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Traveling During The Health Pandemic? Key Questions To Ask

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2020)

Are you thinking about taking to the sky again once more? Here are some of the key questions that you need to ask to prepare for traveling during the health pandemic and the challenges that surely lie ahead. 

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Do I Need To Wear A Mask?

First, there are a few things to be aware of wearing a mask. First, masks are not worn to protect you. Research suggests that they can have an impact on whether people who already have the virus are able to spread it. So, by wearing a mask you can help protect other people who could be more vulnerable than you. It’s worth repeating that this isn’t about your safety but those around you. 

Second, it’s possible that different states and even different businesses are going to have separate rules on whether you need to wear a mask. FOr instance, you can look at theme parks as a key example. Disney World has said there will be areas where you won’t have to wear a mask inside their parks. Universal has put similar measures in place. But there’s no guarantee that Six Flags or Busch Gardens will follow suit and legally, they’re not required to. Instead, it’s up to you to be aware of when you will and won’t need a mask. 

Is There A Lockdown?

An idea that the government wants people to get used to is the concept of localized lockdowns. It’s becoming more evident with each passing day that this virus isn’t going to disappear in a year. Even if there is a vaccine, it’s possible that the virus will change enough that a new vaccine is required annually. Localized lockdowns mean that the government and the local government can react depending on the situation. You will need to be aware if a location you are planning on traveling to is under lockdown. For instance, in the UK Leicester is currently under lockdown due to rising case numbers. 

Are Cases Rising?

This is another point to consider. You need to think about whether the number of cases is rising. For instance, you might be wondering how to fly from LA? If LA is facing a significant increase in case numbers it’s possible that travel will be restricted into and out of the area. This means that you will need to adjust your travel plans accordingly. You’ll need to make sure that you think carefully about whether it is safe to travel. 

Will My Insurance Cover Me?

Finally, you might want to think about the matter of insurance. It might be worth checking with your insurance provider to see whether they will offer coverage if you do contract the coronavirus after visiting a certain location. It’s possible that terms here will differ depending on the company that you choose to use as well as where you are traveling too. It’s always best to get the facts before you fly. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key questions that you must ask if you are traveling in this brave new world. 

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