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How to Tour Europe by Train Using Eurail First Class Passes

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2023)

If you want to tour Europe by train, Eurail first class passes will offer you comfort and flexibility. Is a Eurail pass worth it? We say “yes!”

We prefer to travel by train whenever possible. It’s fun! And you can’t beat the convenience. The extra time it takes to go by surface in Europe is a good trade-off for eliminating all the hassles associated with air travel these days. We thought we’d share our experiences to give you an idea of how to tour Europe by train in Eurail First Class, along with unexpected ways to use Eurail passes we put to good use. With a Eurail Pass, Europe is at your fingertips! Let’s get started!

How to Tour Europe by Train Using Eurail First Class Passes

This post contains affiliate links and/or references to our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on or make a purchase using these links. Eurail passes for two of our three major trips were complimentary.

What is the Eurail Pass and How Does a Eurail Pass Work?

What is Eurail and how does Eurail work? For those who don’t know, the Eurail Pass  (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a “Eurorail pass”) is an instrument sold to allow the holder unlimited travel within a designated period of time across rail networks in 28 European countries.

Basically, the Eurail Pass allows you to hop on and hop off multiple trains in one or more countries at will during the time period in which it is valid. These are not special Eurail trains. Rather, you get to choose. Many people ask can you use Eurail pass on local trains, and the answer is yes. Select from international, national, and local systems. It’s rare that you can’t get to someplace in Europe by train.

europe train eurail first class pass

With millions of passes sold all over the world since 1959, buying a Eurail pass allows you to plan extensive travel throughout Europe on your own timetable.

How to Tour Europe by Train Using Eurail First Class Passes

What Does the Eurail Pass Difference Between 1st and 2nd Class Mean on a Practical Basis?

The Eurail First Class pass allows you to travel in both first and second class cars where there is the distinction. You may find the difference in 1st class vs 2nd class rail features and amenities preferable as we did.

train travel in Europe
Eurail first class

Eurail First Class vs Second Class – For the extra expense, you’ll find first class seating more comfortable and generally less crowded. There is more legroom and more room for your luggage.

On the high speed trains between the capitals and major cities (which we consider to be the best Eurail routes), you can expect expanded food and drink choices (some of which may be complimentary), wifi and power sockets, and even a newspaper.

Eurail first class meal

On trains with compartments, first class compartments will hold up to 6 people. Second class compartments will hold up to 8 people.

traveling first class with Eurail

We found the First Class lounges in many train stations to be a great place to get some work done between trains. These generally had comfortable seating, work spaces, snacks and drinks, luggage storage, secure access and helpful attendants.

first class lounge in Keleti station Budapest

While Europe luxury train travel can be over the top on lines such as the Venice Simpson-Orient-Express, the Royal Scotsman or the Golden Eagle, Eurail First Class passes can give you enjoyable comforts and amenities.

Buying a Eurail Pass: How Should You Choose?

Are Eurail Passes worth it? When buying a Eurail pass, you basically choose using length of time and number of countries as your guide. Different aspects like whether you’ll travel daily or every few days and whether you qualify for youth or group discounts will come into play.

What is a Eurail Global Pass? For the ultimate in flexibility, the Eurail Global Pass lets you travel to 5 or more countries. Choose time increments starting at 5 days within the space of one month up to three months continuous.

Tip: Eurail discounts are generous. Adults traveling together can save 15%. Eurail youth discounts for age 12-27 are standard. Family rates are available, as well.

Passes are available for a single country, and two to four contiguous countries. Eurail Select allows you to tailor your plans between 2-4 adjoining countries for up to 10 days of train travel within a 2 month period.

IMG 4079
Travelers with unlimited Eurorail pass can go anywhere within a time frame

If you’re undecided on your itinerary, the Eurail website details popular trips and sample itineraries that might inspire. When you’ve decided, it’s super easy to walk your scenario through the Eurail self service oriented site, select the right pass, and then pay online.

What About Eurail Reservations?

Eurail seat reservations – We recommend you reserve seats whenever the option is available, particularly if the routes or timeframe is popular. With a Eurail Pass, reservations for night trains (depending upon your sleeping accommodation choice) and high-speed trains are still required.

IMG 4603

Day seats will be coach style with a center aisle or in separate compartments. Choose window or aisle, adjoining, or opposites. Look for handy tables at which you can use your laptop. You might also see dining car or panorama car seats from which to choose.

IMG 4604

Travelers also want to know does Eurail pass cover overnight trains? For these, you’ll need an additional reservation, but the variable discounts you get will be significant.

