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Travel To London In Style

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London has it all: a second-to-none cultural experience, some of the most gracious hotels in the world, and a nightclub scene that goes into the wee hours. Make sure you include the three elements we recommend to experience London in style!

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London is the perfect destination if you would like to experience a second-to-none cultural offering and a party scene like you’ve never witnessed before (Photo Credit Pexels)

London has a reputation for being cloudy and grey. Sunny skies are not the norm in this metropolis, which is home to around seven million people. Rain is commonplace, especially during the winter months. However, there is something on which most individuals who have visited the capital of the United Kingdom agree: this city, while not a destination for a sun or beach lifestyle, London is home to some of the best museums and nightclubs in the world.

Below, we lay out three key elements you’ll want to consider when you travel to London in style. Here’s to making your trip to the largest city in Great Britain one which you will never forget!

First key element: the hotel

Staying in a London hotel can be costly, as the city is not only famous for having some of the most expensive rents in the world, but also some of the most expensive short-term accommodation fares. To be honest, we were shocked at the prices! However, staying in a hotel in London is an experience that should be enjoyed. From indulging in fantastic breakfast buffets and high tea options to enjoying the beautiful views the city has to offer, staying in a London hotel is a must for anyone who has never visited the city before. These City of London Hotels will give you an idea of what it is like to spend a few nights in a London hotel in style.

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Next: the museums

London is famous not only for its beautiful architecture and buildings but also for its cultural scene. It was the Labour Government under Tony Blair who made admission to the country’s museums a free experience. This has not only resulted in a surge in museum attendees since the implementation took place, but it has also ensured that cultural institutions are more vibrant and more diverse places to visit. If you are after a great museum experience, you’ll want to visit the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. This museum was founded in 1824, and it houses a collection of over 2,300 works of art which were created between the mid 13th century to the 1900s. The National Gallery is one of the most visited museums in the world, after the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum, also in London, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York.

Last, but not least: the nightclub

No visit to London is complete without a visit to a nightclub. What’s the difference between a pub and a nightclub, you might ask? Pubs are bars where you will be able to prepare for a night out while being surrounded by the most quintessential British customers. These are great for ordering a pint or two or even strong spirits, and in some of them, you will be able to grab a bite while you are drinking. Pubs, however, close at 11 pm. As a result, you will have no other choice than to make your way to a nightclub after this time if you would like to keep the party going.


Why not head to Cargo in the heart of Shoreditch where, together with the hundreds of hipsters that inhabit this trendy area, you will be able to dance and drink in style? Cargo programs a special themed party every night. You’ll want to check out the website to see specifically what’s on when you plan on visiting.

London has its own unique, cosmopolitan style, and it’s for this reason it is such a popular destination for visitors. Make sure you include these three elements in your planning and enjoy London in style!

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