’s a look at the three leading gambling cities located in the US.

Las Vegas

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Image by zzim780 from Pixabay

We couldn’t really start anywhere else, could we? Las Vegas is not just the top gambling city in Nevada, nor is it merely the top gambling city in the US. Vegas is rightfully renowned as the world’s leading gambling city, to the point where modern online casinos tap into what makes the City of Lights so popular. Many online casinos emulate the glitz and glamor of Vegas, while others even bear its name; LeoVegas, Mr Vegas, and LuckyVegas are just three of the many online casinos that pay homage to this gambling metropolis.

The Las Vegas Strip is populated by a string of famous landmarks, with the Mirage, the Bellagio, and Caesars Palace venues revered across the world. The casinos in Las Vegas are hallowed ground, responsible for popularizing new variations of classic games in the US, while Vegas’ association with the likes of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra means that no gambling city in the world can compete with its sense of prestige and luxury.

Atlantic City

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Image by 1778011 from Pixabay

When Bruce Springsteen sang ‘meet me tonight in Atlantic City’, he probably wasn’t inviting someone to come and experience New Jersey’s most famous casinos. However, if anyone other than The Boss is saying those words to you, then chances are that they have gambling on their mind. Atlantic City is a place where people dream big; that’s why it inspired the development of the beloved board game Monopoly, and that’s why it is synonymous with gambling today.

New Jersey is the state that runs Nevada close as the US’ premier gambling state, and Atlantic City is its crown jewel. Like Vegas, Atlantic City has iconic venues that have operated successfully for decades. There are nine casinos in the city, each with a distinctive theme. Gamblers can step into the Roaring Twenties at Resorts, strut like a cowboy in the Wild Wild West expansion at Bally’s or turn it up loud at the legendary Hard Rock Casino. 

New Orleans

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

New Orleans completes the traditional trinity of the US’ top gambling cities, with the place famed for its jazz also having lots to offer to casino fans. It’s not difficult to find gambling excitement in the Big Easy; Harrah’s Casino and its 2000 slot machines probably garner the most attention, but that’s not the only place to find entertainment in this Louisiana city. 

The city’s location at the mouth of the Mississippi River made it a gambling hub in the 19th century. The riverboats of New Orleans were the place to be in the 1800s for any gambler worth their salt, and you can still play on riverboats in the city as citizens did in centuries past. Gambling doesn’t end with casinos in New Orleans, as the Fair Grounds Race Course is the state’s premier “racino” – it combines classic casino games with off-track betting for the action on the racecourse. 

If you want to look outside of the traditional US gambling cities, then Black Hawk in Colorado is a tranquil gambling hub with a stunning backdrop of the Rockies. If you prefer beaches over mountains, then Fort Lauderdale in Florida is an ideal destination. However, if you’re keen to head to the cities in the US with the greatest gambling heritage and the widest range of casino options, then it’s difficult to look past the trio of New Orleans, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas. 

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