Night trains may have several configurations. First class sleepers are the way to go, in our opinion. If you’re a single traveler, the first class Eurail Pass will get you your own compartment. Double compartments are available for first class Eurail pass holders and sometimes for 2nd class passes. Compartments may have their own lavatory and toilet, depending.

Couchettes are like bunk beds, configured for 4 or 6, with down the hall washing and toilet facilities. For privacy reasons, we avoided this option.

overnight train in Romania

Make your reservations well ahead of time in high demand seasons and countries like Italy, France and Spain. Eurail summer travel is most subject to demand and availability. If you don’t want to pay seat reservation fees, look for regional trains, which are slower. You can use the search function on the Eurail site and check “avoid trains that require reservations.”

local, national, and international trains

Reservations can be made conveniently online with Eurail for a booking fee + the seat reservation fee if you’ve ordered your Eurail pass on their website. Or, you can reserve seats at a train station using a self-service machine or at the international ticket desk. You can start booking reservations up to two months in advance. Certain trains require reservations made 7 or more days in advance. E-ticket reservations are available for Italian and Spanish trains, and Italian-Swiss international trains at least 2 business days ahead.

catching the arctic circle train

Reservations can also be made using the Rail Planner app from Eurail for Italian, French TGV and Thalys, and Eurostar (London to Europe) trains.

Eurail Itineraries We Planned Ourselves and Traveled

Our Eurail experiences have been amazing! We’ve taken three extended trips using Eurail passes to travel by train in Europe. Each trip has been unique in terms of destinations, types of trains, number of countries traversed and other aspects.

Trips 1 and 2

Our first trip was in 2014, when we decided we’d travel by land from Paris to Sochi. That trip was cut short by political unrest in Ukraine, necessitating a flight from Bucharest by way of Chisinau (Moldova) to Sochi.

Segments included a side trip to Normandy by local train from Paris, TGV high speed train from Paris to Zurich, and then on to Liechtenstein for an overnight stay. Then we  went to Munich, took a side trip to visit friends near Stuttgart, on to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.

IMG 4400

A night train from Budapest to Bucharest was a trip unto itself.

Pixabay high speed train 1814018 1920

On our second trip with Eurail Pass, Spain was the origination point. Using Eurail in Spain was easy, although there wasn’t much information reciprocity with France. We traveled Eurail Barcelona to Paris by TGV ultra high speed, and then to Brussels for a house sit.

Pixabay train 2925155 1280

Upon arrival in Brussels, we realized Pete had lost his wallet in Paris, and we were glad to have the Eurail Global Pass for him to take an unexpected trip back to retrieve it (click to read that miraculous story). If we had only had the Eurail France pass, it would have been a costlier situation.

IMG 9987

From Brussels, we took the Eurostar which travels through the “Chunnel,” and then south to West Sussex. We did the same thing in reverse – Eurail London to Paris – back to Brussels for another sit, then went to Munich for another.

In Munich, the dogs we were caring for were old hands at train travel. Such good girls, who got lots of positive attention from other passengers!

After that sit, we visited the same friends in Stuttgart, and then traveled to Zagreb in Croatia. The tracks were under repair near Rijeka so that ended our journey.

Trip 3

Our most recent Eurail trip was in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. Using the Eurail Pass in Sweden was super easy; it’s basically a matter of show up at the station and get seat reservations.

IMG 8630

Touring Sweden by train from south to north, we began a circular route from Stockholm to Luleå on an overnight train.

From Luleå, we went north past the Arctic Circle to Kiruna, where we’d been captivated by the story of having to move an entire town.


Then we backtracked from Luleå to the coastal town of Umeå, where we crossed the Gulf of Bothnia to Vaasa, Finland by ferry.

IMG 8777

The train trip from Vaasa to Helsinki was interesting. No one asked us for proof that we had a ticket and we inadvertently took seats in the “pet” carriage, so made new canine friends along the way.

IMG 8793

After visiting with friends in Helsinki, we ferried to Tallinn, Estonia. The ferries between the two capitals are basically party boats, with disco music and gambling on board. Tallinn is where Finns go to shop, because prices are so much lower.

After a week’s stay in Tallinn, we ferried back to Helsinki and then ferried overnight back to Stockholm.

Unexpected Ways to Use Eurail Passes

On our third trip to Sweden, Finland and Estonia, we used our Eurail First Class passes to travel by ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn – a 3 hour crossing, and again on an overnight ferry from Helsinki back to Stockholm. If you’ve never taken a ferry in Europe, you have to try! These ships are a recreational event! Many have beautiful restaurants and buffets, quality shopping, and entertainment for both children and adults.

Many ferry routes are included for free or at discount with your Eurail pass:

  • the Balearia Line from mainland Spain to the islands of Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Fomentera;
  • the Blue Star ferries in Greece;
  • Finnlines between Finland, Sweden and Germany;
  • Fjord Line between Norway and Denmark;
  • Grimaldi Lines between Italy, Spain and Greece;
  • Irish Ferries between France, Ireland and Wales;
  • Minoan Lines within Greece and between Greece and Italy;
  • SNAV lines between Italy and Croatia;
  • the Stena between the Netherlands, Ireland and Great Britain;
  • Superfast Ferries on the Adriatic;
  • and Tallink Silja on the Baltic.

We received special fares on our ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. These range from 20% in high season to 40% in low season on Finnlines, and up to 50% on Viking Lines.

On our ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm we also received a special fare. This is a night crossing for which we were required to book a cabin. Our cabin was windowless, but cute, clean and comfortable. The bathroom was super nice!

Tip: Book night ferries well in advance. These accommodations fill fast in high season, as we well learned. Our cabin was the next to last available, and we were below the water line on a level lower than the automobiles!

IMG 9212

Other benefits from your Eurail pass will vary country by country, but could include free admission to certain museums, free bus travel between places not served by rail, small reservation fees on scenic routes in Switzerland and Norway, City Card discounts, free lounge entrances for first class pass holders, hotel and hostel discounts, river sightseeing cruise discounts, and special discounts at shopping outlets.

How Do I Get My Eurail Pass?

You’ll need to order your Eurail pass ahead of arrival in Europe. It will be sent to your physical address for free, but a signature will be required. Additionally, if you’re using the seat reservation service, physical tickets will be sent to your shipping address. If time is limited, you can choose express shipment options.

IMG 8611

In closing, we hope we’ve inspired you to tour Europe by train. We think it’s the best way to see the diverse countries up close, and with the convenience and comfort a Eurail first class pass provides, a relaxing and pleasurable way to travel.

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colorful train in european cityscape
tour Europe by train
How to Tour Europe by Train
Eurail First Class

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Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Answers a lot of questions, so much useful information.

Capt. Eldon C Summers

Saturday 3rd of August 2019

Thank you soo much for the info. My wife's and my trip starts in Barcelona, goes up through Berlin, comes back down through Prague into venice and back to Spain to leave out of Barcelona. Where going to get a global pass 1st class, as we don't have a planned itinerary and we are just going to travel around Europe for a month. Are there any storage places in Barcelona for luggage that we can rent? If so are they secure? We are starting with a 12 day cruise, so we will have a suit case as well as our day packs each and don't want to carry it all with us.

Betsy Wuebker

Saturday 3rd of August 2019

Congrats on what sounds like an exciting trip! While I would normally recommend you pack extremely light in order to easily carry your luggage with you, I understand the difficulties. I'm not specifically aware of places for secure long term luggage storage, but the first place I'd look would be at the airport. If you have hotel status, you might want to inquire at one of the hotels in your network if it's available. Have fun!

Hannah Kringle

Monday 30th of July 2018

Hi, thank you so much for the information about traveling in Europe. Next summer I will be traveling around Europe for a couple months with my service dog. I noticed that you traveled with dogs on the eurail and I was wondering if you ever had any trouble. Also what papers and info did you have to have about them to let you board? I know that when traveling to the U.K they have different standards, was it easy to enter London from France with your dogs? Thank you

Betsy Wuebker

Monday 30th of July 2018

Hi Hannah - We traveled local trains in Munich and Brussels with dogs that we were caring for as housesitters. We also inadvertently obtained seats in the "pet car" on a train in Finland. Our first clue there should have been the dog icon on the outside, but we were oblivious. Our one homeowner obtained passports for her two dogs that allowed her to travel from Brussels into France, but I'm not sure if she ever took them to the U.K. This link may be helpful: Let us know how you get on.

Martin Canosa

Tuesday 17th of July 2018

are the food in first class free?

Betsy Wuebker

Thursday 19th of July 2018

Hi Martin - The best answer is "sometimes." You should check the individual schedules to see what's included on your itinerary.

Benjamin Cohen.

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

Me and my wife are looking to travel Eurail first class,starting from London on 7/25/18 . We want to travel to Florence,Venice,Ljubljana ,Zagreb ,split,Belgrade ,Dubrovnik ,Sofia,Thessaloniki and end up on Athens 3 weeks later.

Betsy Wuebker

Monday 9th of July 2018

Hi Benjamin - Sounds like a fantastic trip!

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